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Drumroll, PleaseMay 30, 2008

And the winner of the AIDS Lifecycle Sock Raffle is......


Which is great, because she has ridden the AIDS Lifecycle before! She was one of the first people to really get a chance to tell Lala about what the ride would be like, and I know she was one of the first people to help Lala believe she'll be able to make it. So she deserves a nice pair of hand-knit socks. (I'm sorry if you wanted to win and didn't.... everyone deserves nice pairs of hand-knit socks. Next time?)

But you people! Lala's goal was $3,000, and she's almost to the $5,000 mark! Seriously! Is that AMAZING or what? Thank you, THANK you for all the knitterly, loving help. I'm so happy for her, and I'm so excited that she's almost on the road -- she'll be hitting the pedals bright and early Sunday morning. Her 40th birthday is on Monday, and she'll be doing the longest ride that day, more than a hundred miles from Santa Cruz to King City. I'll get to see her that night, barring any unforeseen circumstances, and I'll check her into a hotel for her birthday. A bath will be in order, I think. With epsom salts.

Me, I'm still with Mom. We took her home today, and the lovely Hospice helpers came this afternoon. Dad and we three girls are by her side. Just had a nice chicken dinner, and I'm making broth now. I can hear Christy and Bethany laughing in her room. It's good to be home. It's good that she's home.

(Have I told you how amazing you were in that last round of comments? We can feel the peace here. Thank you. All love to you.)


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What brings me peace, on the other side of the continent than you, is seeing the succession of postings: a desire to re-create your mother's sweater, a request to the the universe for support, and then your reflection on your sisters' laughter.

Thank you for sharing your peace with me, and I hope that your mother can feel it as I can.

What brings me peace, on the other side of the continent than you, is seeing the succession of postings: a desire to re-create your mother's sweater, a request to the the universe for support, and then your reflection on your sisters' laughter.

Thank you for sharing your peace with me, and I hope that your mother can feel it as I can.

It is very good that she's home. And that you're there. Hospice has helped my family several times; a hospital is not a good place for peace.

My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family right now. Special blessings to your mom. Hope Lala has a smooth and painless ride - just keep going Lala, You are doing it for a good cause.

I'm glad your mom is home. I've done in-home hospice care (as a nursing student) and in-hospital end-of-life care (as a nursing student and as a nurses' aide) and I have to say that people at home are almost always more peaceful and more comfortable as time goes on. I have also never met a hospice care worker who I thought was in the wrong profession. Those people are amazing, and I am in awe of them and what they do every day.

Blessings and Peace to you and your family.

Peace from Boston to you and your mom. And will be sending energizing thoughts to Lala tomorrow.

Hi Rachel,
I follow your blog pretty regularly. I haven't popped by for a while and then I read that your mom is sick. I am so sorry for you and your family and yet reading your postings tells me you've got the peace thing mostly figured out and it sounds like you have an amazing family circle as you all go on this difficult journey. Of course I will add you and your family to my "good thoughts" list. I truly hope you find continue to find joy and miracles through this difficult time.

I'm so glad you're all home; so much better than even the best hospital. Continuing to send peaceful thoughts your way.
And amazing news about the Lifecycle, too!

I'm so happy to hear your mom is home. I'm also really excited for Lala--the ride will be amazing!!

I missed out on commenting last time around...I will be dancing this afternoon in a show, with my hip-hop troupe, and for the first time my mother gets to come see me do it. (Last year she was supposed to come, but her mother, my Nanny, was ill and subseqently passed away.) So today's quite special for my own little mama, and I will be thinking of your Little Mama as I bust a move. Dude, I will so rock out for your mother. For mine, too.

Much love to you, sweetie.

Sending much love to you and the family, Rachael. And especially to Janette.

I love working as a hospice volunteer; I get to meet interesting people at a time when they most need company and caring. I am so glad the little mama is in good hands.

Still thinking of you and holding your Mom in my prayers.

Oh R. Sending you hugs and love and hugs. I hope I get to hug you in person in a few weeks. Your mama will be in my thoughts.

best of luck to lala!!

i'm thinking of you and your family and still sending positive vibes your way. take care.

Please send Lala best wishes for her adventure ... I'll be sending along good thoughts!

I'm glad your mama is home and you are there. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. And Lala, too.

So glad the mama's home, surrounded by people who obviously love her. Hope she continues to recuperate.

GOOD LUCK, Lala! Happy birthday!!

Ah, sweetie -- my heart hurts for you! But those hospice people? Angels on earth, all of them -- and some of them also have a wicked sense of humor, which everyone will appreciate.

Prayers for all of you!!

Congrats and a great big happy birthday wish to Lala. She sure knows how to bring in a b'day!

You take care of your sweet mamma, we're all thinking of you.

You and the Little Mamma have been in my thoughts all weekend. Peace and love vibes going your way.

PS I am in awe of the birthday girl.

Hand squeezes to you and your mom and dad, and Bethany and Christy, and more cowbell! to Lala.

Good luck and happy birthday to Lala.

I'm glad your mom is home and all her beautiful daughters are with her. I'm sending you all my good thoughts. Take care.

Sending you another dose of peace:


I don't see a place on Lala's blog to leave a comment, so, Happy Birthday Lala! 40 is great, I have been here for a few years.

Rachael, how are you doing? A prayers are continuing.

I'm thinking of you and your Little Mamma, Rachael. May that feeling of peace carry you through. Hugs to you and your family.

I'm so glad she's home with her family!

Good Luck, LALA!!!!!

I want to wish Lala a (belated) happy 40th birthday -- and good luck on the ride. Keep those wheels rolling -- you're doing great!

Glad to know that your Mama is at home. And surrounded by people who love her.

Give Lala my best wishes for a smooth and strong and zebra-less (or filled, whatever she prefers) ride. Go Lala!!!!!

Hospice workers are special angels on earth, I tell ya. I've been thinking about you, little mama, your sisters, and Lala, and wishing peace for all of you.

I'm also lovin' on my husband (who travels every week for work) as much as I can, and giving my doggers extra helpings of hugs and kisses.

And then I'm sending some extra hugs and kisses your way.


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