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BartMarch 7, 2008

Lala has the best-worst-best story ever. It's an animal story, so you should go read it. Really. People suck. And people are really, really good.

(You can comment here -- no comments on her blog. Or feel free to email her. And look at that picture! That picture!)


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Wow. Just wow. And wow again.

PLEASE keep us updated on how this pans out! I'm sure he'll be adopted in no time, but it'll be nice to know for sure.

By the way, how on earth do you guys encounter so many "miracle animals"? First Digit, now this... :-)

We have just had two disgusting, heinous acts of cruelty against dogs, specifically pit bulls, up here in the Vancouver area recently (http://www.spca.bc.ca/media/Dogs_story_survival_Jan28008_Press.asp) What is with these people? Think they're so cool and macho by getting these dogs and then do the most unbelievable things to them. Oooohh - I'm with Lala - if I could get my hands on one of those people. Its truly sick.

Oh yeah - and way to go Lala for being brave and sticking with that dog.

Wow. Seriously amazing that people can be that callous and heartless.
Glad to hear Bart is doing well. He looks like such a doll baby.

I will never ever understand why people treat animals like that. EVER. I'm so glad that Lala was able to help get Bart (what a great name!) to some folks who could help him, and that he could be helped. Let us know if you get any more updates about him.

That is one great story. Hope Bart finds the home he deserves.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to leave a comment on Lala's blog. It wouldn't have done much good anyway - I couldn't see through the tears. But give her a hug for me and tell her she's a true blessing. We saved a pregnant pit bull from the street once - we had to have her pups aborted - but as soon as she was well, she turned on us and tried to attack me and our Cheyenne puppy. I was holding Cheyenne at the time (with all 44 lbs. of her trying to protect me), and the only thing that saved us was Hubster hanging onto the pit's collar for dear life. He put the dog outside, and she THREW herself against the garage door trying to get in. She had also pooped all around Cheyenne's bed. We talked to the vet, and he told us that it was a sign she was an alpha dog - this was wolf behavior - and was trying to take over. We had to have her put down - she was obviously a fighting dog (there was a terrible problem with that in Sacramento), and we wouldn't have been safe. Even so, it killed me to have to do that. Regardless, she had a loving home for a little while - probably the only one she ever had. Whoever did that to those dogs should have his nuts removed with a rusty can lid. I don't care what kind of animal it is - they don't deserve the horrors humans inflict on them. I weep if I think about all the abandoned dogs and cats, either on the street or in the shelter, so we always get our pets from the shelter. It's a small effort, but an effort just the same.


I'm going to go snuggle with my dogs now.

Lala is a true angel to Bart......what a lovely ending for a beautiful dog who now has the chance of the life he deserves. I am sitting here with one of my dogs on my laps giving him a big hug as i type this

It has often made me a little mental that I can't leave comments on Lala's blog. So I'm coming over here to tell YOU that I want to give Lala a big hug and a kiss for being such an awesome, loving person. Last night I was almost afraid to read the whole story when I saw the beginning, because a friend of mine recently found a gruesome (multiple) animal sacrifice right on a residential street. People can be so horrible.

Well, I cried a little, and then reaffirmed my dislike of some parts of humanity as well as my love of other parts. I'm so glad Lala is clearly in the latter section, and was so willing to help poor Bart.

Lala is an angel. Thank God she was the one that found Bart.

I just do not understand how any human could do something like that.

Your Lala is a sweet girl. Thank god for people like her.

"... chained in my back yard for a month..." is good (hung upside down the while would make a nice enhancement) -
"..rusty can lid..." is good (maybe a swipe a day until the job is finished)-

Sorry to be so primitive but it's hard to stay civilized with my teeth all clenched...

"... chained in my back yard for a month..." is good (hung upside down the while would make a nice enhancement) -
"..rusty can lid..." is good (maybe a swipe a day until the job is finished)-

Sorry to be so primitive but it's hard to stay civilized with my teeth all clenched...

"... chained in my back yard for a month..." is good (hung upside down the while would make a nice enhancement) -
"..rusty can lid..." is good (maybe a swipe a day until the job is finished)-

Sorry to be so primitive but it's hard to stay civilized with my teeth all clenched...

Sorry about the multiple sendings, but I meant every word...

I just want to pet and love the little puppy. I'm glad it had a happy ending. My pregnant hormones couldn't handle that any other way!

Thanks Lala! You're one of the good ones! What a story.

Lala seriously rocks. I'm so glad Bart's okay...he sounds like a total sweetie. I'm amazed Lala didn't add him to the menagerie, but that would have been a bit much for the poor little dude. Lala = best unofficial animal officer evar.

People who do these kinds of things to animals... [edits self pre-emptively]. I am so teary-eyed glad things are working out this way, but if you ever have some animal-abusing asshole chained up in your backyard, I'd definitely be up for coming over and helping out. Maybe by eating a delicious dinner just out of reach of the chain?

The cruelty of some people against innocent creatures never fails to horrify me. Thank heavens for the humanity of people like Lala, and Linda, and everyone else who have helped to rescue Bart. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he continues to recover; and that he finds a loving family that is worthy of him.

I've always been a bit afraid of pitbulls, but I guess that's because many people who own them treat them in such a way as to bring out aggression and violence. I bet Bart will thrive in a caring environment.

I've been a secret admirer of Bad Rap for quite awhile now. (We have the Bad Rap Exposed 2008 calendar up in our kitchen.)

I wish we were in a position to be foster mommies for Bart...

LALA you are a HERO and I just love you for what you did. It's simply heartbreaking and unimaginable what people will do to animals but I do believe in karma, and what comes around goes around and LALA - your aweseome act of loving kindness will come back to you 10 fold. G-d bless you!!! and G-d bless Bart! please keep us posed on the little muffin!

I love the two of you!!! When I saw that picture, my heart broke into a thousand pieces! I burst into tears at work and immediately donated to the SPCA. I am not a religious person AT ALL, but bless you, Lala! Thank you for sharing that story!

I saw that on her blog last night. Totally heart-wrenching. Poor little guy. And I was so happy to read it looks as if he'll be ok.

as if she wasn't already, Lala is MY HERO!

I can not understand how people can be so heartless to animals, that only want to love us...thank you, Lala.

Yeah Lala! The champion of the miracle animals! Please post a photo when Bart has more groceries in him- even your warning did not prepare me for the photo. Again, three cheers to Lala for making that decision and saving his life. Rah!

Thank you Lala!

Bart is a lucky, lucky boy.

Thanks Lala, for making a a choice that made a difference.

Oh my god. Oh my god! I am so glad Lala stopped. How can people be so evil? My heart hurts from that picture.

Lala is a hero. Thanks for sticking with him.

When I lived in S Carolina (which was a HORRIBLE place for animals) a friend commented "I've never met an animal who deserved to be thrown out on the side of the road, but I've met a lot of people who do."

I’m not much of a dog person, but I cannot bear to hear about cruelty to animals. I teared up reading about Bart. Not to sound cynical, but it doesn’t surprise me that people treat animals this way considering the horrific things some of them do to fellow humans (even their own family members).

Wow! I just love that Lala. What a gal. Keep us posted on Bart.

That bit of love and connection was what Bart needed to keep fighting to stay in this world. I am so glad that Lala was there for him. People dump dogs near us(we are about on the river, out in the country)all the time. We have one still(and alot of cats but that is another story).There was a pit dumped once with his ears cut off(so you know he was a fighting dog). He was so sad and just looked at my dogs and me-by the time I walked my dogs up the road to the house and went back for him, he was gone. I truly think he gave up and went off somwhere to die-even though I talked to him nicely, the look of resignation on his face was devastating. That could have been Bart-and I am so glad it wasn't.

Well. This is just pain. But also love and rescue. All of our cats have been "saved" and our one dog, too. Love Lala. Love you.

OK so I went to the Bart story and just couldn't read it. I have since gone back and now I have tears flowing. I am so horrified that people who could do such a thing walk among us. Thankfully there are wonderful people such as LALA who would stop and give comfort and actually do something. I have been following the story of Digit and your other companions. You are such caring people. So I'm comforted that we have exceptionally good people walking among us as well. Keep us updated on Bart's recovery. You know something else that amazes me is the ability of these neglected/abused animals to love when they find a human to love them!!

Lala RULES! And so do you. Bart is adorable, and it's made my day reading his story. Well, it's depressing, too - I can't believe what some people will do to animals (or each other). But over all it made my day, because it reminded me that there are awesome people in the world like Lala and Linda and the peeps at East Bay SPCA; and also because, even after horrible, unthinkable abuse, Bart is obviously a sweet, sweet dog who still trusts and loves people, who I'm sure will be lining up in droves to offer him the home he deserves. :)

Lala, Thank you. Your story made me cry because I actually rescued a pit bull myself and seeing the photo of Bart brought back my own horror at how my baby Max had been treated and mistreated when I found him. Like Bart, my Max was found, although our vet says he found me. He was under a car in my driveway dying. He was only 12 weeks old and looked like Bart on a much smaller scale. He wouldn't eat or drink and I was terrified of dogs at the time. But our Animal Control is evil and they would have euthanized him immediately without even giving him a chance because he's a pit bull. That horrified me so I stuck with him and the vet bills in the hopes of getting him healthy and finding him a good home. He was only given a 15% chance to survive as he had Parvo and was only 11lbs. Within 10 days he gained 10lbs and now he is a thriving sweet and loving 67lbs softie! They call him the miracle dog at the vet even now 4 1/2 years later. I know Bart will have a wonderful forever home soon and you will always be special to him. Thank you again for caring about a pit bull. It's such a nice thing to read a success story about this breed.

I just donated. When I saw the picture on Lala's blog, I just sobbed. That anyone could do something like that to another living thing makes me so heartsick. To know, however, that there are people like Lala, and Linda, and you, and the other folks who stopped to help those dogs gives me some hope.

I am so thankful there are people like Lala walking the earth.

Words just can't express how I feel about that story. The horror...

What a sad, but beautiful story. Thank you both for sharing it!

WOW! That's a really amazing story! Go, Lala! I am constantly amazed by how stupid and mean people can be, but it's nice when that yuckiness gets cancelled out by really super nice people!

Sniffling here... Lala's a special person, and Bart's a lucky little guy!

Reading Lala's doggie story really broke me down. I'm so glad she posted about it (and you, too). Thanks to her for stopping and staying with Bart. I'm a stopper, too, and was just thinking that I have to stop doing that - these animals are not my responsibility, why am I letting myself get sucked in to the mean things other people do? But reading about Bart makes me think again... stopping is good.

You two have the most heartbreaking animal stories. It's a good thing they have happy endings!

Now that Bart has been subjected to the very worst of people, I hope he gets a forever home with some extraordinary people at the other end of the spectrum. (Like you and Lala maybe.)

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