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EasterMarch 23, 2008

Why are Easters always like this? In my memory, I have lost every Easter when it rained or was foggy -- I seem to think that every Easter morning in my life has dawned clear and sparkling with a heavy dew, cool, but with sun bright enough to warm. My favorite memory of Easter was a sunrise service on Mount Tagpochau when we lived on the island of Saipan. I was probably fourteen or so. It was island cold, probably around seventy degrees, and we were freezing. Then the sun rose over the sea (Philippine), and lit the ocean (Pacific). There was singing. That was always the best part of sunrise service: singing up the sun. (I do realize I'm kind of missing the Christian point.)

Today, though, is a secular Easter. I've already seen the Easter Bunny -- Clara and I went for a run at Oyster Bay early this morning. We had the perfect Easter light, the Easter chill, the Easter dew, the Easter sunshine, and then a huge hare streaked out in front of us. Luckily I was running a bit uphill, so Clara, attached by leash to my waist pack, helped tow me up incline as she raced after it. We saw another one later. I love how they leap away, until they think they're in a safe area and then turn their heads, looking at you from the side. He had no Cadbury Creme Eggs with him, but I considered that polite, since I AM ALLERGIC TO THEM NOW with the soy lecithin and all. We won't discuss that.

But the run was gorgeous. And I didn't die, even though I haven't been running in over a month. That was a pleasant surprise.

Now, I'm jumping in the shower and then going to a brunch, which will be followed by a picnic. And there will be knitting. Hooray! I hope you are having a sunny time, too.


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It sounds like the perfect Easter, especially the brunch and picnic part. It's still a little too chilly for picnics in Virginia. Have a wonderful time!

Well Happy Easter to y'all, secular or religious! Today is cold and grey and wet here but Summer will be here in about 3 days so I can wait...time for a yummy brunch, homemade this year but that's ok too :)

And a very Happy Easter to the two of you and your extended families, all living things included! Thank you too for rescuing BART. I hope he finds just the best home possible. I'm the wuss who never posts but loves your blog. I'm also the person that tapped you in the ladies room line up at Rhinebeck and said I was glad your cat was better - 'better' being an understatement. Cheers to you both !

Here in eastern Missouri the Easter bunny was looking for floating baskets since we're dealing with floods and their aftermath. Then this morning I woke up to snow! Stopped for a while but it is currently snowing like crazy again. It is definitely too early for Easter. But I put on my straw hat and headed out to church this morning anyway. Enjoyed the service and the pastor's message about all the things -- like love and truth -- which came out of the tomb when Jesus resurrected.

Whereas here in the UK, it's been snowing - and hailing - and raining - and just all round crazy. But hey. That's climate change for you. On the plus side, I've enjoyed dinner with a truly delicious wine (The Chocolate Block, how fitting!) and next week it's my birthday. Think it'll warm up by Wednesday? Hm...

I saw a lynx and mountain goats!

(It is so unfair to get allergies as a grownup.)

We went to sunrise service in snow. At least the service was indoors this year! In fact, it flurried repeatedly all day, but it was warm enough that it didn't stick. Maybe spring *will* arrive some day....

My most memorable Easter was one when we lived in southern Illinois - I was probably ten years old - and it SNOWED on Easter. Very exciting.

NO! You cannot have your beloved Cadbury eggs? Oh, that is terrible news. :(

Otherwise, sounds like a lovely Easter. Hope it was wonderful for you!

I'm very sorry to hear about the allergy to the you-know-what. Tragic!!

The morning run with Clara sounds so nice. -I'm proud of you on avoiding the soy lecithin. I'm not doing so good with the gluten since I discovered that is what was making me sick. :(

I ate my annual creme egg and thought of you. Now I am so sad to hear about the allergy thing. Perhaps there is some supergourmet no-preservative version for sale at whole foods or something... you know, like a free-range creme egg. (heh. I crack myself up sometimes)

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