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YesterdayMarch 3, 2008

What an eventful Sunday!

1. My father-in-law came over for coffee.

2. Upon leaving, his rental car was hit by a car WITH NO ONE IN IT that rolled out of a parking lot. (No injuries, little damage.)

3. I thought I had a gas leak. The fire department came. They were nice. I didn't have a detectable leak. Rather annoying. When leaving, the engineer looked at one of my spinning wheels and laughed. He pointed, "Come on, who uses that?" I said, "Look in here." Showed him the yarn room. Duly impressed. (If you didn't know anyone who even knitted, how weird would it be to meet someone who also spun?)

4. I discovered Oyster Bay, an off-leash dog park very near our house that is AMAZING -- on the bay, overlooking the Oakland airport runway, HUGE, and lovely.

    Clara likes sourgrass.


5. Used an unexpected work bonus to buy (drum roll): a ROOMBA! Got it at Costco and it's running right now. Lala and I are both in love with it. She's been trying to talk me into one forever, and I've been resisting, but why? Now she has a robot and I have a vacuum cleaner and it's a match made in heaven. I canNOT keep on top of all the animal-hair tumbleweeds around here, even with my beloved Dyson. This might help. And it's cute! The cats think it's funny and Clara thinks maybe she is being replaced.

6. Went to my godson Dylan's 2nd birthday party. We got him chaps and a cowboy hat. Oh, yeah. He got many instruments to go with the ones he already has (I think now he's only missing a bass), but he loves this most:


And he's good at it, too!

7. Made a big error in judgment when I told Lala to bring Harriet over when she came to the party (she had been training for the AIDS ride, and had been out all day riding 48 miles). The house dog, Scally, and Harriet have hung out many times. They go to the beach together. Scally's been at our house. I only assumed Harriet had been to Scally's house with Lala before. But Scally is protective of her house, and was surprised to see Harriet. Small fight, quickly separated, but I was OVERCOME with remorse at my stupidity. Harriet was fine, appreciated all the attention, and I was the one who broke down. Man, Harriet is FIERCE for sixteen, though.

8. SUSHI! Lots of it. 


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Now she has a robot and I have a vacuum cleaner and it's a match made in heaven.

Ahahahaha. Something about this perfectly illustrates long-term relationships, where you know the other person insanely well. "Lala always wanted a robot!"

Wow, I love the idea of a vacuum that does it's job all by itself...
What do you think... does it really work?
We have a ton (a ton!) of stuff, and I know it's supposed to back up, turn around and move when it comes into contact with items, but I worry that we would give it a mental breakdown and we'd find it whirring in teeny tiny circles muttering to itself.

I really want a Roomba too but I am worried I would find my 20lb cat sitting on it and that would be that!

Wow, that is a full day! I bet you made that fireman's day, too (grin). And the Roomba? Yeah, those are good, but what I'm truly in love with is the Scooba. I can deal with vacuuming, but a robot that cleans my floors? What more could a girl ask for??

How do the cats feel about the Roomba? I've long been tempted by the Roomba but am afraid of freaking out my cats.

Ah yes, in my house it is called "tumblefur." I could not keep up with it either if it weren't for my Roomba. And it is so flat, I can store it under my easy chair so that no one even sees it until it comes out. I just schedule it to run twice a week while I'm at work and it is a life saver.

Just promise me you won't name the Roomba and start making it outfits, okay?

Sounds crazy but fun :)

Oh, and I. So. <3. My Roomba. (It's been eating 4 pets' hairs for over 2.5 years). Congrats on joining the club!

I have been dreaming of ROOMBA, I have the purple DYSON, but think the ROOMBA would:
1) get all the hair out of the little area by the edges of the wall/carpet.
2) be a workout/exercise for both labs.
3) give me more knitting/spinning time.
4) dust the furniture as well as clean the floors.
5) could be trained to clean the bathrooms also.
6) it is currently the topic of my being lazy.

I love my Roomba. I've had one for years. But Rach, Costco charges almost $300 for it, right? You could order it from HSN (best deal on the Web) for $212. I ordered one for a friend as a Xmas gift. Its nearly the same model that Costco has too. If you Google "best deal on Rooma" and it will take you to http://www.roombareview.com/buy/roomba/. Anyway, could save you a few bucks.

BTW, You have to be a first time shopper on HSN to get that Roomba deal. Coupon code is C56574.

Haha, his parents must love that drum set.

Also, Roomba! I love robots! And something else to do the vacuuming!

Alsoooo, you have a cute puppy.

Wait, your father in law came over for coffee? From Idaho?

Hi, Rachel and greetings from snowy West Michigan! Nothing to do with this blog entry (love Clara, tho!) but I just had the urge to tell you that your blog is one of the ones I most look forward to in my daily blog reading. I wish we were closer together and could meet someday in person. Ah, well, virtual friendship will have to do!

post how well the roomba takes care of animal hair. we have a constant battle with it with 3 cats and one (very sheddy) dog.

I got a scooba for christmas and I love it. :)

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