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Things That Help AngstFebruary 26, 2008

1. Going to San Francisco and meeting my wife for a burrito.
2. That burrito having half an avocado in it.
3. Discovering that the Salted Caramel ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery has no soy-lecithin.
4. Walking the city on a cool sunny day.
5. Listing to This American Life on BART, sitting in the sunshine while the world goes by outside.
6. Taking the dogs on a hike in the canyon.
7. Watching in both horror and joy as Clara splashes in the creek.
8. Getting ready to cast on for something that Will Not Suck.

    Miss Idaho is very tall.


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Miss Idaho! Seeing your dogs makes me want to quit school and move to a backyard-equipped house NOW so I can frolic with cats and dogs of every shape and size. (I already have cats I adore, but the incredible variety of scale and the many different kinds of cuteness -- they kill me ded.)

Salted caramel ice cream? Whoa. Now I know where I need to go next time I'm in SF.

What a lovely, lovely post. I love This American Life... Love.

Any one of the eight, plus a pic of Miss Idaho, would not only clear up Angst, but a full blown manic depressive bi-polar episode...Welcome back to the planet, glad you are feeling better!

And now for the critical question....Is the salted Caramel ice cream deliciously yummy?

Caramel ICE CREAM!
Walking San Francisco on a cool sunny day...
That sounds so good it almost makes me cry.

Miss Idaho is giving me the Eye. (should I be angsty?)

Hah! Miss Idaho would cure my angst. Somebody is trying to get us to adopt a chi-wiener. We are suffering angst trying to decide whether we should even meet the teeny one.

Yay for Anti-Angst...
and adorable small, TALL doggies!

Is it possible to vacation at Casa Hehu? The nirvana that you describe (angst and all) is just too tempting...

That sounds so good. Really.

Can I just tell you that my 10 or 11 (still in the process of convincing a ferrel) cats and I just love the way you love your animals?!

Glad you fixed the angst! It's the City that Knows How, after all. :)

So are you casting on for that cool striped sweater???

Tallest dang doggie I ever seed!

Oh, that sounds lovely. I need to carve out some time to have some anti-angst time like that.


that ice cream sounds amazing. So someday tell us the story of Miss Idaho's name, because it's the best doggie name ever.

9. Checking your site and finding a new post... And an adorable pet picture, too!

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