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Friday NightMarch 21, 2008

I just had five caramels, a quarter pint of ice cream, and a stick of cheese for dinner. I had three glasses of wine (but they're small glasses, juice jars really, so it's more like two regular glasses, swear to god. Work night and all). Lala, her brother Richard, and my sister Bethany are in the living room playing Heroscape (or as I like to say, Hero-scrape). They are big, big nerds. I love the sound of nerds in the distance. Richard just said, "Special attacks are never modified by cliffs." I have no idea what that means, but it sounds.... deliberate. And nerdy. They sit out there, preening with defensive tactics and three-hundred point armies. I mock, but gently. I really do think they're cool. Plus, they just let me show off Mr. Roombinator. Talk about nerds.

I have to go to bed because I get up to go to work when it's still illegal to buy alcohol. I will put in my earplugs and hear them laughing anyway. I love that, too.

"No, you can have robots AND zombies," Richard says. That can't hurt.


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Ummm, dear roomba-mate - have you already heard of the costumes for roombas? More here:

Knitter Rachael, I think you could knit up something much cuter...

Cheers -

Hehee! So cute! Gotta love having at least one nerd in your life, right? :)

hello, just wanted to drop a note to say how much i loved this post. theres nothing more homey, comfy and cozy feeling than drifting off and hearing happy snippets of conversation from family/friends have a nice night.

"I love the sound of nerds in the distance."

Quite possibly the best quote ever...it made me giggle like a maniac because I know exactly how you feel.

Thanks for the laugh, I'm deep in the midst of a pet crisis and needed a smile.

Ha! those half heard comments are a hoot! I hear stuff like that at my house too. It's very entertaining to make up scenarios it would apply to. that usually have nothing to do with the "reality".....

I am in tears over here laughing...I just quoted Richard to my husband, who has never even heard of Heroscape, and he said, "Well, yeah, that's totally normal, unless cliffs would give you some kind of bonus on your attacks...."

The man has geekspeak running through his veins. Hawt :-)

Well. Then you've probably had enough sweets and don't need one of these: http://bakingbites.com/2008/03/cadbury-creme-egg-muffins/

p.s. I KNEW, before I even got to the end, that that last post had to be from Lee Ann!

I would like to point out that both the cheese and the ice cream include protein, and wine could possibly count as a fruit serving, since it's made of grapes, so I think you did pretty good for supper!

I was at a birthday party last night, and your nerd-snippets reminded me of a moment when my own particular conversation went silent just long enough to overhear from the conversation behind me, "Well, that's the thing about circumcision."

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