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PeaceMay 27, 2008

This is tough, yo. Mom's not doing well: possible multiple myeloma, pretty far along, or a flare-up of her sarcoidosis, but whatever mysterious ailment it is has her really sick. Heart, lung, kidney, stomach, blood sick. We're about six tranfusions in so far, and she's still, two weeks later, in the hospital.

She's the best little mama anyone ever had, and I really believe that. No one could be better.

We took her cat to her today in the hospital. With the blessing of the vet and the staff and a bill-of-health fax, we surprised her with Bailey. She liked that. But she worried what she'd do with a cat in the hospital until we assured her we'd take Bailey home for her, it was just a visit -- just give him a little pat now, Mom. He put his big paw on her little one. She liked that.

So if everyone who comes here thinks a good thought for her, a thought of peace, and tranquility, and more PEACE, we'd sure appreciate it. Just for a second, think a thought for Janette Herron. Thanks. My love to you. Now go give someone a kiss, or a hug, or a phone call. I mean it. Then tell me in comments what you did or are going to do (but mean it, really mean it). All that love being spread around the world in Mom's name. It has to do her good, right?

Peace. And health. But mostly peace.


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I've read your blog for years, but I don't think I've ever commented. I said a prayer for the little mama and have been thinking about her. It's 11 pm, so it's too late to call anyone. The only other person up in the house is my son, so I gave him a big hug and told him how very special he is to me and how lucky I am to have him in my life. Tomorrow, when more people are awake, I'll continue spreading the love in honor of your little mama. I promise.

Loads of peace and love to you and your mama!

Spreading the mama love in Idaho!


I am giving YOU a hug and telling that I am thinking peaceful thoughts for you, your mom and your family.

Another hug just for good measure.

i don't know if this is any help at all - but annie modesitt's husband had multiple myeloma - maybe, if that is what is happening with your mom, you might want to email her?

just a thought - her being a knitter and all.

big hug to you all

here is her blog


but you probably already know that - just in case

Oh, this post made me cry. I am sending lots of positive thoughts of peace and tranquility for your mom. And I just hugged my husband and told him how much I love him, and will wrangle the cat for some love and treats before bed tonight. And I'll keep on sending those waves of peace for her.

Aw sweetie. Been thinkin' about yomama the past two days. Got ahold of my Boyo today and he's in a funk. Guess I'll talk to him tomorrow, too. Come to think of it, I'll talk to my Girlie, too. And my mama. All in honor of yomama. Peace out.

I gave my kids an extra squeeze and kiss tonight and thought good thoughts for her.
Thinking only peaceful thoughts and wishes out to her.
I hope it does her, and you, some good.

Peace is what I hope for every day. Sending a bit of it your way.

So sorry sweetie - it sucks that this happens to anybody and sucks extra that it's happening in your life.

When we call home (that's up in the Indian Himalayas - we're in Oregon right now) I'm going to ask the Tibetan nuns on the mountains to do mantra for her peace and well-being, and, therefore, everyone's peace and well-being. I'll be doing it myself in the meantime. Hang in there.

So sorry sweetie - it sucks that this happens to anybody and sucks extra that it's happening in your life.

When we call home (that's up in the Indian Himalayas - we're in Oregon right now) I'm going to ask the Tibetan nuns on the mountains to do mantra for her peace and well-being, and, therefore, everyone's peace and well-being. I'll be doing it myself in the meantime. Hang in there.

hugs + positive thoughts your way..

Hi Rachael,

I have never written before but followed you for a LONG time! You bring a smile to my face, you are just that awesomesauce! :) I just sent out a prayer for the Little Mama, and loved on my tortie -cat, and will be giving more love to my Mom in a little bit. I'll be praying for you, and keep your chin up! *hugs*

Sending positive thoughts of peace and healing your way. My husband and I are going through some really tough spots right now - spots that have been eroding our closeness. Thank you for the reminder of what really counts. I'm off to hug him and suggest we look through our wedding album - a reminder of why we're sharing our lives.

Janette- I wish you comfort and peace. But mostly I want to tell you how much you are loved. By your family and beyond.

my boyfriend just went to bed so, i can't wake him with a hug or a kiss right now but, i made his lunch for tomorrow! my thoughts are out to you and your mom.

Love and peace to your mama, and so many hugs for you, my friend.

And now, to go snuggle in bed with my boys who are already asleep.

Aw Rachael, I'm definitely thinking of your mama and sending some good juju her way. I'm going to go hug my snoring beast of a hubby and give my mama a call in the morning (she's in FL, I'm not sure she'd appreciate a 3am phone call..). Much love to you and your mama.

Rachel - you and your mama have been in my thoughts since you first posted about her being in the hospital. It's never easy when someone you love is not well.

I know from recent experience that long distance love and prayers can help. I lost my older daughter in a car accident a month ago (just 3 weeks before her 22nd birthday, and 3.5 weeks from graduating from college with her bs in history). Her college (PLU in Tacoma Washington) allowed her to graduate with her class, her little sister accepted her diploma, and the entire graduating class (700 +) gave her a spontaneous standing ovation.

What has kept me going this last month has been the waves of love coming from all over the world from people that knew my little girl - her housemates, the kids she worked with at the Boys & Girls Club, friends and families that knew her, and even complete strangers.

You and your mama are in my prayers and thoughts, and if all our love can fix her, your little mama will be home in no time. Peace & best wishes to you both.

Peace. To you, to your little mama, to the people working with her in the hospital, to your sisters.

I stopped and told my guy how special he is to me. Love.

Rachael, consider it done. Prayers are already on their way upward. If I could call or hug my Mom, I would, but she's already upward so I'll go hug my cats instead, and send an innernets hug to you— {{{{hug}}}}

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes ( it is 10.30 GMT here) I have said a little prayer for your mum and tonight, when I get home I am going to thoroughly embarass mt 18 yo daughter by hugging her in front of her BF before they go to her senior prom and tell her how proud I am of her and that what ever her exam results we will still be proud of her ( she is predicted 3 A's and is due to go to uni to do a masters degree in Astrophysics - but even if she flunked the lot we would still be proud of her)
Hugs :-)

The only one handy right now is Murphy. I picked him up and hugged him for your mom, and send positive thoughts and energy.

Delurking in Brooklyn to send some some peaceful thoughts your and your mom's way...and then leaned over to snuggle with the husband. You guys are in my thoughts.

Prayers for your mom and for you.

I've prayed to ask that the spirituality that surrounds your Mom and you and your family, please embrace and support her and that God
will offer her peace. Light and comfort to you and to her.

I'll give Hannah a hug and kiss before she gets on the bus this morning. That's something I don't normally do, her being a prickly sort of teenager these days. I really hope the little mama improves soon. Hugs to YOU, too.

Lots of love and peace coming from VA, and when I call my family in Toronto today, lots of love and peace will be coming from there.

Take this time to lean on the people you love, that is what they are there for. Good thoughts and hugs

I'm here and I'm holding you and yours in my thoughts. Peace and love to you all.

Aw, what a great idea. I just tried to send some power and peace over the ocean and now I'm going to kiss my little son.

Since your first post about your mom's hospitalization, I've been sending warm, healing love-thoughts your way, at least once a day - every time I see your blog's name as I check in on my Bloglines account. And now, I've just finished holding my son really close, telling him just how much I love him before sending him off to the bus stop. Once I'm done with this, I'm going to crawl back into bed with my love n' snuggle him close, making sure I tell him that I love him very much before I drop back off to sleep.

I have been sending out prayers for your little mama since you wrote she was in the hospital. More thoughts of healing and peace for you and your family.

I will also be extra good to my own little 82 year old mama.

Sending you a hug. Thinking of peace for everyone, everyday.

Sending you a hug. Thinking of peace for everyone, everyday.

I just said a prayer for your mom and you. I'll give my big sister a call when I get in from my bike ride.


Oh, honey.

Love and peace and hugs to Little Mama, and you, and Lala, and all the four legged loved ones.

Hugs to you and your family sweetie. I'll be praying for your mama and taking some extra time to call mine on the phone tonight. Steve and I only know you from your blog, but we love you very much for your honesty and wit and only want good things for you. Take care of yourself.

Awwww, sweetie, that SUCKS. My thoughts are with you and your mama and Bailey, too.

As soon as it's a "reasonable hour", I'll be calling my mum and telling her I love her.

Also, big hugs your way, and gentle hugs to your mum.

I won't be seeing my gorgeous girlfriend until about 2am when she comes home. I was planning to squeak at her from my deep sleep, but I will do my damndest to wake up enough to give her a bit of a squish as well. I will also be warming up her teddy bear for her.

Fingers crossed for your Little Mama.

I've been arguing with my brother a bit - nothing too serious - but I phoned him just now to remind him that I still, and always, love him. And told him to pass it on too. Wishing peace for the Little Mama.


Oh, Rach, hugs to you and your family. I just said a little prayer for your mama, and I'm going to put her on every prayer list/good thoughts list I can think of.

hugshugshugshugs. you guys are in my thoughts.

Love to you, your mom, your family. I'll be sending thoughts of love and peace to you all. And when my kids get home from school today, I'll hug them and let them know how much richer my life is because they're in it. Same with my baby bro and youngest sis, who are going to be at my house later today also. In the meantime, before I put myself to bed for the "night", I'll lavish some extra attention on the two kitties of the house.

Thanks for the reminder that we should share the love and peace now, and always.

I'm so sorry this is happening to you and your family. One of my closest friends just went (is probably still going) though a very similar situation too. I'll make my phone call to him. I hope your mother begins to feel better.

My heart holds peace and blessings for your mother and your family. Now I'm going to go kiss my son.

Sending love and peaceful thoughts to you and your mom. I called my brother yesterday, who's going through a tough time and has been hard to talk to. But we did and I'm glad. I'm calling my son today to tell him I'd like to pay for him to come visit.


Hey R -

I'm thinking very good thoughts for your mom, you, the cat, your family and especially for her caregivers and doctors.

It's a rough road, and quite painful, but - having been there this year - there are unspeakable joys waiting, too. I know this sounds weird and flaky (I don't mean to sound that way) but so many things will transpire in the next few months that are unexpectedly beautiful.

Even in the worst crap, life is very beautiful. The tragedy is not in the loss of a life, but in the loss of a chance for a GOOD life. It sounds like your mom is having a good life, which is the best any of us will ever get!

Geeze, I sound like I belong in that monastery in the Himalayas...

If there's anything I can do for you (some yarn, a free pattern, a book) please let me know! Gerry and I are both thinking of you!!

A peaceful thought and a prayer too for your dear mother. God bless.

Oh, honey... best of luck with your momma. I'll send positive vibes her way. Hugs.

I am talking to my mom right now, and we both send all our love and hope.

Hugs to you, sweetie, and peace to you and your sweet little mama. It is so hard to see them so ill; they've taken care of us through so much, and now the roles are reversed. Lots of prayers and good thoughts for you all. Mwah.

Peace coming your way from Upstate New York...

Thank you for updating us, Rachel. I've had your mom on my mind and in my thoughts and prayers for many days now. Those of us who have been where you are now, I'm sure, are making special efforts to do so. Every time I see an update to your blog in my reader, I hope for news. Blessing on you and all your family.

Aw, honey. Hugs to all of you, especially your little mama. I'm calling my gramma right now.

I am hugging my kids extra tight today, thinking of you and your mama. I am keeping you both in my prayers. I wish I could give you a hug in person, but consider yourself cyber-hugged instead.

I'm so sorry to hear all this! I will continue thinking good thoughts for your mom. How cool that you got to bring in her kitty to see her! That's excellent.

I'm off to call my mom.

Lots of love and hugs.

Hi Rachael -

I am giving my fabulous assistant a big hug this morning because, well, she's fabulous and wonderful and I do love her. Tonight I'll give some hugs to the husband. Also, I know there is some amazing MM research going on right now. Please let me know if you need any referrals or access to journal articles (or translation of journal articles). I'd be happy to help out. soqueer at gmail dot com.

I called my mom -- just to send her a virtual hug.

My mom is dealing with cancer & sarcoidosis. It's not pretty. I texted my sons "Love Mom" & called hubby with the same thought.

Love and good wishes to you and yours.

Lisa C.

Crap! My dad has colon cancer, so I know what you're going through. I'm sending thoughts and prayers your mama's way, and virtual hugs to you.

How sweet that you could bring her cat in for a visit. Every little bit helps, right?

Thinking good thought for you and yours. Much love.

Having a parent in the hospital is the worst. I'm sending all the good thoughts I've got. AND I'm calling my mom. Promise.
Cause you're right.

I sat here, at my desk, and just thought, I thought healing thoughts for little mama, if you got your tough cookie attitude from her, I've got all the hope in the world.

I'll be thinking of you both.

Rachael, I can't ask Tibetan nuns to say a mantra for anybody, but I can send psychic vibes to Miss Idaho asking her to sit on your lap and lick your face. Good thoughts to the little mama, and to you and Lala and Bethany.

I am sending your Little Mama all the good thoughts I can squeeze out of myself and giant hugs to you and Lala and the furry kids.

I don't usually comment, but I thought this was worthy of coming out of lurkdom for. I said a little prayer for your mom and then gave my husband a hug and three kisses and told him how important he was to me. And then I said another little mama prayer, because moms are important.

First off, I am sending hugs and positive thoughts to you and your family...Second, I am going to call my fiance to tell her how much I love her...Third, I'm going to tell my friends today how much they mean to me...There's a lot of love that is being generated today with thoughts of you and your little mama! Take good care of yourself...

Peace and Love Rachel.

I called my Mom who is recovering from surgery in PA.

Hugs and love to you and your mom.

When I get home, I'm going to hug my girl ever so tight. She's five and a half months old, and has the sweetest smile you can imagine, so I'll ask her to send her loving smile towards your mom.

So very sorry that you are all going through this. You and she are in my thoughts.

I took a quiet moment at my desk this morning to send warm wishes of peace and health to your Mother, then thought about my Mother and how much I cherish her memory and miss her each day.

Tonight I will be extra sweet to my own little boy, give him hugs but not where his friend's can see and tease him, I'll let him watch cartoons, and he can have as much ice cream as he wants before bed.

I'm thinking of you.

Peace be with you Miss Rachel!

I am going to go home and hug my sister, niece, nephew and the animals. Then I may call my mom and dad just to tell them I love them. Peace is good.

I will light a candle tonight for you and your mama and I will ask the Mother of us all to hold each of you tenderly. I will hold my daughter today and remind her that she has been the Light of my life and when I am no longer with her, that Light will be with her always....
You are loved Rachel.....

My mom and dad are visiting this week, and I just stood up, went over to my dad, and gave him a hug. His smile in response meant the world to me--thank you for that, and best wishes to you and all your family. I'm sitting here thinking of me five years ago, ten days in critical, but I got to go home. I so much hope for that for your mom, too.

Oh, Rachael. I'm sending all kinds of peace, and love.

I said a prayer for her. May God grant her peace and tranquility and may He grant you peace and love in this difficult time.

My mom had two units of plasma and two units of whole blood last week becasue chemo shut down her bone marrow, so I know exactly where you are coming from. You and your mother and your whole family are in my thoughts.

I'll be giving my man a huge hug first thing when I get home from work!

Oh dear.
First I will cry a little. Then I will call my parents. I talked to my Mom this morning and I will talk to her again.
And I will call my sisters later. We always end with "I love you" and we mean it deeply and truly.
I will hug DH just a little longer and stronger tonight.
And I will, the whole time, be sending the powerful combined good feelings thus generated to your little mama.
And to you.

I don't comment very often (this is my second time) but I just wanted to wish your mum peace and tranquility. Now I'm off to give my hubby, son and daughter a hug and a kiss, and then ring my mum.

I wish I could do something tangible for you, but instead I'll give the J-Dog an extra kiss on the forehead and pick up the cat and squeeze him. Wish I could ship a casserole down to your family, or something.

I'm sending lots of good, warm thoughts to you and your mom. I'm so sorry you're going through this, but thanks for the reminder to remember those we love. Now, I'm going to go back to bed to snuggle with my sweetie, and later I'm going to call my mom.

Big virtual hugs to you and your mama. I'm off to send my hubby an out of the blue love-email. Thanks for the reminder.

Sending thoughts of peace and comfort for all of you. I hope the little mama has a better weekend.

Nobody here to cuddle right now, but I emailed a far-away friend to thank her for sending me little bits of home to keep the loneliness birds away.

Sending prayers for you and your Mom... I hugged our Boston Terrier Phoebe too.

I've been thinking about your little mama since you posted a while back. I was telling my husband about her the other day (he knows you as "the Oakland Knitter"). I will scoop up our cat and tell her how much I love her, and will hunt out Drew (on his way back from the post office) to do the same. I will say a prayer for your mom, too.

Wishing peace and love and comfort and rest x

More more hugs, just snuggled the Cutest Baby, er, Kid down for a nap and thought good things for your mama. I hope she's not in pain, and I hope she can see outside from her bed. Lots of love. xoe

Hugs to all.

I'm sending you and your mom all the peace that I can.

Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear this. We're sending lots of love and virtual hugs from Calgary. Hang in there baby.

Your Mom has a lovely daughter. My hug is for you. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us all. I look forward to seeing what you two are up to all the time and feel like I know you.

Peace and all that is needed for your Mom!

Peace and love to you and your momma. I'm calling my grandmother almost every day these days as all time with the ones we love is precious.

I'm definitely sending thoughts of peace your way, and out to little mama. My own mama is having a procedure done on her heart as I'm writing this. Reading all of the comments on here have made me feel so much more optimistic. Knowing there's so much good energy going on is promising.

Peace to you, and thanks for letting me see how positive things can be, even in trying times.

many good thoughts to your mom and to you.

Called my mom and dad. Also, did the crossword in cursive, in tribute to my beloved and much-missed Nana.

Sending much love and peace to you and your mom. Get better, Little Mama. Now I'm off to call mine...

Good thoughts and Reiki peace to you all from Minnesota!

Peace to you and your entire family from a lurker of many many years. I recall posts about your visits home, camping at the Strawberry festival, lots of loving family times...

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