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SundayMay 11, 2008


We live at sea level. Lala sent me this picture. She rode there today, training. From sea level. I'm tired just thinking about it. I think I'll have another cup of coffee and sink deeper into my armchair.

Deep in some knitting. DEEP. Finished a sweater I haven't told you about, and I LOVE IT, but I'm not photographing it until I take a shower and put on lipstick, and since it's Sunday and La's on a training ride to Oregon or something, I'm in no hurry.

I steeked the MomRedux sweater yesterday. I just cut. Yep. I did. I plan to handstitch the armholes before I cut, but the front steek, I just cut. Just kept snipping. Not even a drink or a lie-down after, as EZ sagely recommends.

And it worked.

Now I want to knit more, so I will. Just wanted stop in and tell you about Pandora. Are you listening to Pandora? I've been listening off and on for more than a year, but I'm really into it now. It's what they call a Music Genome Project -- they analyze each song  (all songs, it seems like), break them apart and put them back together next to songs that are similar. You tell them your favorite song or artist, and they make (FOR FREE) a radio station just for you. You can give the thumbs-up to the songs you love, and thumbs-down for the ones you don't (and those won't replay). It is the BEST way to find new music, new artists that suit you to the ground and that you've never heard of.

Lala and I love it so much that we put an old laptop into our record cabinet, so we can pipe whichever station we're into that day all over the house. I'm now in my room, listening to a station she made, Blossom Dearie.

Ooh! They have a typepad connection I just found -- it's in my sidebar, to the left. Give it a listen. Click on one of my stations over there to try it out -- you might like the Y'allternate one if you're feeling rockin' folky, or Blossom Dearie, if you're feeling jazzy. The Electro Music Radio is what I listen to while writing the screenplay I'm working on, might not be the best one to sample, but go for it if you want to. You have to register to listen, but they have good privacy policies and don't spam or sell lists. Then just jump in and make your own stations!

(Lala just sent me this, from the TOP of Mount Diablo):



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Tell Lala she rocks! Though the whole "I just copied this sweater and then steeked it sober" thing makes you pretty studly, too. What a pair you make!

I found Pandora a year or so ago as well, via Juju Loves Polka Dots, I think. It's a great way to hear new stuff.

Your Lala made a Blossom Dearie station? You have the best wife ever.

She's smiling! All that climbing and she's still smiling. And breathing. A-mazing.

Oh, dear. Feeling a wee bit off today, and clicked over to check on the 'Lala's monkey is out of it's tree' bike riding gig, and *urp*... the view of the great beyond (there, behind her helmet) is just so amazing. I think I felt my ears pop just now.
Congrats on getting your steeks cut. The fact that you did it without chemical assistance (or even gin) is awesome. I'm maybe a little scared of you now, tough girl. Hope you had a fab Sunday. C

Ooh, those look like fun Pandora stations--thanks for sharing! (Also lovely views behind Lala...)

Yay for cutting! No fear!

My sister showed me Pandora a few weeks ago. So far I haven't gone much beyond putting together a station of 80's gay boy music.

I'm in awe. Really. Tell her. The view is amazing, but she's way mooore amazing! I ache just thinking about that ride. And I can't wait to see your new sweater xxx

Blossom Dearie! I love the song "I walk a little faster" I used it for my show. The Banana love scene.

Love to all animals and to La,

That is way high.

Yay for you for steeking fearlessly! Maybe you and I will become addicted. Fun!

Hi Rachael -

Lucia here, from Pandora. How cool that you and Lala enjoy Pandora and make stations for each other!
Thanks for listening.

And just so you know -- it's human musicians analyzing the music, not computers. ;) In fact, I'm pretty sure I heard one of our music analysts say they went to a Whoreshoes concert recently! Small world.

Take care, and let me know if you have any questions!


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