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Rob and Nuala Get HitchedFebruary 18, 2008

Attention: To all of you planning on getting married, please do so like this -- Get married in a sweet sea-side town (Ventura is nice), on a late Saturday afternoon, at a cute hotel where all the guests are staying. Also, have an Irish drink-up sing-along the night before at a family-owned pub where everyone is related and TALL and they don't mind that you're neither. That means all day Saturday will be spent by your guests rambling the downtown area, eating Cajun breakfasts with hot sausage and feta scrambled eggs, and trolling the many great thrift stores.

Speaking of thrift stores, I scored. Got a great blue hat (as a friend said, "Nice top") and then found blue clip-on earrings to match. Wore them that afternoon to the wedding, which I hadn't realized was Casablanca themed and there were other vintage-dressed folk (Lala wished I'd told her so she could have worn her suit).


Also, when you have this wedding, you should invite all your old friends from back in the day so that they can hang out and dance like they used to. Oh, yeah, but when your friend with the allergy to soy lecithin has a drink or two and then eats THREE red-velvet cupcakes because somewhere in her very small brain she thinks they don't count as Trouble In A Paper Wrapper, you should tell her she is going to be very, very sad the next day.

But it will be worth it.

This is my favorite shot of the wedding:


And now we are home, and I am going to do something about my station wagon that suddenly seems to be throwing various kinds of fits -- the rear brakes are leaking brake fluid, the serpentine belt is yelling, the starter is finicky, and I ran over a branch last week that is requiring me to keep an eagle on the oil level. Anyone know a good mechanic in Alameda? I want to find one there so I can catch a cheap cab ride to the airport car rental agencies if I need to rent a car.

And speaking of car rentals, Hotwire.com, anyone? Do you KNOW about this? I rented an Avis Ford Taurus this weekend for the wedding for $14.95 a day. My sister got a Mustang for $20 (although I think that's because they were out of Economy cars, but WOW). Highly recommend this service (you have to pay in advance, no refunds, and you don't get to choose what rental agency you'll get, but it will be big name).


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I love weddings...They seem happy together in that picture. That is great!!

I have a series of weddings of old friends to go to this spring and summer. It's going to be so much fun.

Sounds like a really good time was had. Especially the dancing. Yeah.

goodness, you two look adorable :-)

AND it's unlimited miles. AND half the time they have to upgrade you. (Just don't fall for their "special" on whatever car they're out of. Insist on what you rented and they'll upgrade you because they're out). I use Hotwire only for rental cars.

Aw great pix! I love the weddings that are actually about the people getting married and not some crazy mom paying the bills and inviting all her peeps thing.

As for rental cars, priceline name your price thing still works well too.

Hotwire works way better for cars than hotels & flights because, let's face it, a car is a car. But the Hyatt is not the Motel 6.

Reminds me of your wedding!

That is, most certainly, a fantastic hat.

I love it! what a great wedding. I also love hotwire - I don't think I've rented a car (or a hotel room) in the traditional way since I found it. Excellent deals--esp. when you are going to a big city and the hotels are like a zillion dollars a night. :-)

Wow - sounds like a great time for everyone. No wonder the bride and groom look so happy. And you look absolutely fabulous in the hat and earrings. So, so very glamorous.

Yes! I know a good mechanic in Alameda! Call Fred at Fred's Wrenchhouse. Great guy. Very down to earth, real, clear.

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