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Lights Out! March 29, 2008

Short notice is better than no notice, right? How did this one sneak up on me? I usually hear about things like this. But I just learned on the news that tonight is Earth Hour. From 8-9pm, lights out! Non-essential lights, that is. San Francisco is participating, but I have one quibble with it. I think ALL THOSE LIGHTS should go out. Yes. Cool. But they're also turning out the lights on the Bay Bridge. I don't actually consider those non-essential. What about low flying planes? What about a ship (say, the Cosco Busan)? Things hit our bridge during daylight. I vote that they leave THOSE lights on.

Also, Lala is out of town this weekend. Therefore, candlelight, while nice and all, loses some of its thrill. (However, our 2nd anniversary getaway to Hearst Castle starts on Monday -- hooray!)

That is all.


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Happy anniversary! It's so wonderful to hear about lasting relationships and marriages. So much love to you both, and congratulations!


Happy Anniversary! Our 'day-we-met-face-to-face' anniversary is tomorrow, though there's no get-away planned. I think we'll be working in the garden in celebration. :)

NOOO - it cannot be 2 years already - have a super anniversary trip.

Our 30th is coming up and hubby is going to Argentina without me 2 weeks before -- see what happens hehehe

Happy Anniversary!!!

Have a great time at Hearst Castle. It is loads of fun. We did the basic tour and the underground tour. Both were wonderful.

Happy Anniversary!! Good grief, two years already. How time does fly.

Happy Anniversary! What tour(s) of the castle are you doing?

Happy anniversary! I hope you two have a lovely time at Hearst Castle. I so want to go there, maybe I can swing it for mine and hubby's anniversary!

I only heard about the lights out thing after it had happened. Somehow it didn't make the news here in Bangalore. Of course- that could be because the power go out all the frickin' time. Geez.

Enjoy Hearst Castle. It is surprisingly cool!

Happy anniversary you two!! Have fun at Hearst Castle! (my favorite part is the insane swimming pool)

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