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Digit Would Like You To KnowMay 23, 2008


That is all.


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Thanks, Digit. I'll keep that in mind.

Ahh, the mouth that roared...

Oh Digit, you're killing me with your din-dins fish breath! Stop it!

Whoa! Ferocious!

Mr. Darcy would like to reply to Digit.


Holy Cow!! it's no wonder he's Top Cat - he's got teeth like a rattlesnake!

oah, YES...heheh. Outta the fangs, er, mouths of furry beasts. still sending many hugs to you, lala, the family and especially little mama.

Dear Digit:

Sometimes, each of us must remind the world who we truly are.

Give them hell, friend.

Good kitty.

Fondest Regards,

Aiiiiieeeee! Gaping jaws of death!!

Good GOD with a set of teeth like that, anything Digit would like, I'll do. Yikes!

Aiiiiieeeee! Gaping jaws of death!!

Thanks, Digi-man. I totally caught that yawn and just realized it's *tomorrow*. Off to bed for this chatty monkey. b'have, y'all.

We love you, Digit, take care of your human females!

that's easy for HIM to say!

Didge - I hear you.

that's how I feel right now! Heh.

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