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Jeanie Does StitchesFebruary 23, 2008

I wore Jeanie to Stitches today. She was very, very popular. My favorite "what pattern is THAT?" question came from a masseuse in a booth across from the booth I was in. The masseuse was busy doing her thang and just kind of jumped up and down and wagged her head until she caught my eye, and then mouthed over the heads of all the shopper, "WHAT PATTERN IS THAT?" I ran over to tell her. Free pattern, people! (I used the yarn specified in the pattern, about 2.75 skeins.)

Love, love, love it. It sat well, felt great, and it was just the right weight for the convention center.

Oh, pictures? Well, okay.


It blocked out WAY longer and bigger than it had been. This suits me fine, since the only reason I really stopped knitting was because I wanted to get it done in time for Stitches, and I'm so glad I did or I might have been making a bedspread instead.


From the back. (Bonus Where's Lala? shot.)


My dress has pockets! (Bonus Where's Lala? shot.)


And for your viewing pleasure, Willie says hello:


Yes, Stitches was great. Jill, your Grommet knits tattoo was AWESOME. It was wonderful meeting everyone I met. I'm not sure if I'll be back tomorrow -- Wondercon, the comic book convention is on at the same time, and while I'm not a comic-book person (sorry), I do support my wife in her comic-book lovin'. She supports me in the yarn, after all. Good stuff.

She's actually still out at her convention right now, so I'm going to pour a glass of wine and turn up the heat (brrr!) and cast on for a new sweater right NOW. I bought a Shelridge Farm Kit that was so cute in person, the Haida Pullover. The picture on their site doesn't do it justice. Very cool. And BRAINLESS. I need brainless.



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It looks wonderful! I'm glad you had a great time at stitches, I'm living vicariously through you right now. ;)

So sorry I didn't run into you at the marketplace today! I saw the Jeanie pattern and yarn and thought of you, though. And dragged myself unwillingly away from the Shelridge Farms booth without a kit, although I did a little damage elsewhere.

Girl, that is beautiful! What great work!

You were absolutely adorable with Jeanie today! Have fun at whatever con you end up at.

I'm sorry I didn't see you at Stitches today! Looks as if I missed Becca as well. I did look for you for a little while but I was beat from being sick earlier, and left mid-afternoon. Oh well. Another time!

Nice to meet you today. Jeanie (and you) looked great!

Dresses MUST have pockets ;)
Jeanie looks fab, tho I'm sure YOU are the reason she got so much attention.
and the kit? Never would have given it a second glance from the promo shot, but...

Beautiful job on Jeanie! Willie looks so velvety.

Hello Willie! Tell mom I said the Jeanie is stunning! Want one! Hey, wait, it's a free pattern. AND I have mega yarn in the stash...hmmm...

Jeanie is fab. Willie, however, looks like a cyclops cat in that picture... kinda scary and cute, all at the same time.

That stole does look fabulous ... thanks for sharing the "in use" photos!

It looks fabulous, to bad I didn't make it there this year, 3 years in a row on the other side of the continent would of been asking for a lot! Rhinebeck is closer but Oct. is so far away!.
You have given me some motivation to go get my Jeanie rolling, it's about 1/3 finished.

You look hot and the stole is gorgeous! almost makes me want to knit cables in lace, almost.

That is delightful. And the designer's mother is a kiwi too. :)

Oh she's so pretty!!!

And hey....did you hear who is coming in June to teach a dye class at knit-one-one?

Oh, well that's the custest EVAR.

Of course I say that about all of your stuff but you know, I'm sort of a suck-up like that.

I'm not buying that whole "Oh, I am such a supportive wife" thing when you posted on the internet a picture of Lala brushing her teeth! (Ok, maybe not, but .... MAYBE!)


Glad you had fun, and Jeannie IS to die for.

Your Jeanie is really great! Will have to knit her too, as I so much love the cables without any background.

It was SO MUCH FUN to meet you at Stitches! Thank you for immediately realizing that I'm not a stalker! Gromit is my soulmate. Glad you liked him. Jeanie is gorgeous! The whole day was amazing. I was knitting and designing in my sleep both Saturday and Sunday nights... that must be a sure sign of inspiration... Oh, and I went through my entire yarn stash on Sunday, just to look at it. Have a great week! See ya! Jill

It was very nice to meet you on Saturday. Jeanie looked so fab on you! I need to get myself to just cast on again after I finish some deadline knitting I have on my plate!!


I was so happy I recognized you (well first your shawl from the back) on Sunday and got to say hi. I was the one with the 1-year old boy Darwin.

I'm getting into Web dev like Lala -- teaching myself Django today. I've been a dev manager before, now it's back to basics!

Shawl is gorgeous, of course, and sorry I didn't see it in person! Poo! I was there!
No, that picture does not do that sweater justice. I DID see that sweater and was totally taken with it. I stopped and looked at it more than once! Can't wait to see yours.

OH! That is gorgeous. (So are you! And Lala, and Willie. I love everybody.) Your Jeanie makes me SO excited to get back to work on mine. I am going to knit up the socks I am working on for a class, and then? Jeanie is in my cross-hairs. I'm gonna make that stole mah (RRRRRT! ok, I'll edit myself.)

Simply lovely.

So sorry that I didn't see you at Stitches. Jenny & I went on Friday, too, so we were spent by 1pm on Saturday. I was fascinated by the Haida sweater--bought some Shelridge, but not for that sweater. Yum!

Shelridge Farm is really close to me :) I like that sweater! Although, I don't know about short rows in odd places like that would be 'brainless', at least not for me as I'm working without brain power most of the time anyway, LOL.
The shawl is divine! I might have to think about making one; I really want to be a 'throw it over my shoulder' type of stole wearer, but most things I have tried look more like a too-narrow afghan than a glamourous stole, LOL.

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