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The Day Just Got BrighterMay 15, 2008

Lala just called me and proposed.

Because we can get married in California, you know.

We'll probably wait till after the AIDS ride, though.

Oh, love is good. Love is really good.


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I just heard the news on MPR, and my first reaction was -I've got to comment on Rachel's blog!! And here is your post. I'm so happy for you and Lala, and I don't even know you! Anyway, there's at least one person here in the frozen north sending happy thoughts your way. Congrats!!!!!

Longtime reader, almost-never commenter: Happy day to both of you! (And to everyone else in California, all of whom are enriched by the ruling, whether they are gay or straight).

Longtime reader, almost-never commenter: Happy day to both of you! (And to everyone else in California, all of whom are enriched by the ruling, whether they are gay or straight).

I popped over to comment on your previous post when I saw this one. So now I will leave my congratulations as well as hugs!

A thousand congratulations!!!!
Love is love.
Lot's of pic's of the big day please!

Also, thinking of you and Little Mama. Been there. It's all about the love. Wives, husbands, family, friends. Cherish the love you have and the love you have to give.


Hurray!! Are you going to knit another pretty shawl??

YEA! Congrats! And Yeah California! it's about time!

Sometimes the right thing happens! Congratulations!

Just saw the same update in online news and thought of y'all. About time, huh?

oh, yay! That really is awesome news.

long-time lurker here... I am so happy for you guys - i just sat here and bawled.
Way to go CA!!


Mazel tov! That's so fabulous! I have goose bumps!

Just read the news here in India. Good. It's about time and yet another congrats!!!!

Woo hoo!!

Yup, it sure is, ain't it?

Just waiting for PA to get its act in gear over here...

Many congratulations!

I just read about this online and you and Lala were the first people I thought of.

So happy for you :-)

Being able to get married at home? Awesome. Congratulations!

I thought of you guys, and I thought of my friends Joe and Paul. They got married at SF City Hall, then had their marriage license brutally revoked after the ban took effect. They were heartbroken, but it didn't change their love for each other and their commitment to share their lives. I've been hoping for this day.

WooHoo!!!!! I'm was so happy to hear the news!



And many, many happy wishes!!!

Congratulations! I just heard the good news myself. I'm proud to be the first to comment on your entry!


My husband says congratulations, too. He was the one who told me about the California State Supreme Court's decision.


Love is wonderful! I saw the story online, and thought of you two and came straight here, of course, to make sure you'd read and posted about it. I'm so happy for you and Lala (but don't expect another wedding present ;)). Hugs all around.

I'm gonna be planning weddings all year!!! Congrats to you and Lala!

Sweet! I wish I had more time to read past the first couple of pages of that legal opinion.

Hey, Just saw the news on CBC and thought of you immediately, so had to come say how pleased I am for you.
Glad "we" in Canada could help earlier :-) but what a great thing for everyone where you live. Love in any form is good for everyone, so I'm glad to see it supported!
Best wishes from B.C.

Ditto everyone above - I saw this on Reddit and came right here.

Congratulations - another honeymoon!

Back to lurking.

I was driving when I heard the report on KQED, and I started to cry in joy for you both. How fantastic! Did you happen to catch the season finale of Brothers & Sisters on Sunday night? The two gay guys on the show had a commitment ceremony. Now they'll have a wedding :-). That's surely a first for primetime TV. Congrats! It's a great day for our state.

There is a frightening amount of fist-pumping going on in my dining room right now. I just read the news and then immediately ran over here to see if you'd posted about it yet (after the aforementioned fist-pumping, of course). Congratulations! Now if only the rest of the country will follow suit.

I just read the news--I'm SO happy for you both, for all the couples who can now get married!! YAY!

Oooh please let this mean you guys are gonna have another wedding. The last one was so fabulous I'd love to repeat the experience.

PS do you know what time the gals go on at El Rio on Saturday? Are you gonna be there?

Woo!! Congratulations! That's excellent news (both personal and political).

Congratulations!!! Alf mabrook! I'm so happy for your guys. :) That's really, really fantastic.

YAYYYY!!!! I thought of you guys as soon as I read the news this morning. I'm so happy for you! YAYAYAYAYAYYAY! :)

I'm so glad your state has finally seen the light. Here's hoping a whole load of others follow suit. Best wishes to all of your family.

As soon as I heard the news, I thought of you two! How wonderful!

Ohh, wonderful, wonderful!
I am so happy for you, and for so many others. Are you going to have wedding number 3? Why not, after all?

I have been thinking about you and your mother. Still am. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way(s).

I printed out your response to the emailer-who-shall-not-be-named and made my husband read it (he's a former trauma paramedic, also a fantastic musician, and someone who tolerates no BS). He rolled his eyes when I handed him a piece of paper from a blog (figuring it was about knitting) but at the end said "Right on!" and sends his support and 'been there, done that' solidarity. He especially liked the firefighter analogy. I'm an OB/GYN; I take my knitting on call. BTW, I get paid the same (salaried) no matter how little sleep I get or how many deliveries I do. But I knit when I'm waiting for someone to be ready to push, or in the middle of the night when there's a baby's heart rate tracing which bears watching; not clearly abnormal, so not enough to do a C-section, but enough that I don't want to go to bed and let the nurses watch it. So I stay up and watch and knit. I feel as though, as long as I'm watching over that baby (and knitting), nothing too bad can happen, because I'm right there.

yay! congrats!

Oh Rachael! Oh Lala! Congratulations! *swoon*

Yay! I heard they were going to rule today but hadn't heard an update until I saw your blog post. Frankly I'm surprised they had the courage to take a stand--and the right one at that. Maybe there is hope, eh?

Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news and a welcome sign of things to come. :)

Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news and a welcome sign of things to come. :)

Long-time reader, first time commenter...

Congratulations! Hopefully the rest of the country will follow suit. Being the legal geek that I am, I am especially pleased with the legal reasoning of the court's decision. A happy day!

It's party time! Love is definitely good :-)

I always said I was waiting to marry my man until gay marriage was legal in the state of California. I can now make good on my promise! Congratulations to you & Lala! Love is good.

Congrats! When I heard the story I thought of you. My wife and I married in Massachusetts almost 4 years ago. I'm pleased another state has made the right decision and joined Massachusetts.

Longtime admirer of your blog...
Two things...
1- Yay! I am so happy about the decision in Cali today!
2- My thoughts are with you and your mom. So glad to hear you have good support all around in this tough time.

Yay, yay, and yay! I've been reading the news stories and crying over the photos... so very cool. I'm hoping that if it does go to a vote this fall, the people of California will come out in support. After all, the world certainly didn't end here in Canada.

congrats! congrats! congrats! to you two, and to everyone affected by today's decision. it's a great day.

That's the best news I've heard today. It's nice when the legislature gets it right, and hurray for love.

Congrats to you two!

I hadn't heard the news...oh, how exciting! Congratulations!

Hey the first wedding was a blast, totally have a second ONE! Now you know all the stuff from the first one (ice buckets and the like). Or you could get married in the backyard 70s style and have a "theme" wedding - guests and all. See how excited I'm getting with the planning.


also-also; i wish lala took comments on her blog, cuz i've been reading from "the beginning" and she's friggin' HILARIOUS!!!!

Hooray for California!!!

Congrats! This is such awesome news! It's about time we make Marriage equal for all!

I saw it and I thought of you. It's good to get some happy news, too!

I heard this on the news during dinner and thought of you. This is very happy news indeed!

OMG Congrats you guys!!! That's so amazing, and what great news! Wow, I'm so happy for you!!

Lala is the most romantic wife ever, that is SO awesome and beautiful - and DAMN it's about TIME already - YAY CALIFORNIA!! c'mon now I hope the rest of the country woud just wake up and realize this is a consitutional right!!! my hubby and I got married 3 years ago in VT and had a JOP give us a civil blessing as we also did not want to get legally bound until there was equality for everyone in love to legally marry (we did end up making it legal but that's another story entirely) -but I can't wait for the day when it's NOT A BIG DEAL and we won't need to be so excited about rulings like today as it will be the NORM as it SHOULD BE!!! but then again, today is a milestone and should be celebrated! and ok - are you going to register for yarn as I would love to buy you a wedding gift :) lol!

Lala you made my day - and of course you too because you wrote about it here - ain't love grand ;)

And like so many others you were the first folks I thought of when I saw it on the news too

Hugs to you both.

What a wonderful thing to happen. Unfortunately, the Maryland legislature didn't step up to the plate this year, and legalize same-sex marriage. But, maybe this will help turn the tide!

Congratulations to you and Lala!!!

I heard it on the radio while I was driving and I was so proud of California.
Best wishes to you both!! (Can one be both married and engaged at the same time? Hmmm... very metaphysical...)

I guess like everybody else, I read the news and immediately came here. I can't imagine more wonderful news.

Oh happy, happy day. I also just heard about this and ran straight over to wish you joy.

(Aside: I wish Lala's blog allowed comments, cos I really, really enjoyed her last post about the motherfucking miles. Please tell her. She funny girl. You lucky girl. Her too, obv.)

Congratulations! I was so excited when I read the news on CNN yesterday (and believe me, I was staring at the computer screen all morning until the headlines came up)...I am just so thrilled for you! And I am now hoping more than ever that Illinois will catch up sometime soon, so I can propose to my lovely girlfriend! We're celebrating for you...:)

"Welcome and hooray!" says me in MA.


Yea!! Congratulations!!!

SWEEET! Hugs and kisses to you both, and long life and happiness in your marriage!

Ummm... You did accept, right? I mean, just checking... :-D

That's brilliant news.

You and Little Mama keep crossing my mind - many well wishes from here to all of your family.

Woohoo!!!! I am so excited for you two - this is an awesome moment in history! Here in Colorado, we are not that close (hello, anyone remember Amendment 2?)but maybe this will make it easier to move us along. One can hope. I would like to see my 2 dads get hitched too! Congrats!

I immediately thought of you! Best wishes.

I was so so sad to read about Lil Mama's troubles, and have her in my prayers. Glad you got some good news to balance it out. One thing I love about your blog is how you stay sane and positive despite the strife and struggles. You deserve the best. And Lil Mama has a wonderful family to look back on (despite the embarrassing critters they keep). A big hug your way -- Meli --

So does anyone know if California is going to recognize marriages from Canada and Massachusetts?
Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there are anti-gay-marriage groups already working hard on a ballot initiative to amend the California constitution to restrict marriages to hetero couples. This will be a big fight in November.

I love Lala's super-swift response!

when i heard the news, i thought of you immediately! yay for california. yay for you.

Thinking of you, sweetie, and of your mum...I've been railroaded by work so hadn't seen what was happening on your blog lately...but you know I'm on your side, in a very big way. Much love to you and Lala, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Congratulations! My brother and his husband will be getting married again, too, and their pic was in a lot of the papers and all over the internet! I'm so happy! Hooray for the Cal. Supreme Court for DOING THE RIGHT THING!

My BFF and her wife from Minnesota are probably coming out to get married, too. Woot!

Of equal importance -- all best wishes to your mom, and to all of you!

Yay, I'm so happy for y'all! Hopefully Georgia will follow suit (hey, hope springs eternal...)

I was thrilled to hear the news this morning - and delighted to hear your news now! Congratulations to you and your whole houseful.

CONGRATULATIONS!! I think I may be traveling to California for my sister-in-laws wedding as well. I hope so!! It will be wonderful to see her be able to be 'official'.

Congrats! Go for it!

This was the subject of my post today too. And I used Mildred Loving's press release to illustrate why I celebrate this day too.

Hurray!!! This is really thrilling - finally your marriage will be recognized by the very state you live in. That's just so right. It's wrong that it was ever any other way. I am thrilled for you both, all over again.

Awww! Congrats!

I was struck, Thursday, by how few partnered queer folk I am normally around. So congrats to those few of you who can actually do something after this ruling! The rest of us will wave little gay flags.

WHOO HOO! :) Do it in June when I'm there and I can come. lol

Also, your mommy is in my thoughts.

You and Lala were the very first couple I thought of when I heard the news!!!!!!

Big hugs and kisses to you both,

It's about time!

You're going to be the most married couple around pretty soon.

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