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Back NorthMay 15, 2008

Oh, this is hard. It's hard, being back up north, so far from the little mama, who's still so sick. She's moving hospitals today and going in for a kidney biopsy.

But a girl's gotta work. I just feel so helpless. It's like watching out a plane window. I know I can't help steer the plane, can't tell the pilot if he's getting too close to another plane, but I still need to be there, at the window, watching. Just in case. I feel like I've been seated in the middle seat of a jumbo jet and I can't see out the window. Hate this feeling.

But oh, you darlings. I've received the BEST EMAILS this week. I feel such support, and love, and prayers. (I told Mom about the prayers coming in for her, from all around the world, and her face was surprised, and then she beamed. It was gorgeous.) Each email is like food to my soul, and even if I don't respond, know that I am incredibly moved by everything you've all shared with me this week.

I am so lucky to have so much support. I love my job. For many, many reasons, I love my job. They support me so much. From my bosses and management, to my peers (I got good, big bear hugs from coworkers and management alike today), to my friends (that's YOU!), it makes this time easier.

And because you're so good, I'll reward you with a sneak peek at the Little Mama sweater I finished at her bedside this week:

Es compleeet! More pics soon. Or kinda soon. When I can. You understand.


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THAT was your hospital knitting?? You are truly a knitting phenomenon. I could never work on something that fabulously complicated in a hospital setting. For me, hospitals are for basic socks, stockinette anything, and catnip mice. I did manage feather and fan while my mother was "in," but that's only because I have done so much of it I can do it on autopilot.

Thoughts and prayers for your mom - comments were closed the other day before I had a chance to add mine.

I'm so danged sorry that your momma is going through this. I'm sending love and positive thoughts.

Hospitals are great for getting the knitting done. Even though it sucks to have to be there at all. I know that helpless feeling all too well. BTDT. Unfortunately nothing and no one lasts forever, but shared love does live forever. Mamacita's love will always be part of you. Sending beams of love and prayers for both of you and for Lala too!

I'm sorry to hear your Little Mama was doing poorly, but be glad that you were able to be with her for even a little while. My mom is having problems and she is three thousand miles away - it's tough being apart, no matter how far it is.

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