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The Mom SweaterMay 25, 2008

Finally, pictures!


The backstory: I grew up with a sweater just like this. My mom had it made for her in a small Norwegian town in the sixties. She wore it ALL the time while I was growing up. I've wanted to copy it for years, even took it home with me a couple of times, but always had to give it back when she nagged me to -- she was cold, and it was just sitting on my shelf. A couple of months ago, while I was home with her, I took it out and made about a billion notes. I ordered yarn, and then made it without the original in front of me, but it worked. It really worked! This is it! The only difference is that I left one peerie off the edge of the sleeves on accident and the button-band is worked horizontally instead of her crazy-ass vertical one.

I love it. I love it so much I think I might cast on for another one. That might be my comfort knitting (although I did throw some weird acrylic (how did it get into my house?) on the needles last night for a quick cardi -- desperate times, desperate measures).

Pattern: My own copy of mom's 60s Norwegian sweater.
Yarn: Jamieson's Spindrift, 11 balls Olive, 4 balls Natural White
Needles: US 2
Gauge: 6st/inch
Buttons: 11, pewter, bought at Stitches, can't remember vendor


Closer look! Hello! (That lipstick? Seriously? Wet'n'Wild, 508A. Can you believe it?)


Lala wanted to say hi.


Miss Idaho kept flying by and messing up the shot.

Mwah! I am off to wear it for fun times with dogs and La right NOW. 


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you.have.got.to.be.kidding.me. That is the most fabulous sweater I have ever seen! You rock!

The last two pictures are my favorites. Hi Lala! Hey, Miss Idaho!

The sweater--and YOU--are both gorgeous.

The sweater looks fabulous!

Wow!!!! Great job! You did that on just a few notes?!?!?! You're a knitting ROCK STAR!

That is an EXCELLENT sweater!

Also, how jealous am I that you can wear a wool sweater in late May? (answer: VERY).

Gorgeous sweater! Hilarious photos!

Haha, your wife is funny--I laughed out loud at the silly where's waldo/suess-esque popping out and had to click over to comment with the Miss Idaho shot--love her buggy face zooming by. Mommy's posing, chaos time!

Oh, uh, and great job on the sweater, it looks awesome! ;)

The sweater looks fabulous! Love the extras in your photo shoot, too...

A. May. Zing. Nothing else to say.

You are a knitting goddess - that is a fabulous sweater! Great pictures too - and I swear your Wet'n'Wild lipstick looks tons better than the Clinique I just gambled on.

You are so darned cute, but Miss Idaho...oh. my. god.

It is absolutely Fantabulous! I'm in awe of your sweater skills and reverse-engineering ability.

It's AWEsome. I had fun knitting a Norwegian sweater for a baby, I can't imagine making an adult size one. It's beautiful. I see you are knitting on through all crises - so very E.Z. :) Hugs.

Wow - Talk about comfort knitting! This should take the cake for 2008 for all knitters out there. I love the story - the color - the buttons and the pics. It looks great on you and I know you'll treasure it forever. Thanks for sharing such a great knitting story with us.

You ARE a wonder. Had I untaken something like that, I'm sure it would be left sitting around for my own daughter to finish!


Okay, the sweater is rockin' which is given because you made it but the fact that you just keep on posing as chaos happens around you.

That sweater is so great. Wow. It looks like a happy childhood sweater as if that makes any sense at all.

I'm really only commenting because the picture of Lala was so great and then the one with Miss Idaho made me laugh.

Beautiful sweater. I mean, really outstanding!

Acrylic has a place and it works for comfort knitting ANYTIME. :D

Funny little flying dog.

Beautiful! All of you, including the sweater...

I'm a sucker for a flying Miss Idaho, but the closer look shot is my favourite. YOU are a cutie-patootie. Gorgeous job on the sweater, too!

Wow, you made the pattern off an existing sweater?!? WOW! Totally cool. Nice job! It looks great on you, too.

Lala and Miss Idaho. Oh those crazy kids!

Fab job on the sweater - it's gorgeous!

Oh wow, you did an AWESOME job! You look fantastic in it, what a perfect staple sweater to add to your repertoire.

And the pics of Lala and Miss Idaho are cracking me up.

They still make Wet'n'Wild lipstick?!

Oh, right, the sweater ... is AMAZING. I love it. And it looks fabuloso on you. Love it!

p.s. It is a whole cowboy-boots calendar? Or just May? HiLARious.

Fabulous sweater! I simply love it and I understand why you wanted to have it!!! great work!

Wow, looks great and I love the pictures ;-))


Wow! I have to de-lurk just to say how beautiful that sweater is.

How jealous am I that your mum wore something like that all the time? My mum had this big floaty dress with some ties around the neck that she wore to put us to bed a lot when we were little. There is no way in hell I am copying it, no matter how much I love it for nostalgia!

The jumper is lovely, and it looks great on you.

The sweater?
Very. Very. Awesome.

Lala is so cute. And Miss Idaho. And of course you - always!

That sweater is absolutely beautiful. The fact that you made it from an existing sweater is even better - and that it came out just right. You should be proud of your accomplishment!

The sweater is gorgeous, but the "guest appearances" in the photos that really cracked me up!

!!! Sound of jaw dropping! xx

Beautiful!!!!!! You did an awesome job, and it looks fabulous on you!!

Wow! That's freaking amazing. You, are of course, a goddess!

I hope your momma is doing better and that the sight of you in her clone sweater will cheer her immensely.

OMG! you are amazing.

The sweater is fabulous! And the memories that go with it, too. You'll love wearing that for years and years.

The sweater is fabulous! And the memories that go with it, too. You'll love wearing that for years and years.

The sweater is fabulous! And the memories that go with it, too. You'll love wearing that for years and years.

Rad. My mom has a sweater like that too.
Vertical button bands are for suckers, so good for you for resisting it.
Et tu es tres belle, quelle glamour shot, madame. Baises!

Wow, that's amazing! You should totally write up the pattern and sell it. I'd buy it! It looks GREAT!!

I love your happy face in your blog photos. Love! And I love how Lala and the pets love to pop up in your photos, tee!

The sweater is so beautiful and I'm duly impressed that you simply copied your mom's sweater, your mom's favoritest sweater, and ta da! here you have your own new mom's sweater, too.

Hey there amazing one! The sweater is awesome, any chance you jotting the pattern down for those of us without the ability to look and knit? Like maybe on Ravelry? Love the pics!!!!

Holy cow, that sweater is AMAZING and it looks perfect on you! Fantastic!!

The sweater looks gorgeous and so do you...as usual!

just wanted to chime in. i love norgis and this is a cutie! good job on knitting it. its well done, beautiful!

that sweater looks fan-fucking-tastic but i have to say that i love those last two pictures. how did lala get sideways like that? ;)

Love the sweater! My mother learned to knit in Norway and we all had Norwegian sweaters growing up. I have a soft spot for them.

Love the cameos by Lala and Miss Idaho! Give them kisses for me.

It looks FANTASTIC! Congratulations on finishing an amazing project.

I am completely blown away by your knitting abilities. What an amazing accomplishment. Best best wishes for you and your mom.

The sweater is wonderful. You are wonderful. You are in my thoughts. Take care.

That is a beautiful sweater Rachael.

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