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Just So You KnowFebruary 1, 2008

I am not a major Starbucks fan, but I will drink it if it's an off day, a day I don't feel well, not up to making my own tea or coffee. Yesterday I felt pretty sick on my way to work and stopped for a latte. Also picked up my new favorite thing: their bacon-egg-avocado-cheddar wrap. Oh, yes. It is as good as it sounds. No, better. Made me feel almost all better (is everyone fighting something off right now? Sheesh).

Also, the latest Reno 911 with the bulletproof vests for women? Funniest thing I've seen in a while.

Me: Working a lot this week. Sleepy. Making hats. It's all good.


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Feel better soon, pumpkin.

I am feeling WAY better since I a) got some sleep and b) the housekeepers cleaned our office for the first time in about two years (for reals). Funny thing about that.

I still want one of those wraps though.

For some reason, Starbucks coffee makes me feel sick and shaky. I still like it occasionally. Generally if I can afford one I go for a Chai tea latte. A meal and a drink all in one.

I think it's That Time of Year. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm an espresso girl myself but the last time I had an espresso at Starbucks they gave it to me in a BIG paper cup :( The wrap sounds yummy though, I will have to make a homemade version since I am nowhere near a Starbucks anymore! I too have been sick for what seems months (I am not real patient with that sort of thing) so I guess it is indeed "That Time of Year". Take it easy!

If you want lunch, the egg salad sandwich at S-bucks is divine too. I'm totally addicted. That cheese plate is supposed to be good too - according to your Starbucks rep at work aka my best friend. She should know.

Years and years ago - in the late 1980s - my boyfriend and I would go out to breakfast on the weekends and his favorite place to go was Buttercup Bakery on College Ave in Oakland. He always ordered the same thing, an avocado omelet which sound very similar to what you just found at Starbucks. Is Buttercup still around?

Yeah, I think we're all fighting something off. It might be work, though, that we're fighting. Some days, work is worse than a virus.

Nope, Buttercup is gone! Now replaced by a decent sushi spot.

Those bacon/avocado/cheese wraps are delicious. One of those and a skinny Caramel Latte, and I'm good to go.

Sadly, they are discontinuing their sandwiches this year. It disrupts the smell of the coffee. If they have in their sandwich case the ham and brie, try it and ask them to toast it. It is fabulous!

Reno 911--laughed my head off! One of THE best episodes.

I wonder if they have those wraps in Canadian Starbucks? I'd do practically anything for avocado. Yum.

making hats? do tell...

Loyal Lurker here - You were in the Chicago Tribune "Q" section today for your water bottle cozy.


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