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BART!May 16, 2008

Is ready!



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haha look at that big ol' bully head! I want to hugs it!

I must be psychic -- I was thinking about Bart this morning. I really hope he gets a happy home.

Sending positive thoughts and prayer out to the little mama and you and your family.

How your heart must zing when you see this photo of Bart! What a sweetheart.

That is AWESOME! I hope he gets the best home ever.

That just made me cry!

Awwwwww, look at the little fellah. Adorable.... Makes me wish I had a yard.

Thinking of you and your family, and wishing the little mama a speedy return to health.

oh! what a sweetie! I'm so glad he found you and here's to a wonderful future home.

Yay Bart! What a looker he turned into. I love me the Pits.

What a handsome boy. That nose needs a kiss.

I was just thinking we needed a Bart update! I luvs him! May the good deed ya'll did come back to you both in mucho good karma

Lala, you are a hero....

HOORAY! He looks SO good!

Can I just say that y'all are kind of heroes to me? :)

I love stories with happy endings. It makes me remember the world isn't such an awful place - sometimes, it's downright great.

Most excellent!

Good for Bart! Look how handsome he is!

I think I just felt my heart swell up to the size of a canteloupe. All I can feel from that photo love and life. Thanks-my day is now wonderful!

Aw, jeepers. Warms the cockles of my heart. I needed some positive news today! Thank you and bless them and him.

Bart's a Miracle Pet! Yay!

Yeeehaaa! Go Bart! I hope you find the bestest home ever.

Went away for a week and wow, so much news and I missed the comment kerfuffle.
Bart looks great, so happy to see, got a little misty when I read his Find-A-Pet page.
So sorry to hear Little Mama is not well. I am sending warm wishes for speedy recovery and comfort.
Congratulations on your latest engagement!!! and to California!

Well... I see the Bart-man has learned how to play! Okay, I'm back. ;D

To say he looks better is the grossest of understatements - he's a miracle. Good boy, Bart - have a wonderful life.

You know, Rachael, between you and Lala, animals just plain ol' Come Back From the Dead! You two have the Touch!

Oh look at that handsome goofy boy!! That is so awesome - I am thrilled at how this whole thing turned out. He better find the best home any dog could possibly have - I hope they are people who will send you updates on his life. :)

Oh, the difference between the before and after pictures just makes me get all choked up! I had to politely dab my eyes so no one at work would know!

He looks AB-FAB!!

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