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Still SickApril 11, 2008

This flu is kicking my ass. And I've found a new thing I like to do: lie in bed with the computer, planning new projects. Like rejoining the CSA and freezing/canning/dehydrating the leftover veggies.

I'm pretty bad at using leftovers. This is probably not a good idea. But it's good sick daydreaming.

Also, this just in: We have a lot of animals. Especially when they all want to sleep on you when you're sick. It's just so nice, UNTIL IT ISN'T.


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I'm sorry you're sick, and I hope you feel better soon.

I hear you on the animals. We have just one cat, but when she is adamant about sleeping on top of you at 3 am and you just want to stretch out your legs, it isn't very cute anymore.

It's no fun being sick, you can't really enjoy the time off. One of my cats likes to sleep on my chest with her butt in my face; tickles my nose. What a way to wake up in the middle of the night. Hope you get over it soon.

Sorry to hear you have the flu, that sucks big time. I have experianced the kitty furnace it is amazing hom much heat one little cat can generate. And lets not forget the you are stuck here anyway so pay attention to meee, thing. So here is a good sick link, http://www.twolumps.net/

Sorry you are miserable. I hope it passes quickly and you start feeling better. Mwah! Mwah!

I'm with you in misery. I've had the flu for the past four days, made worse by the fact that Sean has had it also only worse. The dogs haven't been walked in days and the house is a disaster. I hate the flu!

It didn't bug me to have an enormous cat across my legs until the coughing fit that had me nearly peeing myself. I then put vapo-rub all over my feet, thinking the fumes would chase her away... but she likes the stuff. In my cough syrupy, drugged-up state, I thought mebbe it was the man, trying to be fresh with the frau, but no... just a Siamese with a taste for eucalyptus. I hope you feel better soon. C

Feel better soon!

I've been longing to read Candy Girl, but just haven't had time yet. Too many books!

I'm so sorry you're still sick. I'm also sort of sorry that it took you this long to notice that you had a lot of animals.

Dude. I mean really.

Feel better soon!

When you are better, would you mind e-mailing me about how you de-hydrate leftover veggies? We joined a CSA for the first time this year, and I am a little worried about the veggies overtaking everything.

So...pyjama party at your house huh?
You can't fight the petlove - the force at your house is too strong. "In sickness and in health" kinda thing you know...


Hard to be mad at all that love. Until you have cat hair in your eyes and up your nose. Kiss each one for me.

Ok, Enough Already on the being sick. This is NOT your style. We need to examine "conspiracy" theory here. Who (or which one) has something invested in you immobile and in bed......:-(
sawry U still sick......physic chicken soup commin at you with apologies to the chicken.......

Hope you are feeling better. I like my CSA--it's Eatwell Farms. I am sure they have East Bay pickup spots if you are interested. I also heard about the Institute of Urban Homesteading from a friend. They hold classes on beekeeping, canning, organic gardening: http://www.sparkybeegirl.com/iuh.html

I'm sorry you're still sick! I'm always even grumpier when I get the flu in Spring, it just doesn't seem fair. And I hear you about the pets piling on - I've only got two cats, and I know they're trying to be sweet by getting all up in my business when I'm sick, but when I'm sick, it's the last thing I want. I can't imagine what it would be like with all your pets - I would be in a pretty touchy mood. Hope you're feeling better soon!

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