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Update!March 18, 2008

On the Bart story. We went to visit him yesterday at the SPCA. We first went to the sick bay, but they led us over to where the kennels are. Oh, great. He's well enough to be in a kennel now, I thought.

Um. No. He's in the director's office. Everyone who enters the admin area gets to pass him and get kisses and give treats. He's gained so much weight in the last two weeks that you can't see his ribs anymore! And he's a LAP dog! The sweetest lap dog you ever met -- I sat on the floor to get more kisses, and he crawled into my lap and put his head over my shoulder so Lala could still reach him for scritches. (Picture over at Lala's blog.)

He really is the nicest dog we've ever met. We call him our perfect dog. In any other world, he would already be at our house, but with the four cats, two  dogs, and one very old dotty sometimes-crazy Harriet-dog, we just can't take him. Can't. We REALLY want to, but we're being smart. So because of that, he will always be perfect in our minds. He's never chewed up anything! Never! He's never peed on the carpet OR pooped in the kitchen. He never, ever whines to wake us up in the middle of the night.

But god, he is a love. Bay Areans, really. Every single person at the SPCA is in love, and they don't fall easily. Those folks are pretty tough. And they're head over heels. Plus, if someone we knew adopted him, then we could have visiting rights, right? I'd make him a sweater for Xmas......


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I was wondering when the subject of Bart joining the HeHu clan would come up. I was also thinking about the current numbers and local ordinances...
I'm glad to hear he is doing so well, and sounds adoptable. I hope hope hope he goes to a very good home. It sounds like the SPCA folks love him enough to make sure of that.

Tempting! I try to stay away from shelters or I would have 20 dogs.

A dog that sweet (and lucky!) will have no trouble finding a good home. (I hope) He is looking great!

AWWWWWWWW!!! What a snuggle-sweetie!!! I'm so glad he's gaining weight and getting extra loves. It's so amazing that, despite what people did to him, he's still loving and affectionate. It makes me want to go home RIGHT NOW and snuggle my fuzzles extra-hard!

I want Bart, and if I were anywhere remotely near the Bay Area, I'd sweet talk my man into going and picking him up NOW. Bart even matches my doggies...they are brindle and white and not pitts, but look remarkably similar to Mr. Sweetiepie there. You and Lala are amazing, amaaaaazing people. Please keep us posted on this darling boy and let us know when he finds the wonderful forever home he deserves.

I just sent a link to his picture on Lala's blog to my husband with the subject 'Looky! We need him'. I doubt he'll bite but who knows. He's adorable and needs someone to spoil him rotten the rest of his life!

Bart-meister! He lives and thrives! Does my heart good. I'd love to be ringmaster in the circle of hell reserved for people who abuse animals - pliers and torches and whips, oh-MY!

Please keep us updated on The Bart-Man.

What a beautiful story. I just returned from Lala's blog and must comment, that is one good wife you have there. What an incredible heart to stop and sit with that dog like that. I know other folks stopped, but she stopped and committed and waited and then did something! She deserves a special treat this week!

I went over to see pics and holy crap! But if after gaining 13 pounds his head still looks way to big for him, Bart has a long way to go! Glad he's on the mend. What kind of insane person did this? Argh! Give him a pat and a treat from me if you go round again.

I'm deliriously happy about Bart's progress. How truly wonderful are dogs that they can be treated the way Bart was and still trust and love people. What an amazing companion he will make to the person/family who brings him into their lives. Sigh. I love Bart. And I love you and LaLa, too.

xo, E

OMG. This story is breaking my heart. Lala rocks, and so do you, and oh Bart is such a sweetie. Please give him pats from me and Bella and Chili the next time you see him, and definitely keep us posted. Schmoo.

I'm so glad Bart is getting extra love and treats. He deserves it.

So if we brought him all the way up to Vancouver would you come visit him here?

Oh, Bart makes me wish I lived closer so that I could take him home! What a love!

I'm so glad Bart is doing so well! It's so great that he's not shy around people so that he should get adopted faster I hope!

Yay Bart! Looking so much better.

Sadly, Denver is not in the immediate Bay Area, otherwise I would definately have a wonderful home for him - my friend just lost her doggie and needs a new pal.

I'm so glad that Bart has had a lucky reversal of fortune.

Next time you visit Bart, please give him a squeeze from Donna & Erik in Oklahoma. Our hearts went out to him from the first mention in yours and Lala's blogs. (And please hug your other fur people too. I still get tears when I think of Digit. He reminds me so of my Percy.)

You & Lala are very special people. Not only did Lala stop and do what she could for Bart, but you both go back to check on him, not just assuming that he's being well cared for. That says a lot.

Seriously, if I could have a pet in my apartment (or even if I thought I could sneak one) I would adopt him this weekend. I adore pitbulls, and I have a soft spot for humane society pets...he looks like the absolute sweetest, and I love him, and if he's still around in August when I move, (and I hope he isn't! but half hope he is because I want him!) I just might look into that.


snif snif... This is why I catch-up read your blog once a month or so. Fer cryin out loud. I cry at the SPCA commercials (now just hearing Sarah McL sing in the arms of the angels has me cryin over those little one-eyed beauties). You and La are just killing me over Bart!

Yeah, it's part of why I love you guys so much. Knit on!

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