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Wednesday UpdateMay 21, 2008

Don't really know what to write about. Mom's still in the hospital, and they're still trying to figure out what's going on with her. We are sad. Sometimes my chest just hurts with all the sad and worry. You know? Even sadder, I had bronchitis this past weekend, so I couldn't go to see her this week, couldn't risk exposing her. I hated being so far away from her. But I rested as well as I know how, and now it's back to my work week. I'll get to go see her this weekend for at least three days, so that will be something.

So frustrating. I know they're doing all they can, but the wheels move so slowly, don't they? There are so many things in life we can cantrol. And so many we can't.

Meantime, though, here's a tiny dog on the floorboard of my car:


There could be one on your floorboard. You should check. They're easy to miss (Miss IDAHO, that is!).


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I think I'm in love with Miss IDAHO!!! Just want to scoop her up and take her home with me.

I think I'm in love with Miss IDAHO!!!

Your mom and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

I'm keeping your mom in my thoughts. I hope all goes well and she's able to go home soon.

Hang in Rachel. I'm sending lots of good thoughts for you and yours. Miss Idaho is adorable, I think pets make things so much better.

Rachael, I have been inexplicably sad this week, and I am not quite sure why. Missing my Boyo, I guess. Just remember to take care of yourself amidst all the difficulty. Your mama knows you love her. Give her hand a little squeeze for me.

Hope things start getting better soon. Sometimes it takes the doctors on House nearly the whole hour to figure out what the patient has. Not that your mom has crazy tv doctors, but, you know, sometimes it's harder to figure out what is going on. I'm sure she'll be better soon.

Ach, Rachael, I hope they find the trouble-causing agent soon and your mommy has a swift recovery. Being sick and unable to see her sucks, so I hope you guys get all better soon too.

She is checking the wiring behind your dash :) HUGS!

Ok, first: that is an exceptionally cute picture of Miss Idaho.

Second: ***HUGS*** (blarg, that doesn't even begin to cover it.)

Sending healing hugs your way... lots of thoughts and prayers for your mom too.

It sucks, and I wish there was something I could say to make it a bit better. Take care of yourself and we'll continue to send good energy to your momma.

what a tiny little sweetie. so sorry your mom isn't on the mend yet. we're thinking of all of you. xxoo

what a tiny little sweetie. so sorry your mom isn't on the mend yet. we're thinking of all of you. xxoo

Thinking of you and sending many warm fuzzies to get you through - although by the looks of that cuteness on the floorboard, you've already got a lot of 'fuzzies' =that are warm! Look at that puddum!! xo

Hey, I just checked, and there IS a tiny dog in my car, too! Whatever would I do without you to remind me about such things?
Sending you lots of extra hugs for the sadness and frustrations...

I've said it before but I'm saying it again. I *HEART* Miss Idaho!!

What a little cutie Miss Idaho is!

My thoughts are with you and your mom -- I know from experience how hard a situation like that is. All you can do is hope and pray and do what you can for her. (And giving Digit a hug wouldn't hurt...)

That whole situation just sucks. I've been there and it ain't no fun. You are all in my thoughts. It will be next weekend soon. Love you.

Rachel and I are thinking of your mama. Talked to Bethany in A.G. today and got the update. Please let us know if we can help up here or send anything down there. Love to all the family.

I am 'holding your mother in the light' as my hippy dippy friends would say.

I hope they find out what it is, and that it's not too serious.

Love to you and la and the beasts,

Your mom and family are in my prayers. V.

I hope that whatever they end up finding is making your mom sick is easily fixed. I'm sorry that you can't be there with her.

My, what a big pink tongue you have, Miss Idaho.

What a cutie.

hey girl, definitely sending good thoughts your way for your mom. I hope she improves over the weekend, and you get to have some good quality time with her. ((((virtual hugs)))

All I have is a bunch of tiny(hah)trash bits in my car. Thanks for the pics of Miss Idaho, she brightens my day. She always looks like she's smiling. Also love the other aminals, even crotchety Digit (hey, he deserves it, don't he?)

You, your mom an dthe rest of your family are in our prayers.

sending your mama lots of good vibes and healing energy and I hope they figure it out soon, and I hope they are at least pampering her in the hospital! And I double checked, there are no cute dogs in my car but there is an adorable one lounging on the couch and one on the bed ...both snoring with their tounges hanging out ! certainly furniture is for the dogs around here!

I know I don't speak up let alone type up much anymore (can we say feedreader lurker addict) but I wanted you to know that I am thinking good things for your Mom (and hope for a happy wedding for you and Lala- all praise the CA Supreme Court :))

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