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Well, hello! April 23, 2008

What's shaking?

I'm not doing much besides writing and working. I'm working a lot, 60 hour work week, and I've probably put ten hours into writing already, and it's only Tuesday. Or Wednesday. I'm confused. I'm really into a new project, and I've been leaving work, going home, feeding the critters and sitting down to write some more at night. It ends up giving me about twenty minutes of down time, from 8:10 to 8:30pm, but I'm finding when you're doing what you love, that's all right.

I'm not quite sure what's lit this fire recently. But I'm riding the mixed-metaphor wave as far as it'll take me.

And to amuse you, your weekly dose of animals. We bought Clara a dog bed, since she is now Without Couch. She is too timid to use it much, though. It has been taken over.


And Digit just about killed me with this the other day. He does NOT go on top of the fridge. That's Adah's domain. She has her bed up there, and she loves it.

Adah is nonplussed.


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It must be that magical time of year (?) when all critters change their routines just to confuse us humans . . . our "kitten" has suddenly quit waking me up at 4am, and also doesn't demand laser mouse play during my breakfast. And the normally quiet big cat has started walking around the house at 11pm meowing at the top of her lungs.

Ahhhh Spring is here!

We have decorative wooden bowls on the loveseats in the livingroom because I can't teach the 100lb black lab to stay off.
It seems the only time I really feel like writing is when I'm smothered in some other project. Ride that wave.

What's shaking? We had an EARTHQUAKE on Friday! I wouldn't mind, but no-one told me they happen in the Midwest. I'd put it down to an act of Cat at the time...

Congrats on Dispatcher of the Year! You may say it doesn't mean much, but recognitions add up, or worse, the lack of even little recognitions can add up.
P.S. You are not alone in the dog cat bed phenomena, though our dog reclaims them periodically.

Hah! Digit in a pink fluffy bed!

I think Adah needs some more blog time. It's not her fault she has such entertaining brothers!

And hey, if I ever had an emergency, you are exactly who I'd want on the other end of the phone helping me out.

The kittens slay me with their matching glowing eyes. Digit kills me, too. It's like all three of them are using the force. "This is not the bed you're looking for."

you've got energy? good.. use all of it while you've got it. The cats obviously are using it to new levels :) thanks for the warm fuzzies this morning. I hope you have a great day of writing ahead of you!!

Isn't it so funny when the big dogs defer to the little cats? When my Annie takes over Maggie's bed, Maggie just sits by it until we chase the cat off. Then she settles down. But she'll sit there so sad looking forever if we don't chase the cat off.

I was just blog hopping and came across yours. Your comments about 911 dispatching brought a smile to my face. I too was a 911 dispatcher (Portland OR), and I fondly remember the days of hand carding wool while working the phones. But now I am a sane person and work for myself.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Oh, poor little Adah! Digit stole her little bed!!!!!!!! My kitties do that kind of thing to each other, too.

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