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I'm Here to Recruit YouMarch 12, 2008

I've been composing posts for days. Really. That's what I do sometimes, just drive down the highway, thinking about what to tell you. And damn, I am a fine writer when I'm in the car. We're talking Pulitzer, baybee. Strong emotive words. True and original thoughts, startling in their vibrancy and beauty.

Then I get to the computer and my brain goes HAVING TJ'S CHICKEN NUGGETS FOR DINNER WHOOOOHOOO!  Or it says Roomba Roomba Roomba. Or it just goes plonk.

And I have things to tell you, too, so rather than try to gather the genius-droppings (they were everywhere but the Roomba got 'em), I'll just list what little I can remember.

1. After 13 hours of nothing but talking -- seriously, without a break, and usually at least three voices talking at once -- silence in the car coming home is good. It's not as good as meditation since I gotta focus of the other cars a bit, but my brain fizzes in a similar manner.

2. For the love of god, I have to teach Clara to spin. Or at least to ply.


3. I am in a Gus Van Sant movie. Oh, yes. Yes, I am. IS THAT SO COOL? More: He's filming Milk here (you might have heard about it on NPR, mmm-hmmm), and my sister Christy talked me into going on Sunday morning. I'm so glad she did. We got to watch Sean Penn give Harvey Milk's 1978 speech, which started "My name is Harvey Milk, and I'm here to recruit you." (More about Harvey Milk here. Goddamn Twinkie Defense.)
    And it was odd -- there were a lot of us extras, all dressed in 70s clothing, trying to be cool. Sean Penn was doing the same thing. We went through the whole thing a couple of times -- he came out onto the dais in front of City Hall in Civic Center and gave the speech. We cheered and yelled and then he exited the stage. The director yelled cut.
    But then: After two run-throughs which we thought had been real, the director said "Take ONE!" Sean Penn, just walking onto the stage, was a different person. He WAS Harvey Milk (believe it or not). We were in his pocket. His speech, which we'd already heard a couple of times, was world-changing. We would have done anything for him. The cheering and whooping were real. The tears were real. The pride I felt when the pretty boys on the balcony unfurled an early evolution of the Pride Flag was real. The fact that people were there as extras who had been there the first time..... Amazing. So lucky to be part of it.
    So you might see me. But if you don't, please know my voice was one of the voices raised in support.

4. If you're in the Bay Area, you should take Kira's skirt class, first class on Saturday. They still have two spaces, I think, and I believe the reason people haven't signed up is because they think in order to wear a knit skirt you have to look like Kira.


She is one of my two pocket-vegans. No, friends, you don't have to look like that to carry off this skirt. You can also look like me:


And another shot of my as$, thank you very much:


Don't say I never did nothin' for you. You should take this class. I would, but I'll be working, but I'll be making this skirt, you can bet your sweet fanny. Class here.

5. These pictures were taken at the Gay Bay Knitting Meetup from Ravelry last night. Oh, Ravelry, how we love thee.

6. Kira's been wearing that skirt for four years. I'm astounded by that. Looks new. No sag.

7. I have been typing FOREVER (worked on the book rewrite when I got home from work). Which means I've been going non-stop for almost 17 hours. TV! Now! And chicken nuggets!


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I hate it when I compose something perfectly in my head, then when I go to write it later all the grace and 10 point vocabulary words are gone.
The second photo is a little blurry -- maybe you were shakin' it a little too much.

Hey Gorgeous,

Even your Rhoomba droppings are fun to read and (having been one of the ones around when Harvey was) your description had me rising up in my seat with enthusiasm.

As for the pictures of the skirt, all I can say is really nice... er... stitches. Yes, that's it, very very nicely shaped stitches thank you very much for sharing ;-)

What is the fiber in that four year old skirt that doesn't pooch?

Not to be crude. And you and I are both married. But...... Nice ass.

Sweet fanny indeed!

Clara has gotta learn to spin. You can see it in her eyes.

That skirt looks great on you!

How cool to be an extra in a movie. Ah, Sean Penn. He is an amazing actor. Lucky you to see him in action in person.

I am brilliant while walking the dog, painting, driving, or any other activity where I can't take notes of my own brilliant thoughts. In front of the keyboard, bleh. I LOVE that skirt and also want to know what yarn held up for 4 years without sagging! It is very flattering on you, and now I want one!

I do that phantom-post-writing all the time! And it's true, as I read somewhere, the best phrases have wings; you think you have them locked safely away, but then they're gone!

I want to knit a skirt SO BADLY. one day.

and that is so damn cool about the movie. I don't know if I could keep my cool seeing Sean Penn in person.

and, I have a Roomba question. I'm trying to convince Jacob that we need one - does it get filled up with dog/cat hair very quickly?

I wanted to tell you that I bought a Roomba because of your post. I love it! My favorite part is when it docks itself in its' charger. Too cool!

If I had an ass like that, I might wear something other than sweats. Of course, there's the dreaded summer. Being an East Bay native myself, at least I can get away with baggy shorts since it never gets that hot here anyway. Thank Goddess for small... uh... large, flat, and wide favors.

It's so cool that you got to be an extra in Milk! I heard the story on NPR, and even the little sound bite of take one of the speech was inspiring. I'll assume I heard you cheering.

I usually don't look twice at knitted skirts, but this one might convince me. Then again it just might be the color - I seem to be going through a green phase.
And while I am totally straight and married, I agree with the above "nice ass" commenters.

I think I'd have to make a skirt big enough to fit you AND Kira in it to cover my A$$.

Kira taught me how to knit a sweater. I love her!

omg I thought that blogging thing was only me. It happens especially when I'm doing a cooking/baking tutorial or a photography post. I come up with all sorts of funny and witty comments and then the moment I sit down to write them out, they all freaking disappear! Bah!

Rumor (aka Christina) has it that Kira's going to teach the Bell Curve Skirt as a class at Article Pract in April. Just plugging that -- I signed up for it last time but no one else did. Sign up, it'll be fun.

You are gorgeous and you OWN that skirt. Sorry my camera did not do crisp justice to your FIERCENESS.

Once you've taught Clara to spin, can you teach me?

hubba hubba baby!

Love the skirt!

That is so cool that you got to be an extra for the Harvey Milk film! I'll keep an eye out for you. :)

That is a beautiful skirt. Kira is so sweet. I will admit when I saw the skirt on Knitty and knowing what Kira looks like I just passed it by. Seeing it on you I would still have to pass it by. I don't think my middle aged body would do the skirt justice. I do love the color.

I'm very impressed that a knitted skirt could last so long! I'm still not going to knit one or anything, but I'm impressed -- and you look great.

I'll watch for you in Milk. Cool that you got to be there and feel it.



Oh, yes, I know just what you mean.

How cool!

(I think I messed up the order)

I see so many odd little things driving around Oakland. Do I ever get them in the blog? Not really. Except the car balls, I think.

hey i listened to the piece on npr about harvey milk. how cool that you were there?

and i compose awesome blog posts in the shower. and as soon as i wrap that towel around my head "poof" it's all gone.

I wasn't going to say anything...but then I read Lala's comment, and laughed so hard I scared the kitteh off my lap. In England, my adopted home, a 'bum' is what you see, and a 'fanny' is...what you don't. I had a hard time making the language shift when I moved here, let me tell you (also, pants are underpants, and trousers cover your legs...people here think I'm funny) So let me congratulate you on a very nice bum indeed, and I'll leave your wife to comment on the rest ;D

Oh, Lala's post/comment is to die for! Hilarious!

I do the same thing, composing emails in my head, but then i can't remember whether I've sent them! I'll say something about "the email I sent you yesterday," and some poor fool I work with will look at me like "WHAT email?"

Whoops. My bad.

Now, everybody, go read Lala's blog. *giggle*

To answer the questions:
The yarn is a mercerized cotton ribbon that's really a flattened tubular yarn. It's called Rosetta and is made by Artfibers.
The pattern is at www.kirakdesigns.com/
And I think that many, many more ladies can (and should) wear knitted skirts. This one especially, with the swingy a-line shape and pretty lace border, would look great on a variety of figures.

I too suffer from the car-bourne genius droppings and subsequent keyboard-localized brain futzings. Similarly eloquent and ephemeral trains of thought are also known to pass through while knitting or showering.
I am much comforted by the fact that I am no longer alone in this! Thank you!

The skirt looks great on both of you! I'm signed up for the class, and I can't wait.

I'm a lurker...but I bought a roomba because of you! I'm getting a border collie pup as well...but not because I'm a wanna be. :)

love the skirt - looks great on your toushie! If I had such a nice ass I would wear that too - my husband always jokes that I have the flattest ass - oh well
HOW COOL to be in a movie about Harvey Milk? I had to read a bio about him like 20 years ago for school and his story has stuck with me forever, what a very very special thing indeed to be a part of - so emotional!

You and Kira both look FABULOUS in the skirt. My question is, how would _Digit_ look in the skirt? I bet Clara could knit one for him....

More Digit pics!! More Digit pics!!

Girl---you look AWESOME in that skirt!!!

What is a "two pocket-vegan"?

That skirt looks great! My butt is twice the size of yours, but you almost have me convinced that I could look good in it :-). Luckily, I have daughters to knit this sort of thing for so I don't embarrass myself.

Ooh, that skirt is adorable! I think it's really cool you were an extra in Milk. My husband's grandmother ran against Dan White for the supervisor position. It's interesting to speculate on how history would have changed if the better (saner, more progressive) candidate had won.

Hotcha :)

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