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SuitcaseFebruary 9, 2008

I seriously think this is the cutest thing EVAR:


Green....it's the New Blue's Kirsten made it. Link here. Matching dog toy! Oh!

I want it all. The suitcase, the dog, the everything. I have a thing for old suitcases anyway, and this is just too delightful.

Saturday night! Not for fighting, but for brined chicken and white wine and plenty of cute animals who sadly have nowhere to sleep as adorable as that suitcase. It is to weep.


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Oh my, that's just adorable but, considering how Chappy feels about suitcases, I think he'd have nightmares!

See, I keep envisioning the suitcase closing on the dog's tail and the ensuing yelp.

Clearly your animules are all abused and you must buy them suitcases to sleep in, immediately.

That's brilliant! But does it lead to 24/7 "my owner's leaving!" anxiety?

That is cute - Minou would like one in pink and Birdie would like one in green.

If it was me I would close the suitcase to see if I could get away with it. Of course I enjoy teasing my pets with things like that.... Of course my dog (were a suitcase to exist that was big enough to hold him) would probably let me get away with it. He is very long-suffering and tolerant of my teasing. its a little disfunctional but we make it work ;)

Cats in suitcases are cute, too. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2018/2258852770 _00e31434f2_m.jpg. It looks like you are going to have to go suitcase shopping for the wee dogs in your household. Be sure to take the spaces out of this address if you look. I don't know how to make this a link.

thanks for blogging about my suitcase!! i've never had anyone blog about me, i'm so flattered!!!

What an absolute cutie!!

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