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SundayApril 20, 2008

I'm at home, for my one day off in nine. I'm having an unofficial pajama day -- it wasn't planned like this, but now my main goal for today is DOING NOTHING I don't want to do. Except for laundry. I'm out of uniforms, and I've got a long week ahead of me.

I'm still under the weather -- this has been the flu that keeps on giving. The latest gift it's brought is a really sore throat, which should be illegal for someone who's had two tonsillectomies in six years. (I bet most people never have the opportunity or desire to pluralize tonsillectomy.)

I dreamed last night we added two giraffes to our menagerie. They were sweet and loving, and folded themselves up onto our sofas like greyhounds.

Lala's off cycling -- 70 miles today, from Concord to Sunol and back. I can't even imagine. My butt would fall right off, I'm sure of it. So now I'm NOT going to do anything physical -- I'm going to pry myself off the computer and go knit in front of the television. A peaceful day.


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Oh, the wonderful thing about the flu is that its effects just linger and linger and linger....

Good for Lala! And good for you!

I would love to knit in front of the television. Hmm. Why do you have to wear a uniform, aren't you a phone dispatcher?

Sounds like a perfect respite for a not-quite-well knitter! Hope your post-National-Public-Safety-Telecommunications-Week week at work is not too crazy and affords you more knitting/blogging time.

You know, some people pay to make their butts fall off...

Flu is the worst. Sleep lots and dream of an entire zoo if it helps.

Off topic - I just got back from my honeymoon in Italy - and I thought about your love for Italy the whole time. Your passion for it really helped me get excited about the trip. Thanks a million!

Hope you had a quiet Sunday, with and after the flu it is best to rest and refill your batteries! Good your nose starts working again in the proper way! Good week to you!

You should do like Rob and Big on MTV and get a mini horse! HAHAHA!!!!!

BTW, I thought of you this morning when I saw a rabbit hop across the street and realized I didn't get to see my favorite Easter commercial this year, which led my thought pattern to Cadbury's cream eggs, then I thought of soy lecithin. I spent the remainder of the drive to work trying to figure out how I could make them and still get the yellow yolk to stay intact. All this because of your blog.

This is why my poor husband usually doesn't know if he's coming or going.

Nothing is better than a fullblown PJ day, knitting in front of the tele with your animal friends. If you can eat total comfort food, (my fav's = risotto/mac&cheese,and cupcakes) definetly do it. All thoses carbs help shift the focus from feeling "yucky" to just feeling "fat"! Glad that you are beginning to feel a bit better, sending healing energy!

Happy Day Off! Giraffes and greyhounds huh? Tall creatures are out and about it seems - late Friday we got a foster chocolate lab "Murray" who is surprisingly tall. I think we could be the kind who fail fostering...

I love TV knitting. Makes me so happy.

Rachael, I had that same flu with the killer sore throat. And I coughed for weeks. I think this virus mutates so fast that your body can't fight it off easily. I hope you feel better soon!!! NO more tosillectomies!

You should write a children's book about a family with giraffes that are sweet and loving and fold themselves up on the couch. That is one of the sweetest, most evocative sentences I've ever read.

Ayla, I think she wears a police uniform, because she's part of the police force. Rachael, am I right? This is what I've always assumed.

oh, I love those two sentences, about the giraffes. They're perfect - lovely, evocative, graceful just like the giraffes would be. I read them aloud, all by themselves, to the Budgie, and he too thought they were wonderful, all alone, without context.

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