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Spring Forward May 13, 2008


Love it! I do! It's based (very, very loosely) on Thrifty Knitter's Spring Forward Fall Back pattern. But I got a tighter gauge than her, so I recalculated the neck and just went from there.

Yarn: 2nd Time Cotton, Knit One Crochet Two (recycled from new textile waste). 180 yds per skein, I used two of each color.

I had fun taking the photos to show you.


Then Digit and I got in a little spat.


He always wins.


Blood was not drawn but it was not for lack of trying.

Luckily, there are plenty of docile animals running loose in the house to pick up and play with.


Miss Idaho is smaller than any of our cats! Tiny! Practically a cell phone!


Harriet likes the cuddling.


Clara firmly disapproves.


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Digit reacts like my cat (almost). My cat will pretend to be cuddly at first. :)

Oh my gosh. The look on your face when Digit is trying to kill you is hysterical!!!

I love the top. You always make your sweaters look so finished and professional. You're definitely an inspiration to me to keep trying!

You look absolutely adorable in these pictures - your hair, your sweater, your Digit. So. cute! mwah.

You and Digit could take that show on the road! (xoxo to you and yr lil mama)

Nice Rack ;)

Nice! I like the fit--it's very cute. My best to you and your mom.

Cute all around!

My Lana does that to me all the time, I've got constant scratches and cuts on my right hand... a passing observer would think that I self-harm, which I don't. Either that, or that I'm in fights all day. Which I also don't. But they're sweeties, cats, arent' they? Luuurve the sweater, looks great on you!! Hugs to your mum xxx

Tinier than a cell phone! You are too funny! You should sick Mr. Digit on that horrible person, although you wouldn't want him to get a disease. How do you spell "tiny-er," anyway?

If I was in the Bay Area, and I had to call 911, I would want YOU. Smooches from Buffalo.

Hey darlin! You look FAB! Love to you n La n the beasties n little mama! And stabbyness with knitting needles to Snarky E-mail Person!

Cute sweater.

I just have one question about your earlier post. Why do they make you work such long shifts? What purpose does it serve? Even a 12-hour shift seems too long, but it would make better sense to me than an 18-hour one.

Best wishes and good health to your momma.

Seriously cute sweater! And pet photos are always appreciated. :-)

My best to your mom!

I'm sorry to hear about your nasty post by that nasty person. They do not understand.
Just like all the nasty posts on SFGate about RN's when my union went on strike. They do not understand.
I wish your mother all the best in her recovery.
Love your photos. You look great in your sweater.

Hot, hot, hot! And so good to read after the first post. It made me cry. I can't believe anyone would try to say things like that to you. I wouldn't want your job, I don't think I could do your job, even if i had guaranteed knitting time for 80% of it.

Kudos to you for what you do. And thank you for your knitting, writing and pet pictures. xo

Thoughts to you and your mom - awesome shots of Digit (my cat has a little bit of a crush, I can't read the blog when she's around or she crowds the screen!)-- and who ever wrote that email to you has way to much time on their hands - thank you for doing what you do, I know I wouldn't be able to do it!

Love the pic with Digit -- your face is hilarious!

And... nice rack.


Love the Digit attack! Love the border collie's WTF face! Love the sweater! Love you!

Hoping your little mama feels much better soon.

All I can say about the nasty poster is this: karma bites. Like Digit.

Very sweet sweater - and lovely auxiliary models, too!

(Also - Poop on the crocodile heads. And SO glad to hear your mom is out of ICU! Sending healing thoughts out into the universe....)

Aww, Digit! I can't help it, I love cats like that--Fred hates to cuddle and will just gnaw on my hand if I let him, but I love the silly cat anyway.

The sweater looks great too!

Just read two days worth. Rachel, you are a knitting, 911 dispatching marvel. If I ever have to call, I hope I get you, and if I dont, I hope that you are happily knitting, happy dispatchers are GREAT dispatchers.
To all the bureaucrats who think you should be counting paperclips in your spare time, I piss in their beer......Prayers and hugs on the life is NOT fair front.

Love the new sweater! Please blog, at some point, how you get those great pics. I can't even manage the pic-of-myself-in-the-mirror ones!

Hope your mom continues to improve. I'm glad my taxes support your good work. Take care, sweetie.

Just wanted to chime in, too, with the well wishes for the little mama, and the unwell wishes for bean counters. Also? "A good rack in a tight sweater" doesn't quite capture the *entire* awesomeness of that sweater. I'd seen the original and it wasn't really my thing, so I kind of passed on it - when I saw yours just now, I was all, "Hot crap, that MUST go in my queue," clicked over to the original, and almost couldn't believe they were related. The original's cool, don't get me wrong, but I love your inspired version.

That's a lovely sweater. Verrry pretty!

You have pretty eyes.

Ha! I love the sweater. the candid pet shots are great. Way to capture personality!

Soooo cute.
Now I want one.
And a dog. :(

That's a fabulous sweater!

I've just added you to my rss feed: and I'm glad your Mum's improving.


Nice rack, babe. Nice sweater, too. (and nice kitty)Hoping and praying for Little Mama's quick recovery.

Geeze you look good - maybe you lost a bit 'o weight? Damn! You've been through 'nuff tonsil/flu/migraine stuff in the last year or so to take its toll. The unintentional weight loss diet. And very righteous post about your job. As obnoxious as getting that flame email was, it was great for all of us to read about your job, how hellish it can be and how amazing are the people like you that can DO this job and keep coming back every day. I admire you in a whole new way.

"Best defense is a good rack in a tight sweater"

Wowza, no kidding! Vavoom! Love the tortured pet shots ;)

Oh, cute sweater! :) I love the look in Clara's eyes... hee!

By the way, I am very grateful to have people like you on the other end of the line when needed.

Thank you for being there.

Hahaha! Fabulous post! Loved the animals helping you model, made me laugh out loud with glee!! Hope your Mum is on the mend andyou have something delicious to knit on :)

As usual the sweater is just about as cute as you are!

I'm just catching up after a really busy weekend - way to tell the evil emailer...kid - you TOTALLY ROCK!!!

Clara looks like she's thinking "OMGWTFBBQ?!?"

I can't help it--when you say "little mama" I think you mean Lala. :) Like a combination of "the little woman" and "my old lady."

Love the sweater, the animals and your adorable haircut. You make me want to cut my bangs again...

Perhaps if you'd made the sweater *for* Digi -- uhm, no. Maybe Waylon ad Willie would be more willing spokescats? The sweater is amazing, love the color combo. Big get-well wishes to your mom!

Oh gaawd, you're just so damn cute...

Too cute!

Great sweater, great colors!

And btw, BRAVO on yesterday's post. I used to work for council services when I lived on Maui and we had some uptights get their anus' in a bunch when we had a Halloween party during our LUNCH HOUR screaming about us wasting their tax money. So, I'm with ya (on a much lower level, because geez, I don't work an 18 hour day, so GO YOU!). :-)

"a good rack in a tight sweater", indeed! vavoom!! Lala is lucky. hope your mom's doing better today.

Cute sweater! I love how it turned out.

I love your rant on the last post. I back you 100%.

I hope your mama gets to feeling better right quick!

first of all, BLESS people like you who CARE and can do the job of a 911 dispatcher, I don't think I'd have the guts and I HONOR those that do..it takes very special brave people indeed! and THANK YOU for helping those in need!!! second, LOVE the new sweater and still loving your bangs and haircolor... :)

oh and ok, the comment about Miss Idaho being as small as a cell phone really made me laugh, I love and really appreciate your sense of humor!

Your sweaters are beautiful. You are a very talented knitter, obviously, and you are able to complete projects quickly. So why don't you sell your sweaters from your website, and then eventually have a website/online store(no rent) for selling your sweaters,and then perhaps a real store as well in the SF area. YOU CAN MAKE A FORTUNE. Start with one or two sweaters. And see what happens. People love handmade sweaters. And sell them for A LOT of money. Labor + Wool + shipping + $100. Do it. It will work out.

Sell your sweaters on line. You'll make a fortune.

You look great in that sweater!

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