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A Tale of Two SweatersApril 6, 2008

Surprise! Two done! Finished within a day of each other. My sister Bethany expressed surprise at this, but then I explained it's like books. You may have two or three (or if you're like us, ten to twenty) books in various stages of completion -- it's just all about your mood at the time. She totally understood that.

Lush and Lacy, Baby:


Pattern: Lush and Lacy, by Sweaterbabe
Yarn: Valley Yarns Sheffield from WEBS.com, red, 7.5 skeins
Size: XXL (42.5")
Needle: US3

Mods: I did seed stitch at the button-bands and neckline, and added a zipper instead of buttons -- I normally find that more convenient.


This sweater is DANGEROUS, people.


That is my look of terror. Then I got scratched. I deserved it. He is a snake in the Congo, not some damn America's Next Top Model.


I am kind of surprised by how much I love it. I thought it would be okay, but I didn't know it would fit THIS well, and be so comfortable and CUTE! Love, love, love.

DROPS 103-1

What's even more astonishing than the fact that I finished this is the fact that I love this one, too. It almost got frogged, and I never frog.


I made the sleeves. Then I made the fronts, but because of the double moss you can't tell what a janky-ass edge it has. Then I made the back. I told myself over and over again that someday the edge would lie flat, YES IT WOULD, and it wasn't till I was half-way through with the last piece that I realized, no, no it wouldn't. The edge would always have that AWFUL curl. People, why did none of you tell me that? Plus, I was running out of yarn in a big way.

I really have no idea why I seamed this yesterday, but I'm so glad I did. I seamed it, and the edges curled right up, practically to my shoulder blades. So I folded it under and blanket stitched it up. EVEN THAT CURLED. So I undid all the blanket stitching and added some crochet to weight the edge down.


It worked! And it looks good, too! I put the edging on the sleeves, and instead of making that high-rise collar, I just finished the neckline with a line of single crochet and called that puppy good.



It's a swingy A-line that actually works. I heart it.

Pattern: DROPS 103-1, by Garnstudio
Yarn: Kraemer Yarns Mauch Chunky, color Licorice Snaps, 8.75 skeins
Size: XL (44")
Needles: US6

Mods:  Only two buttonholes. Line of single crochet around neckline.
Crochet edging around bottom and cuffs: Single crochet across. Turn, chain two, double crochet in each sc across. Turn, chain three, dc in second sc, ch 3, dc in second sc, repeat across.


This is NOT dangerous. And I swear, because Lala trained him like this, this is the way Waylon loves to be held. Like a baby. It's so wrong.


Blurry, but you can see the shape. Do you know the blessings of an A-line sweater? Means you can let your belly HANG out. I LOVE THAT.

Almost as much as I love these buttons, the Edwardian ones from the late 1800s that I used on my Ariann sweater, also (only two left!):


Hooray! I have to go out today, just so I can wear sweaters!


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They're both fab! Nice work. :)

Oh! Ooooh! OOOOOOHHHH! Love, love, LOVE! I'm jealous. i can't seem to summon up the juice to finish my tank top. And you've done 3 sweaters!

They both rock! I love them! I think I already have the drops in my queue but the Sweaterbabe is sweet!

Cute, cute, double cute! And look at you in pigtails!! I love both sweaters!

Love the sweaters! And we have a little black kitty named Sigrid who likes to be held like a baby too. I saw your picture and I thought, "Hey, how did Sigrid get into her pictures!"

Love them BOTh...especially with you looking SO happy in bangs and pigtails...

So! So! Cute!
Love 'em both!

Both are seriously cute sweaters!

They're both gorgeous--you should be so pleased!

You should go out twice! Props to the props!

Oh, they're lovely all right. And you look darned fine in them as well. But what the hell??? Size XXL? Size XL? No WAY!

Lovely, the both of them!

I bought a sweater today, at our local fiber conference.

Only problem is that it's still a 2 lb. ball of roving....

You look absolutely gorgeous in those sweaters. Beautiful knitting, too :)

I've been iffy about the Lush and Lacy, but seeing it with a zipper makes me a lot more interested in making it.

Look at the fat & happy little belly on Digit! I love it :)

Great job!!!

Alright, this seals the deal...I'm officially in love with Lush & Lacy.

Both sweaters look fabulous. And Digit! YAY!

2 new sweaters!! That Brazen-Hussy Red one is da bomb!!!! I love the other one too but the RED, wowza!!!

"Means you can let your belly HANG out." Love you, Rach - you've got your knitting priorities straight :D

The lush and lacy looks awesome! I can't believe you finished it already...I haven't knit anything in weeks, myself.

Wow, I love that Drops jacket! I might try making one, myself!

Those both turned out so great... what a red letter day!

What!!!! Two sweaters to my one dishcloth? You tryin to make me look bad? Well, they are not stainless steel, and they might pill, but they both look so great who cares! Great job and thank you for the inspiration, damnknit....:)

Congrats! I'm still working on my Endless Aran sweater (getting SO close though!). The color on the 2nd sweater is driving me crazy-I assume it's between the soft greenish color and the black-as-ink color. Love the buttons!

Sorry about the Digit scratch.

LOL! Gotta love the Dude. Not like you don't know better--snake not ANTM--LOL. The sweaters are so different yet both are fab on you. Great knitting!

Fantastic sweaters. And omg you are just the cutest thing. Especially in pigtails!

Beautiful! And congratulations on all the finishing you've been doing lately, if I hadn't said so before.

Silly Waylon. Dangerous Digit. You knew better, too.

I love them both! Especially the Lush and Lacy. It looks great on you! I think that one's going to have to go into my queue too.

I trained my black kitty to be held the same way--we carried him around like a baby constantly when he was tiny, and now he loves it, as do we!

Delurking to say now I have to make that Lush and Lacy sweater! It is gorgeous, and looks stunning on you.


Love that Drops sweater (jumper/cardigan/jacket/whatever) Very stylin'. Flattering too.

Both sweaters are so cute on you! I also think your hair is so cute!!

I love them both! But even more than that, I love your pigtails.

Regretting cutting off all my hair (again).

Wow! Those are great! I now want to mee too you on that Sweater Babe number. Sweater babe is what you are girl! Nice work.

Love the sweaters, especially the red one, which is totally hot... even if it's not as conducive to belly-hanging-out-ness!

Cute and more cute!! You wear them well. :)

They're both awesome and the kitty is too cute....... my kitties will never photo pose with me. :-)

Absolutely beautiful. You did a great job. I have yet to take the big project plunge and this is exactly the type of inspiration I need. Love it.

Both those sweaters are great! BTW, I think the picture with the pattern for the Drops sweater makes it look kinda dowdy. I'm glad you made it, because it looks so awesome on you! They'd be smart to use your picture with the pattern.

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