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WhirrrrrMarch 19, 2008

Oh, the sound of the Roomba in the morning... It starts itself up at ten and vacuums for about an hour or so, getting the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. And because those are the rooms the animals are in while we're out, those are the worst hair collection rooms. Have I mentioned I love it? Even given the fact that we have three dogs and four cats, I have no idea why I'm so surprised every night when I clean it out to find SO MUCH CRAP. (The book says you can go three or four runs before cleaning it out. We can't.)

Also, to give you fair warning, this is now my second Roomba. The first one had something go wrong the first week -- kept telling me that I needed to clean the brushes, even when I just had. Frustrating. And I love it so much that I marched right down to Costco (I hate going to Costco), stood in line to return, then stood in another line to happily repurchase. This new one has treated me great, but I have warned it that should it act up, it will suffer the same fate. It is worth the time spent in the Costco line.

You may notice that I've blinged the blog. Please disregard the google ads low and to the right, but I have to admit I like the Amazon ad up there. I'll keep it filled with books I'm loving, in case anyone is interested. I'm still neck-deep into memoirs, although I'm dabbling in reading fiction again.

Must get motivated! I have to do at least a little writing this weekend before I go back to work tomorrow -- I had planned on taking great whacks at the rewrite, but yesterday I didn't leave the house once. I had an unplanned pajama day, which was great except for the guilt. Which I fought, tooth and nail. I won, I think. But today I have Things To Do.

Oh! I forgot. I decided on Lush and Lacy, in stash red wool-something (love Classic Elite Lush, but it looses definition if you breathe on it). I have one sleeve done. Thanks for all the great suggestions!

And remember, I told you about the radio repair guy at work? The Jimmy Stewart guy with his sweater literally FULL of holes? Some big enough to put four fingers through?

Ees all fixed:


You can see the only obvious place is down at the bottom right of the picture -- there just wasn't enough yarn in the world to save that bit. I picked up stitches and diked them off as well as I could. Most of the repairs look more like this:


A casual observer wouldn't notice, and a Knitter would think someone had helped the sweater out. Which would be true.

That is all. No more procrastinating. Off to Do Things. But I'll have fun, too.

Don't forget to wear a sweater tomorrow in honor of Mr. Rogers' birthday!


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Ooohh! I'm first!!!

Lush and Lacy looks nice. I was just browsing over at Fiddlestcks and was going to suggest you check ou the Diamond Lace Drops cardigan. Never mind. Kiss Digit (and the others too!) for me.


I love Mr. Rogers!

You make me want a Roomba. It doesn't freak out the furry ones?

Yes, I wondered, too - what do the critters (especially the cats) think of the Roomba?

You did such an amazing job on the sweater!

I seem to remember reading that the company acknowledge there were some defaults in the earlier Roomba models. Supposedly they have been fixed in the later models.

I really want a Roomba, but we kill vacuum cleaners around here. If we get a full year out of a vacuum, we consider ourselves lucky.

You know, I have a Scooba, which is a floor washing robot, but I never run it because I always have crap on my kitchen floor. I also never vacuum, because I am a bad housewife. Perhaps it is worth the investment for a Roomba? I always thought it wouldn't hold enough, but it starts itself up? What a marvelous invention.

Great Job with the sweater, He will be thrilled I am sure. You used a term though I am unfamilar with (at least in a knitting context) what do you mean by Dyked?

A roomba sounds heavenly.

Wow -- where did you salvage the yarn to fix the sweater so beautifully? Is there a repair tutorial you recommend? That is just awesome.

Oh! I see Michael Perry's "Truck" atop the Amazon list -- that one I haven't read yet (making note right NOW) -- but I'm so excited that he'll be speaking locally in a month to kick off a first-ever book fair in our area. "Population 459" (give or take a couple) is still on my favorites list.

Must write "Roomba" on the list, also.

Wonderful job with the sweater repair!

OK that does it! I am going to get a Roomba ! I have already swept the kitchen floor three times so far today. I have also not had the will to Swiffer.....I will also try to do the sweater thing tomorrwow but since it going to be 85F super dry and windy I am not making any promises :) Good job on the sweater repair! That really is a classic.

Good job on that sweater fix! I don't suppose you'd have any interest in another similar job? I have a vest my grandmother knit for my grandfather years and years ago that needs a similar treatment and that is just NOT in my skillset.

Oh, I lurrrrve Lush and Lacy! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Save your receipt! Roombas are notorious for breaking. As much as I loved mine, it was too expensive to repurchase.

I want to know the details on fixing that amazing sweater too! It seems like a great blog entry to me. Did you use different yarn? Did you ... I'm not even familiar enough with this to ask good questions. Tell All!

I haven't seen anyone else reference these two blog posts from one of my favorite bloggers about the Roomba, so I'll do it... the first one has me in stitches every time and answers all the cats vs Roomba questions.


and the follow up:


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