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PeaceMay 27, 2008

This is tough, yo. Mom's not doing well: possible multiple myeloma, pretty far along, or a flare-up of her sarcoidosis, but whatever mysterious ailment it is has her really sick. Heart, lung, kidney, stomach, blood sick. We're about six tranfusions in so far, and she's still, two weeks later, in the hospital.

She's the best little mama anyone ever had, and I really believe that. No one could be better.

We took her cat to her today in the hospital. With the blessing of the vet and the staff and a bill-of-health fax, we surprised her with Bailey. She liked that. But she worried what she'd do with a cat in the hospital until we assured her we'd take Bailey home for her, it was just a visit -- just give him a little pat now, Mom. He put his big paw on her little one. She liked that.

So if everyone who comes here thinks a good thought for her, a thought of peace, and tranquility, and more PEACE, we'd sure appreciate it. Just for a second, think a thought for Janette Herron. Thanks. My love to you. Now go give someone a kiss, or a hug, or a phone call. I mean it. Then tell me in comments what you did or are going to do (but mean it, really mean it). All that love being spread around the world in Mom's name. It has to do her good, right?

Peace. And health. But mostly peace.


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Saying a prayer for your mama and giving mine a call...

Peace Love and Hugs! I'm off for a doggie kiss now :)
PS We got lots of rain and no lightning!

And peace for you and yours. I just popped over to give another big hug to my friend/coworker. We've been worrying about stuff, and we need a moment of hug. Thank you for prompting that.

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I'm thinking peace and love and good thoughts to you and yours tonight, and will go hug my friends at knit night and tell them how much I appreciate them, and when I get home I shall sneak into my little boy's room and give him a kiss and tell him again while he sleeps that he is the bestest thing in my world.

I thought of your mom and gave my two boys a kiss and a hug, cuz I figure that's like giving your mom's kid a hug from her. (That's you!)

I hope the best for all of you.

Promise to light a candle for you and little mama. Promise to ask that you be held tenderly by all who love you. Promise to hug my daughter today and remind her that she is the light of my life and when I am no longer here, that light will never diminish.....
you are loved....

I'm sending you & the little Mama a big hug. I'll keep you in my thoughts & prayers.

DEFINITELY sending peace and good wishes....

I've just loved heavily on my cat, my rats, and woken my other half up to tell him how lucky we are that we're both healthy. And then I hugged him.

Peace and love, baby....
you got it.
The nuns have your mama's name
and are praying without ceasing.
I'm holding the pups and KNITTING.

All the good vibes in the world for you and yours. I shared with you what was up with my Dad and, in a bit of good news, they adjusted his medications and, with a bit of time, he should be much better. Granted, that is still not great, but better is never a bad thing.

Bean had her Kindergarten "graduation" today and, in celebration, we are taking her to eat sushi tonight. Tobiko for everybody!

Seriously though, I do indeed have a feeling for what you are going through and I wish you much strength and much peace. Know that you are loved by many and let that help you. And let that help your mother in her time of need. All the best.

All the good vibes in the world for you and yours. I shared with you what was up with my Dad and, in a bit of good news, they adjusted his medications and, with a bit of time, he should be much better. Granted, that is still not great, but better is never a bad thing.

Bean had her Kindergarten "graduation" today and, in celebration, we are taking her to eat sushi tonight. Tobiko for everybody!

Seriously though, I do indeed have a feeling for what you are going through and I wish you much strength and much peace. Know that you are loved by many and let that help you. And let that help your mother in her time of need. All the best.

It's been a couple weeks since I talked to my mom -- I'll be calling her tonight.

Sending my best thoughts of peace to your mom, as well as you, your whole family, and all the other commenters whose stories and love have made me tear up.

Many peaceful and loving thoughts from Philly. My calico Hawthorne didn't appreciate the hug, but I'll go track down my "guy-guys" (big black cat and husband -- they love the snuggle) for more loves.

I am going to call my Mom this evening (she is the perfect Mom in this world for ME), and I will grab and hug my kids with all the love I am sure you feel for your little Mama.

May peace be in your hearts.

Sending loving thoughts to you, your mom, and your sisters.

And I think I might just call my parents - just to say 'hi' and 'I love you'.

I am a true believer in the power of positive energy and love directed at a needful person. So-first I kissed my Boston Terrier who was at my feet when I read your post.He licked my nose and gave a snuffle for your mom. Then I held hands with both my boys and we took a deep breath in and breathed out peace and presence of mind for you and your mom. Hang in-

Sending you and Janette and all the family my love and wishes for healing and peace. I just got off the phone with my mom and told her how much I love her and went and hugged my boyo and told him the same. I'll keep on sending love and peace, sweet pea...

You and your mama are in my thoughts.

I gave both of my daughters big hugs and am reading them extra-long bedtime stories tonight. If they want extra cuddles I'll say yes. I already called both my parents today, but I'm sending them some extra love too.

I'm sorry Rachael. Please take care. I'm gonna go hug my momma now.

It is being done today, will be done tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Blessings.

peace and well wishes to you and your mama..... blessings to you both.

I was lucky enough to have already told my family how much I love them today, so I sat down and wrote (and mailed!) a love letter to Pete Seeger with thoughts of your dear mom in my head. His biography was on PBS last night and I've not been able to stop thinking about him all day - I can't think of a better person to include on the healing-super-mama-love-chain-train. Take care, sweetheart. We're all thinking of you and your family, I hope you can feel us.

Oh honey honey I will fall asleep (with Wee C beside me and Little B on the floor) shortly praying for your little mama, I promise. Sending love, and peace, and strength ~ Mogs

Best wishes and positive thoughts are definitely being sent your way for your mother.
I am lucky enough to be able to talk to my mother daily, and I see her very frequently - we live two blocks apart.
She is coming to my office for lunch tomorrow, and I will definitely hug her.

Peace, love and white light...you got it.

xoxox to you and your mama.

Peace. I've pet the cats and will go smooch my special someone. Love to all of you out on the West Coast.

Many good thoughts and much white light to your mother. And to you.

love and peace to you and your mom.

sending love and healing to everyone who needs it.

Many, many powerballs (metaphysically of course!) of health and wellness have already been thrown in your mom's general direction!! I will continue, and they do reach the person they are intended for, now I have a name, even better!!! Talk to the good life cells and ask them to beat up the bad, I am really serious this works!! I did this with my own little mama.

Lots of love to little mama. Take care.

Saying prayers for your mom as I write this. Love and peace and (if it is to be) healing to her.

I'm kind of by myself right now (far from family, live alone, college is on hiatus so I'm the only one in my office) but I am going to make an extra effort to be nice to anyone I encounter today, even if all that means is holding back a little so someone waiting to pull out of a parking lot can get into the flow of traffic...

Peace and health to little mama. Yo.

My dad passed away in February. Since then, I've been wanting to everyone else's dads and wish them good and long, happy lives.

I'll add your mom to the mix.

Every good wish for peace and health and happiness I have is yours; also sending some love.

A *HUGE* hug to you and your Mom right now. I'm in tears reading this and wish that your family wasn't going through this. -I've been sending my Mom little emails, like notes, this morning and I'm going to send another telling her how important she is to me.

Your mom and your whole family are all in my prayers!

I am thinking peace for you and your family.

Sending you and your mother both lots of peaceful, loving thoughts. Yesterday I lit a yarzheit candle for my own mother, who's been gone for 6 years now -- and so, while I couldn't give her a hug in person, I embraced her as well as I could.

I don't have time right now to read the comments, but I stopped what I was doing and sent Reiki to your mom, whom I think of as Little Momma, and I will take my big old dog for a walk in her honour. Namaste.

i'm saying a little prayer to any and all higher powers listening for some peace in this world, then taking a deep breath and treating everyone i come into contact with today with the patience they deserve that i'm sometimes to impatient to give.

Hi Rachel- I was wondering how things were going with your mama- I'm sorry to hear it has been so difficult getting a diagnosis. I sent my love to my mama and we are both sending our love back to you and yours. Remember miracles and other good things can and do happen everyday. Peace and prayers- Sharon

My three little girls and I all send positive thoughts out to you and your mama. And I'm just about to call my mama and grandmama to tell them I love them...

Dear Rachael,

We've just been where you are. And we found peace. Wherever there is love, and your Little Mama is surrounded by it, there will be peace.

Much love, Grace

My mom is 88 and failing too. Every time I see her may be the last....It's a sad time, but a time to tell her how much she means to me. All I can do is be there but I feel she's happy to see me. Some times my sister and I sit in Mom's room; my sister quilts and I knit while we chat over Mom's bed. Mom doesn't have to make an effort, but she enjoys being part of the conversation.

Anyway I think it is good for all of us. Be good to yourself; this is a hard time and you're doing the best you can.

I wish you and your family all the best.

Peace to Janette Herron aka Little Mama. Peace to you. And Lala. And all the creatures in your care.

I'm gonna hug Cherise(right now, sleeping soundly on the couch as I close my eyes and think of your Mama and you) extra, extra tight tonight.

((((Rachel and Little Mama)))))
((((All of us everywhere))))

I would definitely love on my mother if I had her here with me still. I have been in your shoes and pray you will find peace. Instead, I will love on my husband and kids in your mother's name. God bless you both - just know that every minute is a gift for you appreciate in whatever way possible. I wish you many gifts.

De-lurking to say I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts.
Since it's the middle of the night here even the animals are asleep but as soon as they're awake they'll all be getting extra hugs.

Rachael -- Prayers for you and your mom, and thank you for the reminder to tell the ones I love that I do love them. I've spent the last 2 evenings calling brothers, sister, nieces, nephew, parents and grandmother to tell them; now it's time to do the same with Mr. Ken's family.
Peace be with you.

everyday, girl, sending positive thoughts your way for your momma.

Sending good thoughts to you and your mama. Hugs.

I am here far away in Germany thinking of you and your Mom. And am wrote an e-mail to a friend I don’t see and write very often. No kisses or hugs or phone calls here at work… Hope you both are getting better and find the peace you need!

Hi Rachael

I send a lot of positive and hopefully helpfull thought to you and your mom. I'll hug my best friend later

Hugs Eve

More prayers and good Mama thoughts coming your way, sweetie. What a good idea to take Bailey to see her! That probably made her feel better than all the medicine combined.
Keep us posted - we're all out here sending love and positive healing vibes to both you and your Mama.


I'm sending good thoughts and healing thoughts to your Mom and peaceful thoughts too for your family. I'll be sending along very encouraging and healing thoughts to my co-worker's daughter who is having surgery today. Pay it forward and the whole world will improve. Hugs.

I continue to pray for your entire family's wellbeing, Rachael. I hugged my daughter before I left for work and I kissed my husband as he dropped me off. They know they are loved and I know that I am, too.

I think you've started something huge, here. All this love floating around the world can't do anything but good for you Mum.

Blessings, Pet

My "little mama" has been gone a long time now, 18 years. My little papa too, more recently. I talk to them all the time, and believe it or not - they are still VERY good at looking out for me. For reals.

So I asked them to send peace to your little mama, and take away her fear, and surround her with comfort. Long distance blog-hugs to you.

Just checkin in, wanting you to know you're being thought of.

soft gentle thoughts
to you all-i have a site
make a child smile.org
kids who ever so sick
i send out cards etc
each month it helps me

I wish your mom much comfort and peace. She is so very fortunate to have you as her daughter.

Warm fuzzy thoughts of peace and health, but especially peace, being sent little mama's way right now! And I am going to go home and hug everything that gets in my path, starting with my husband and our cats, and quite possibly even the husband's manly man bandmates, when they come over for practice. And anyone else I can find. All hugs dedicated to little mama. :) What a great idea.

I am thinking of your mom and hoping all works out well. I teared up reading your post because my parents are so special to me and it is true we need to make sure we always tell those we love that we do and demonstrate in our acts.

I will make sure to give them a call and be sappy when I do.

I just called my friend's wife, he's having stomach reduction surgery as I type and I am sending healing, peaceful thoughts to him and your Little Mama as I type. Love to you and Lala as well.

I called The Mister back yesterday after being a bit snippish and made nice - told him I loved him and how much he meant to me.

Then last night I played with the newest addition to our family until she was too tired to get the kitten ya-yas and let her sleep in the snuggly down-comforter valley between us. She's a two month old long-haired gray tabby polydactyl that reminds me of Digit.

Much love and peace to y'all, and especially to your little mama.

I love you, Rachael. Soo soo much.

Rachel (and Lala): So very sorry the Little Mama is suffering. Said a prayer that everyone caring for her can be a conduit for the wonderful love and knowledge of the universe to come through to her and give her peace. I know Janine told you about Ryan. Janine and Elaine and Leslie and I and R's sister have her back - we're doin the love train down here big time - may it radiate out to you and yours.

Thoughts of peace and love for you and your mom. My kids are in bed, but I will give them extra long hugs and kisses tomorrow.

Thank you for the reminder about what's really important.

Peace and love to you and your little mama and the rest of the family.

Me? I called my mom, something I do more and more these days as she slowly slips away. And then gave my kids some extra love too, for good measure.

Oh, Rachael, lots of love, hugs and peace to you and your family. I'm saying a prayer for your sweet little mama now

Rachael, been away from bloglines for a bit so this is the first I'm hearing about your mom. Please know that your family is in my thoughts. Take care and give mom a bit hug from us all!

Your little mama is the best. Hang in there, all of you! I'll go hug Deedle and spend more time with my mother in honor of yours.

Sending healing thoughts to your mama and peace and love to you all. Hugs too.

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