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Where Did I Put It?March 17, 2008

Knitting mojo continues to elude me.

I am near completion of a sweater that I really wanted. But in trying it on today, it was just wrong. I measured and remeasured, but somehow it is three inches short and six inches too narrow. And it's HUGE, a wrap-blanket of a sweater, so those inches shouldn't matter that much, but they do. It's just not right. Doesn't bear thinking about ripping. I will place it in the time-out box (getting pretty full in there). Maybe by next winter I'll want to do something with it.

And the other sweater I've been working on, the DROPS 101-3 Cardigan, well, it's almost done. And I'm going to run out of yarn. I NEVER EVER run out of yarn. I am terrified of doing so, ever since Cromarty, so half my stash is made up of leftovers. But no, I just reached in the bag where I keep my working yarn, and there's only one ball left. And I'm only three-quarters done with the back, and still have the collar to do. (I always make the sleeves, then the fronts, then the back, because the back is my favorite bit to make.) Frustrating. I can find more of the yarn I subbed; it's just the work involved to do that that's maddening. Also, it's curling badly at the hems. I've been hoping a good stiff blocking would help that, but now I'm wondering.

Waste of a month of knitting time.


Casting on. For what? Everyday I search my sweaters for the perfect cardigan. It should be short-sleeved and lightweight, maybe lacy, but there should be enough there to cover up if the wind blows the sunshine away. Any great ideas? I'm trawling through the Ravelry pond, but I haven't figured out the perfect pattern yet. I love Titania, but it ain't no cardigan, is it? I do want to cast on for it, though. Like, now. Only I'd bring that into a deeper vee-neck, I think. And then I'd have yet another lovely sweater that I'd wear twice a year. I'm looking for an everyday sweater. But a graceful, sweet, everyday cardigan. Harder than it sounds. I know YOU know.


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You want to make this sweater from the J Jill catalog


probably in hemp.

Well, that does make for a frustrating day, huh?

What about Serrano, from a relatively recent Knitty? It's lacey, lightweight, definitely could be an everyday sweater.

Mine's in the time out box because I got too clever with the decreases...

I suggest you to http://chicknits.com and check out Ariann.

This is really nice in a short sleeved version:


I wish I had a pic of the one I made :(.

What about Juliet? http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/juliet-2

And have you really looked for more yarn? Because sometimes it just wanders off (or at least mine does...).

Why not make a cardigan version of Titania? I know you can do the mods. Definitely a deeper vee.

Yes, I'm feeling that lack of mojo as well--not so much with the actual knitting, but the want to knit at all. Titania is gorgeous, however, and so what if you'll wear it twice a year? If it's calling to you, cast on. And work on it until you find that everyday cardigan pattern. (speaking of Chicknits, I wear Twist nearly every day.)

have you seen Leaf from Knitty http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring07/PATTleaf.html ? No lace but nice...
BUT I too think could change Titania into a cardi!!! Go ahead!

The ever elusive perfect cardie. Oy. Tell me about it. The one that is just long enough that you don't feel like a dwarf, but your belly isn't hanging out...accentuates the bust, but still buttons over the gals...sleeves that fall just so. I think I must be an anomaly of fashion, because they just don't make 'em for me!!!

Here's hoping the knitting mojo comes back. Make some socks in the meantime. That's what I do.

I also vote Juliet. I'm casting on for mine tonight!

Moooaaannnnnn, i feel your pain. The perfect cardi? My lifelong quest......Made of iron which will never pill, will wash and dry beautifully, the arm holes are perfect, the length is over the butt,and wont make my legs look stumpy, snuggly and can throw on for dog walking and grocery store trip.....or maybe my old grey zipper sweatshirt will just have to do...please dont call "What Not To Wear".

Well of course I checked out Titiana. Darn, one more for the ever-growing list of "must-knits". And positivly with a deeper V. I also thought it would be reasonable to cardiganize it. I am sure you could figure out how to go about it. Good Luck!!

Have you looked at this one?


It's the Debbie Bliss tab button jacket. Very simple.

Check out Coraline in Ravelry. The pattern should be available in April and it is really sweet.

I'd try Lush and Lacy...it has a lot of similar features to titania, but is already cardiganized.

(it's all in the blocking. seriously. the last one fit just perfectly after it was blocked. let me know if you want and I'll block it for you. for real.)

sorry - back to back comments. I think you should just make Titiana in to a cardi. easy peazy.

I feel your pain - I've frogged 2 sweaters so far this year: the Nantucket Jacket, which was pretty much finished, and then the Lalique Jacket, which I'd only done about 6 inches of. Both of them were ginormous, and I'd swatched!! The yarn for Nantucket is in time-out, will be cast on again with smaller needles and a smaller size, and the yarn for Lalique has become a single-color Rambling Rose. As for a lace cardi, what about the Katharine Hepburn pattern from Lace Style?

I'm making the Sylph Cardigan from the current ish of IK, it's got lace at the waist, an interesting twist-stitch texture rib pattern on the body, a lace inset on the neck, & ruffles (which I may omit) round the bottom & the sleeves.


There's also an awesome gallery on daily knitting that talks about how to mod it for differing body types, which is one of the reasons I decided to cast on.

Of course, I have about 2" of the back done and it's way too wide, even though I got gauge, so it's in time-out till I decide to cast on for the next smallest size.

I agree with Maia - you have the mad skillz to convert Titania to a cardigan!

First of all, "time-out box"? LOL, oh man, that is perfect. I have an item or X (qty X=unknown) in time-out. LOL
Yeah, a bad try-on can kill the knitting mojo. Kill. I think you have the right idea, start something completely new.

I found this (Sylph Cardigan, and the one above, Printed Silk Cardigan):

while looking for this (Nantucket Jacket):
(cover photo, scroll down for details)
I am looking for the perfect yarn for NJ myself.

HI...how about CeCe from Chicknits.....has a short sleeve version and a 3/4 sleeve version.....she writes a great pattern .....http://www.chicknits.com/catalog/cece.html

Um. For real, I'm going to have my summer cardi pattern from last summer available within a month. Maybe that will fit the bill...?

Just starting to catch up after a long blog break. Missed you. :)

I LUV Titania. Totally beautiful. I want to make her now. But you're right, not for everyday. My answer to your question is make a Ribby. So easy and so easy to modify. But that's my answer to about every knitting question there is... just make another Ribby. :)

I like this one! And it would look great on you!


The Titania would look so much better on your curvaceous self than on that model. In a deep denimy royal blue? You can definitely cardify it. Just split the front in two and add applied I chord with ties at the breast line. No fraggin buttons.

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