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Super. February 3, 2008

I am tired.

I want to write a good blog post, but I have lost all my good words. I can only think of ten-dollar words which in these days of inflation don't mean that much anymore, and I'd use them wrong anyway because I am TIRED and I don't even use forty-cent words right when I'm this tired.

Sixty hours worked in five days plus ten hours of commuting.

Only two more hours to go, and then I have three days off, hahlay-LOO-jeh.

Also, I am irritated.

I am irritated that I am at work during the Super Bowl (although I am on a shift-trade that I agreed to, so it's my own damn fault). I would very much like to be home watching the game from my couch. As it is, I am trying to ignore the TV in here (they've nicely turned it way down for me, and I'm sitting as far from it as I possibly can), because my brother-in-law is going to wait on watching the game until I'm home tonight. We're going to catch up with Tivo. But it is not the same, is it?

I am also irritated that I am reacting yet again to something. All itchy, my eye swollen, bumps on my arms. I ate some dip earlier that I've had before, only to learn that it was made with all low-fat ingredients this time. Low-fat mayo, low-fat cheese.... Low-fat equals chemicals and crap, and something that makes me want to rub my back all up and down my chair like a bear rubbing against a tree. Can't take Benadryl -- too tired, need to be able to drive for an hour after work. It's not life-threatening, no lip/tongue swelling, just irritating.

I hope I can stay awake tonight to watch the game. Bah. Not even grumps, but just meh. I was talking to Lala on the phone earlier today, (I've seen her for a grand total of about eleven minutes this week) and I said something brilliant like, "Bleh."

She said, "What?"

I said, "I don't know..... I just..... I'm....."

She said, "You're tired and you don't feel right."

Yes, that exactly, only I was too tired to figure that out.

I don't want to knit. I don't want to eat. I don't want to edit (but I AM pleased that I've been progressing well with my re-write I'm working on -- just don't wanna right now). Less than two hours left. Can't come soon enough.

And Celia's having Super-Duper International Galactic Pajama Day. So is Erika. Man. Sigh. I hope they have some fun for me.

Oh! A reader (thanks Sharon!) just alerted me that today I'm in the Chicago Tribune! With my hot water bottle cozy pattern! I feel much better now. Yay!  (It's funny, though. I usually tell people that I've been knitting for 30 years and that I learned at age 5. That sounds cool. The article just says I've been knitting for 30 years. That sounds quite different, I think.)


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Oooh, I think I'll tell people that, too. Sounds much, um, younger than having learned 22 (soon to be 23, gulp) years ago, when I was 22.

Tired is the word of the moment here, too, after two days in the Florida sun, playing a singing tavern wench in a local medieval faire. Way more hours on my feet than I'm used to. Ah, well, hot showers and ibuprofen should help in that respect.

Hope you feel better (and much less itchy) soon.

I started knittng when I was 4 and this year -- much later this year -- I will have been knitting for 50 years. How different does THAT sound. Um, bleh!


Oh, shoot, did I just ruin it for you?

Bleh, but funny. Super, woman. Super woman.

I may be mildly (more than mildy?) incoherent, but you are still super duper.

Being tired suxks. working that many hours really sucks. Having some kind of allergic reaction extra-super sucks! Have you tried a Reactine? An allergy specialist once told me that the only reason they use Benadryl in the hospital is that it is the only antihistamine available as an injectable and that for oral use, Reactine (Zyrtec) works just as well. Plus it doesn't make you sleepy.

Yeah, you've got to start saying "Since I was 5" because this makes you sound like we went to high school together (no wonder you're tired!). Get some rest!

congrats on the mention in the paper!

Ha! The article makes you sounds like you're an old lady. :)

Today was the Superbowl? Oh. Huh.

Sorry you feel so blechy. However I did nominate you for a "You Make My Day" award because you do make my day. Thanks for being you. (It's my blog post on Jan. 30.)

Re: itchiness... I had chronic hives for a while (ick!!!) and I never determined what caused them.

I can say that zyrtec, low dose, taken daily cleared them up. I took it for about a year, weaned myself off and have been OK since.

Maybe that would help??? I hope so.

Tribune thing is nice! You should give yourself more credit, I thought you learned knitting while still in the womb.... hehehe. Hope you are feeling better about things, I understand, I get the same way too.

I feel your pain sister! I too will have that crazy schedule next month (old job) and when you do it to yourself, it doesn't help knowing that does it.

BUT, all that aside. YOU inspired me to try the couch potato to 5k and yesterday I finally got up and did the first run. Loved it, could do it, no probs. Thanks for the link and the podcast link! Love ya!

Congratulations on the Tribune mention! Very nice -

It isn't so fun to be described as older than you are but, as someone who has been knitting (seriously) for 30 years, (I've probably been knitting for more like 43 years) it's not so bad.

Remember your goal of being a cool old person..

(I just had to come in from snowshoeing to write this..)

I knit your hot water bottle cozy for my dear old aunt. Love it! Thanks. PS My dad's a kiwi too! I guess that's why I love hot water bottles. I found some mini ones at the dollar store so all the kiddies in my life are going to get hot water bottles this year (with covers).

Woo Hoo! Giants (NY not SF) rule! Woo Hoo! Woo! Hoo! also, the trib mention thing was cool also. Congrats.

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