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New Baby Brothr?March 12, 2008


HA! Link. From IHasAHotDog. Soon even politicians will be speaking Cheezeburger. I has a dream.

I has knitting 2 do. C U.


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I am so addicted to I Can Has Cheezburger! I find myself wanting to caption everything.

And, I'm finding the people who seem to appreciate them the most are the people most into words. My husband is a grammar nazi, and yet those captions have him in hysterics.

A dream....I has it!

Yes! That's great! Wouldn't it be great if the knitter actually created a toy that looks like the dog?

That is hilarious. On Flickr, when you log in, it says Hello! in different languages, and then says, Now you can say hello in (insert language here.) Today it said: OH HAI Carrieoke! Now you can say hello in LOLcat!


"Oh Hai! Now you know how to say hello in LOLcat." This greeted me on Flickr recently. I fell out of my chair laughing.

Has Lala pulled you over to the dark side of LOLcat?

There's a computer programming language called lolcode that started out as a joke, but people thought it was too funny to be just one post somewhere. You probably have to be a programmer to like it. Some programming languages make you write "end" at the end of a program, in lolcode you have to say "KTHXBAI"

I am not an animal person AT ALL. However, I find this breed of dog (whatever kind it is) to be absolutely adorable! I would love to have a stuffed toy version of it.

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