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The Digit HatFebruary 4, 2008

The hat you've been waiting for! Inspired by the gigantor paws of Mr. Digit, the magical cat Who Is Not Dead, I used a larger version of the classic Cat's Paw lace motif and designed a hat for your cold noggin! It's a super-quick knit, and you have plenty of yarn to cast on for one right NOW.

Click Here for The Digit Hat - $3.75


I made the green and gray ones out of stash Lamb's Pride, worsted , took maybe half a skein each, maybe a little more. The light green/yellow one is out of Classic Elite Lush, and took a single ball (50g). You're just like me -- I know you have those precious balls of yarn, single skeins, and you don't know what to do with them. This is just the ticket!

Wanna see how they look?


See? It's lace, but light. Just gives it that flash of class, but doesn't overdazzle.


Better view of Digit's paw:





And from the top (look at that angora halo, yum):


I made one in Paton's Decor for my sister-in-law and I like the way the colors pooled:


I also thinks it looks fabulous on a cat named Waylon:


I would not dare do that to the hat's namesake:

Wrong! Side! Of! Door! (Digit story here if you missed it)

Digit Hat Pattern

Enjoy! Hooray! (PS - I Ravelry'd it, too.... xox)



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7:58am CST... THANK YOU for such a great giggle this morning (Digit photo in particular, donchaknow). coffee in hand, but not in mouth, thank god. Sending you virtual beads this Mardi Gras for showing me "something"!

Great hat! I really like the decreases. But what I really want to know--what lipstick (color) are you sporting? It's FABulous! Smooches to Digit!

Great job on the hat pattern!! Digit is a blessing. I'm glad he is safe and sound.

I can't wait to learn how to make this hat (it would be my first)!
I think Waylon is rocking the cap :)
And WOW you can have cut flowers in vases in your house!! You are so lucky.

My New Favorite Hat!

I was all down with buying this to support the cause. Until I realized you expected me to *knit* it. Seriously, WTF?

Hi over there from Switzerland! your hat is so cool I just had to comment after a long time of silently enjoying your blog. unfortunately I'm not able to manage those buy-things over internet... would you eventually be interested in a little trade? pattern for land-of-lakes-and-mountains-goodies? *twinkle*


Darling hat. I may succumb...;-)

Would make a great "chemo" cap.

Mraow! Thank you, darling! I know just who I'm going to make it for first.

The greyish blue is such a great color on you! Really makes the eyes pop.

Yay for the Digit hat. It is really cute, good job.

Too cute! Thanks for a kitty-themed pattern. The world needs more of those, doncha think?

Poor kitty! He need opposable thumbs to open that door.

I love Digit!!!

So cute! (the hat too... :-) )

Have bought. Will Knit....

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