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We haz a sad.April 26, 2008

The blog shall be silent for a little while as Chez Hehu has a big ole sad. Something important was taken away from someone we love (but someone you don't know, so we won't go into it), and it makes us very, very sad indeed. One of those life-isn't-fair moments, and I hate those. It's enough that it's true; must life remind us so often? It makes us not want to write very much. It makes us want to write with a Royal We, which we must not allow.

I'm headed south this week to take care of the little mama who's not feeling too well lately. So I'll be back in a week or so to say hello and perhaps show you a new sweater. Or not. I'm making it up as I go along and I'm not sure I understood how to do a neck steek. I might be knitting a pillow instead of a cardigan. We'll see.


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Sorry to hear about the sad, love.

Sometimes events around you, even if they don't happen directly to you, can change the way everything else looks and feels. It's almost like changing from one pair of glasses to another. I understand. Take your time and come back when you've got your happy shades on.

Oh noes, sweetiepies...

Dat sux. A big hug to you, and to little mama too.

I'm sorry about the sad. Take all the time you need. Hugs to everyone at Chez Hehu, and hope little mama is feeling better soon.

I'm sorry about the sad. Take all the time you need and hugs to all of you. I hope the happy comes back soon.

Go with grace. Our thoughts are with you.

I'm sorry that there is sadness and pain within your realm but it is so important that friends and family step it up and be with the person who is suffering and not just let time do the healing. It matters less what you do or say but more that you are there and listening and recognizing the suffering. How much it hurts and how significant was the loss.

Blessings, dear.
Hugs especially to the little mama...

Sending warm thoughts.

I'm sorry about the sad, too... the post title scared me at first. I'm glad everyone IN Chez Hehu is OK, but sad for the little mama, whomever she is.

Having lost someone recently too, I can only say that I wish you peace and comfort. Although we don't always understand it and maybe never will, know that many thoughts and prayers are with you.

Hugs to all.

Life is sad sometimes. Big hugs to you and to Little Mama.

i'm sorry about the sad


I'm sorry for your sad. Take care of yourselves.

I'm so sorry to hear about the sad. Pass on our feelings of care and support to those who need it. :(

Many warm hugs and tasty treats to you and yours, when all else fails, cuddle your doggers

Please take care of you and the Hehu family, for as long as you need. Down time is good and Know that you are missed. Sending a huggggggggggg to all.

Oh noes!

Sending you warm and comforting thoughts to share with those who need them.


There is a knit shop across from the mission. The sanctuary side. The gal who runs it is amazing. She can walk you through the steeks...which you will have to cut your own self. (Rite of passage).

Sorta like going thru the sads. You have to do a lot of it yourself. Peace to you and yours.

Good thoughts to you and to those around you who need them.

Rachael, I hope all will be ok for you and those you love. Sending you a hug.


very sorry - very sorry.

Sorry about your sad. Hope it gets better soon, if it can.

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