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WorkingFebruary 19, 2008

I am at the coffee-shop, and it feels wonderful. I haven't been here in a long time, and this is where my brain says, Yes. Okay. I will work now. I'm sitting in the window, something I can't usually do because of the glare, but it's lovely and overcast, so I can today. I'm smack-dab in the middle of the novel rewrite, and I'm going to work for a couple of hours on it here. Then I'm going to go home and knit and watch TV and look at the rain in the justified manner of a writer who has Done Something. I'm determined that I will wear the Jeanie shawl at Stitches this weekend, and I reckon I have at least twelve more hours of work. Luckily, I have the next two days off, so I will chain myself to the couch and knit my little paws off.

I am devastated about one thing, though. I have been dying to watch Project Runway Canada but have had no time. Now I have the time, and IT'S NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE ANYMORE. I sat down yesterday to pull it up on the Tubes, but it's been removed. I know, pirating is bad, blah blah blah, but I wanted to see it! And I can't buy it, which I would! But it's not on iTunes! Not on Netflix! Very sad indeed.

I will have to make do with catching up with Lost. Which will be fun, I'm sure. Whatever. I wanted Iman.

Harumph. Now to get down to work so I can goof off sooner rather than later.

Your Cat Digit reminds you that:


    Yoga. I has it.

Click to embiggen. I think I shall make this shot my desktop.


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Wow. I'm still trying to work out which leg normally goes where.

I tried watching Project Runway Canada from the website and got a message that said that I couldn't watch it from the US. So even when it was up, it wasn't watchable from Down Here. There were a few short clips on YouTube, but not whole shows.

I had to look for a minute to figure out which paws started where. What a cutie. And good for you, getting your editing on! I woke up this morning wanting to do just that but not able to, alas.
PS I will give you a dollar to use the word embiggen in your book. ;)

Are you sure some other cat isn't hiding behind Digit, sticking it's little paw in the air, just messing with our minds? 'Cause I cannnot piece that pose together! Crazy cool man.

And the expression! Which clearly says, "What? Can't a cat even wash without the paparazzi showing up?"

I got my PRC fix on YouTube... I think it's still available there!

Wow, Digit looks great, doesn't he? It's heartwarming to see him looking so well.

Digit look like himself again! Ha!

I get a little shiver, a thrill, every time I see Digit looking so healthy and grumpy!

Hooray for Digit!

Great shot. :)

"Yo! Take a picture - it'll last longer!"



I love the cat yoga!

Boo hoo! Project Runway and Iman are awesome! :(

What IS Digit doing? I can't tell what is going where.

So when are you coming to Stitches? I'll be there a lot - hope I run into you!

There's a Canadian version?!? I just started watching the American one!

Oh, Mr. Digit looks fabulous. His trimmer physique really shows off his eyes. I hope he appreciates being out of the collar so he can lick his bum like a proper cat.


hey rach! so like yarna gogo, i've decided to start my own blog site. i'm not guessing it'll get the international acclaim that this site gets, but hey, one can dream.


so is it called hijacking if i post my blog site here? i heard that somewhere. if so, i'm sorry to have hijacked your blog for this one post. i miss you! talk to you soon.

Hi rachael---I just sent you an invite for tvtorrents, which has prcanada----Jaeleen

I second the bittorrent thing. It's a fun show. :)

Oooh, I thought that might have been you that I saw leaving the coffee shop yesterday... I hope you weren't running out because of the loud kiddles I was there with! My little guy was wearing a pair of socks I knitted based on the pattern from your K-1-1 sock class! I wish I'd seen you before you were leaving - I would have come by and shown them off.

not sure if this is the season you want but check it out. I am totally addicted. thank god i have a pvr


I'm in Canada; I'd copy it for you on my DVD recorder...but I'll admit I know nothing about it, if they're showing a current season, etc. Quite often they show last year's series on "Slice" channel. I'd need some guidance on the show, LOL.

Hey Digie, Just this week I manged my very first ever camel pose. Who sez we're too old to learn. Next up the Digit pose. Yup, right hind leg behind shoulder. Wait . . . problem. xox

Digit IS looking great, isn't he? And very supple. I have a crabby and opinionated gray tabby, too, that is just beautiful. Sometimes I think that is her only justification, but I do love her.

How funny! Just yesterday I posted a pic of my cat in a very similar pose, but from a different angle.

Great minds (and cats) think alike!

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