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JeanieFebruary 21, 2008

Jeanie is finished!

Blocking pictures:


Note two things here:
1. Yes, it goes on forever, doesn't it? I stopped knitting because I wanted a shorter, hit-you-at-hip kind of shawl. Not sure I'm going to get that.
2. I'm a terrible blocker. I actually know how to do it better, and someday I would like blocking wires. But for now I'm just lazy. At least I'm blocking it at all. Lala called the design "subtle" when she saw it unblocked, when I was deciding whether to block it or not. When she called my two-month project "subtle," I ripped it off my body and into the drink for a good dunk. SEE the pattern. WORSHIP the design. And honestly, there is not much that is as fun as dropping six miles of stitches, right at the very end.

I loved this project, enough that I never got bored or angsty. Sure, I've wanted it to be done, but I still enjoyed it every time I worked on it.


This is truer to the color. (Yarn and color specified in pattern, linked above.)

And see:


Those two-by-two crosses? Are FOUR-BY-FOUR. Therefore, it's reversible -- looks just like this on the other side. O, joy divine.

And I will wear this to Stitches this weekend, so there will be modeled pictures. Just couldn't keep my doneness to myself tonight, though. Yeehaw!


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Wicked cool!

yeehaw! it's fabulous! yeah...let's kick that ol' clappy up about 10 notches...well done young Rachael.

It looks great! It has made my short list, and I just got a gift certificate for a website that sells the smooshy sock yarn. Excellent!

I am still totally blissed out about the reversible cable thing. Uhhhhhhhh.... reverrrrsible caaaaaaablessssss....... (ala Homer, of course)

Um, I'm sorry, but the shawl is not green. Picture one is more accurate. Also, brussells sprouts are gross.

That is frickin' spectacular! I'm sooooo jealous. My Jeanie has been very neglected lately. Can't wait to see yours this weekend. Woot!

p.s. Tell Lala that brussell sprouts are SO not gross!

Just gorgeous! That is a beatiful pattern. And it definitely needed to be blocked. I think the first picture is closest to the true color, dontcha' think? The second and third are very greenish in hue.

It looks a very romantic piece. Lovely!

You're right about the beauty of the shawl. Definitely looking forward to modled shots.

And Lala is right about brussels sprouts. Blech.

I kept putting off buying blocking wires too, until I realized that stainless steel welding rods could be purchased MUCH cheaper for a TON of them. It makes it super easy to block things with straight lines. Totally worth it. And I got 1 pound of SS rods for $20.00 from a welding supply store and there were like... 32 rods in that 1 pound. AWESOME!

It really is beautiful! So jealous you get to go to Stitches...have a blast!

Coming out of my flu-induced stupor to croak: wow! that is one seriously awesome lace shawl!

Back to bed now (aren't you glad this kind of virus doesn't travel through the net?)

I'm planning on making this too - but I'm getting some special yarn for it (a new color of BMFA that isn't out yet)... but yours is just beautiful. Inspirational! Can't wait to see a modeled picture.

Gorgeous! And, I hope you're happy, I once said I would never make myself a wrap or a shawl, but now seeing your Jeanie I am a convert, I plan to buy the yarn for myself for my birthday in the spring!

Oh, and Lala? You are SO right about brussel sprouts...they smell (and taste) like feet!

That is the PRETTIEST thing I have seen in a long, long time. Gorgeous. I think I might need one.


Lovely! I look forward to more pictures. Reversable cables are definitly Yummy!

Dude. That is really beautiful.

Hip-length? Well, it depends on where your hips are -- that's a heap o'knitting. It does look to go on forever.
But it looks absolutely divine! I was intrigued by the pattern when it came out, but I think it just moved up to my short list upon seeing yours. I love it! Have fun at Stitches -- wish I were there!

It's gorgeous!

Keri will be so glad you're spreading the Jeanie love.

Oh so spectacular! Wow, you did a great job, and it looks so awesome wrapped around you! Congratulations, and long may you enjoy it!

So gorgeous! I have that on my queue; yum.

Brussels sprouts are wonderful IF they are not overcooked. Yes, they do smell yucky, but dang, papaya smells like vomit and people still eat it, don't they? There ya go.

wow! wow wow wow! I love that shawl. I was debating making it but now it is totally on my list o' things to do. You did a fantastic job!

holy hell. wow. and i've even seen it in person!

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