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Cough. May 17, 2008

What a weird word that is. That's not what I sound like. No sissy little coff for me. No, I sound more like *QKOOOOH quuuoooohh quuuooohhhh. Pft."

I have read the whole internets. All of them. And there is nothing left of Ravelry for me to discover. Why aren't you writing more? I should comment more, but instead I find myself playing card games, a surefire way of knowing I'm sick. Not like the constant coughing and fever wouldn't tell me. I just HAD the flu. This is ridiculous.

And man, am I bummed. I was hoping to go to take care of the little mama tomorrow on my weekend, but I'm too sick to go. I wouldn't dare expose her to this. I feel like I'm letting her down. (She's doing a tiny bit better, but is still in the hospital with no date for release yet.....) Bethany, who was with me last week, is sick, too. Whatever germs that hospital had were doozies, knocked us on our asses. Christy is going down tomorrow, so there will be one daughter with her, which is good since Dad has to leave town for a couple of days, but I wish I were going to be there, too. Blast it.

Heat wave here. I've been at work during all daylight hours (and quite a few of the night hours, too), so I wouldn't know about the heat, but Lala sent me a picture of Our Cat Digit today in which you can almost see the heat waves rising:

    We do not do heat.

Edited to add: I was just preparing to play another computer card game. I found myself staring at the screen. I don't remember how to play this. How do I start? Then I realized I was staring at the calculator.


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Sorry to hear about your mom, Rachael. I hope she is on the mend. Congrats on being able to get married in California. It's about time!

Digit's lookin' awesome.

Take care.

It has been wicked hot here. It was 91 already at 2pm, and one source says our high today was 98.6 but I suspect it was probably a few degrees less than that. Either way? Scorcher!

I don't have the cuahf cuafh you do, but I found myself staring vaguely at the computer earlier today wondering what I was doing and having no idea how I got there...doozy of a sinus infection that I am fighting...

I hope you feel better soon. I have to convince my body that the 2 hour nap I had earlier is no justification for my still being up...especially if I'm trying to get better...

Yeah, that calculator game is a bitch... especially when you're coughing your guts out. Hope you all don't melt. Feel better, young lady, and give my best wishes to your mom, 'kay?

Aw, handsome Digit is hoping you will spend some time in bed with him.

He really has such an intense gaze...

Hon, I am so sorry you got sick after all. Hospitals suck like that. Feel better soon, and tell me if you crack the calculator game.

(A few days ago my brother emailed to get my phone number(s) and I spent more time than I should have trying to remember my land line. I don't have a land line.)

Hope you and your mama are both feeling better -- how ironic that hospitals can make you sick! I just found that out the hard way.

Damned flu. You too? It's going around again. Yesterday was the first day since last weekend that I didn't have a fever. Ugh.

So. Did you beat the calculator? :)

I hear you, I found myself staring the google search screen unable to remember what I was going to do...I've been sick all week also and had a sick cat and dogs that won't eat anything...and its going to be really hot this week in West Texas.
wishing you a speedy recovery so you can be with your mum and best wishes to her too :)!
Digit da man! So hot kitteh!

I hope this germ leaves you very soon.

I hope you feel better soon. I've heard that Vicks on the soles of your feet (then socks, sacrificial socks) helps to reduce night-time coughing. Best wishes for your mom.

You are absolutely right. Hospitals breed nasty germs. I sometimes wonder how the nurses and doctors keep from being sick all the time. Take care of yourself and get well quick!

That bit about the calculator made me giggle. Hope you feel better soon. ~x~

I heard from a friend it was 97 degrees in SF the other day. Crazy. You all must have stole our Texas weather. :)

Feel better.

Hope you and little mama are feeling better soon!

And if you get tired of computer card games, there are cute animals games to be played on the internets:


Working in a hospital, I can assure you that germs found within are of the Industrial Strength Variety.
Feel better soon!!

I hope you are better soon. And I hope the heat ends soon.

Hospital germs are the WORST.

Not you too?! My girlfriend and I both have one hell of a cold going on at the moment. Friday and Saturday it reduced us to lying on the sofa together going "It's your turn to make tea", "No, it's your turn...".

I'm guessing it's not the same germs though. Feel well soon. And if you find any good games with the calculator let us know!

Yuck - that doesn't sound like fun at all. I've been a neglectful blogger lately; I promise I'll post something today for you to read ;)

Hah, the calculator part made me laugh! I could totally see myself doin' that!

Ooh, Calculator! My favorite game! ;^)

I know you feel bad about not being there for your Mom, but you are most definitely absolutely completely making the right decision.
Does she have laptop type access? Is she well enough to use email? Maybe you can write her... keep in touch *and* you get more mail!
I hope you feel better soon!

I hope you feel better soon! I was so sorry to read about your Mom and I wish her and you the best. Hugs to you.

Oh, yuck! I'm so sorry that you're feeling so lousy...I will start sending all of your family members "get well" thoughts! Take good care of yourself...

omg, that calculator comment cracked me up!

get better soon - both you and little mama.

Oh, dear.

(BTW, I'm freezing.)

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