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Two Years, Already?April 2, 2008


That's teh bunnie Rabbitch Herself In Person there on the left, and Lovely Mandy on the right at our wedding in Vancouver. Ahhh. That was good.

We spent the last few days in San Simeon, celebrating our second anniversary. I know, can you believe it? We can't. No, really, we can't. A great two years. Here's to many more! Pictures of Hearst Castle to follow when I get them off the camera.

We had a wonderful mid-week celebration. And I have a co-worker working for me tomorrow, so I have another day off tomorrow, a day that I might well squander on frivolous pastimes. Like laundry. Grocery shopping. I might write a bit, but given the fact that I've completed the novel's fourth and final (for now) rewrite, and I've sent my query off for agent review, I'm going to be happy to do nothing at all. (And whee! So happy!)  I might go to bed soon, even though it's only 9:15pm. Reading in bed until the book drops out of my hand: one of my favorite things in life.

This morning:


The view from our dog-friendly beachside hotel (Best Western Cavalier, San Simeon). What a cute black dog!

Harriet has something to TELL YOU!

It is that Miss Idaho gets all the fun with Lala:


Clara, our border collie, was boarded with her phenomenal dog-walkers, and we get her back tomorrow. I'm sure she'll come back with her learner's permit or something. Thank god. I'm going to send her to the store for more beer.

E.T.A. - I was just browsing the blog for that wedding picture, and I went to April 2007, instead of April 2006. I am ASTONISHED that we have had the kittens for a year this month. That is ridiculous. And it was a year that I told you Digit was gone (psych!). I yelled at Lala (who is playing Super Mario on the Wii), "Did you know it's been a year since we got the kittens?!?"

She said, "That explains why they're so big!"


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Happy Anniversary! And no, I can't believe it has been 2 years! But I have loved reading about your deliciously happy marriage every chance I get. Big smooches to the both of you! And the fur-kids.

Aw, you guys are just cute. All a youse. Happy anniversary and many, many many more!

My god, she's brilliant.

(It's also because you keep feeding them.)

Happy anniversary, babies. I think that's the last time I wore a skirt. It's 'cause you're special.

I think it's time for you to come back to visit, don'cha know?

Aw. You guys are so cute it oughta be illegal. Wait a minute. It is, by golly! Is that why? Good for you: for being married two years, for the beachside celebration, and for taking an extra day off to do the really relaxing things like laundry and grocery shopping.

Super Mario Galaxy is amay-zing! I call it SPARKLES because of the little star bits. Sometimes it's easy to get sidetracked from a level's mission because I'm obsessively collecting SPARKLES. Must. Collect. SPARKLESSSS.

Congrats on 2 years! Dang, I'm gonna get all misty.

happy anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe it's been two years either! Happy Anniversary and many, many more.

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more happy years.

I love that you found dog-friendly digs. Looks like they had a blast on the beach.

Congrats on your anniversary! You guys look so, so happy in that first photo. Here's to many more years as a happy family.

So it's true then...you DO make Harriet walk on stones all the time!
Happy Anniversary congrats to you all!

Really? Two years already? That went quick! I wish you both a happy anniversary! Looks like you are having a wonderful time, and yay for dog friendly hotels.

She is a clever one, that wife of yours. Happy Anniversary!

Wow! Congrats on your 2nd year of happiness! Great pics of the pups :)

happy anniversary! goes by so fast - it makes me realize i've been reading you for at least 5 years now (from way back in your glass house days)...

and that lala, she's hysterical :)

CONGRATS on another fine yr! Wishing you many more from our house to yours!

Holy crap! Two years! Happy anniversary to you both. The first two of many, I'm certain.

Happiest anniversary, sweetie!

Coincidentally, I just mentioned your wedding stole when we were recording our next episode (pardon the past/future tense thing).

Thanks for being a model of love and togetherness!

Congratulations! You know it's a good relationship when the years don't seem like years!

Happy Aniversery! Your 'vacation' looks heavenly it is so nice you were able to take the dogs with you.

When you mentioned Lala playing with the Wii it reminded me of this Http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/superpiipii.html?cpg=70H
Aren't the Japanese scary?

Happy Anniversary!

(When Clara comes back with the beer, could you remind her she still needs to help me with my taxes? kthxbai!)

Happy Anniversary! Best wishes for many more.

I can't believe it either and I've never met you - just follow along happily through the blog. And Digit the un-dead - can enough ever be said about the happiness of him being back? Reading your blog makes me happy!

Wow, time flies! Happy anniversary! I think this means you're due for another Canadian trip. Have you heard of a little city called Montreal?

Happy anniversary you two!

Haha, you're wife is funny. :) Bet you still see kittens when you look at them though.

Congratulations and happy anniversary, time flies when you're having fun!

I love the pic of sunbathing Miss Idaho.That's a great picture of the two of them and they look color coordinated. A sweet moment. :)

Has it really been two years already? Time DOES fly! Congratulations!

Happy anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary! Look at how beautiful you both looked on your wedding day! I hope you have many, many years filled with love and happiness together. :)

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! You two are an awesome couple.

I am smiling like crazy for you two. Congrats on everything, the two years of marriage, the year of kittens, the having of a wife who has hilarious comebacks, the awesome vacay, the re-Digitting. You rock!!

Aw, what an amazing two years! Here's to many more (perhaps a little less dramatic in the critter department, though--I'm not sure your readers can stand it).

Happy Anniversary!

How fast our kittens and puppies grow up!

Happy anniversary!

(I was astonished a couple of months ago to realize that my cat is now three years old...)

Wow! It really does go fast. Congratulations on your 2nd--I hope you have many, many more.

Two years? That's crazy!! I think the "happy" has a lot to do with it...

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Sounds like you had a great getaway!

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you both many more years worth of happiness and love!

Happy happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! (does everybody know Mandy or what? LOL [she knows my sister])

Congrats!! You look so happy!!

Happy anniversary! I had not remembered that Rabbitch was there. Too cool.

I just realized yesterday that part of our "beach vacation" plans this summer were for us to go up to Vancouver BC for a bit and meet up with Janice! Whee!

Happy Anniversary!!!!


Congratulations! It doesn't seem like two years.

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