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A DiscussionJune 28, 2008

I said, "What if we get married at the Oakland City Clerk's office? I saw a picture of Kira and Rachel's ceremony they had there yesterday, and there's a wedding-ring quilt hanging behind them. So it can't be all that sterile."

Lala said, "Sounds good."

"And then, what if we walk over to Baggy's? To have a drink-up after with all our friends? You know, nice and circular, the place where we had our first date....."

"That sounds great."


"I always have fun marrying you," she said.

No date set yet, but I'll keep you posted. Love is good stuff. Happy Pride.


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And happy, happy wedding to both of you guys! Whenever it may be.

I lurve Lala - she always says just the right things!!

Awwww...Lala rocks, and so do you. You two give this little lonely lesbian hope ;)

Yay for true Love! Congratulations indeed!

That is impossibly sweet.

Ain't love grand? Good for you guys. Almost makes me wish I had a reason to keep marrying my DH over and over. :)

Awesome! Then when someone asks if you're married, you can look all sophisticated and say THREE times. Watch out Zsazsa.

How happy am I for you that you get to marry such a wonderful partner THREE times?

Kisses to you all.

OK, if you guys do it, we'll do it too. Jane has been saying she thinks it's important politically, while I've been less sure, mainly about the mechanics of re-marrying when we're legally married already.

Hurrah for weddings!!!!

My hubby and I did it twice - once with the JP and once in church. Two anniversaries and twice the fun.

Keep us posted!!


I have to agree with Lala. I've enjoyed each of your weddings too. :o)

I was wondering if y'all would remarry here! How exciting. Congratulations. :)

Sounds good for any number of reasons. Have a great time and take plenty of pictures.

"I always have fun marrying you,"

That is the best line ever! I love it.

haha! That's a cute reply :o)

I love you both. I have a wedding ring quilt (top - unfinished) but if you'd want to borrow it, it's yours.


Happy tears for you now!


Would someone please get drunk for me, responsibly of course, to celebrate? Anyone? Mr. Beth is a recovering alcoholic so I just don't drink anymore either.

One of the good things coming out of all this kerfuffle about gay marriage is that you guys have a reason to renew your vows multiple times, which brings your commitment to each other to the forefront more often. We straight folk could do the same thing, but they would look at us as if we were mad :-).

Yay! So cute!

How fitting it was to read this today, my 3rd anniversary.....
We were married in the courthouse of the town in NJ where we lived, and then adjorned, with friends, to the nearby diner for our nuptial pancake breakfast.
Several of the others who atended considered it to be the Best Wedding Ever, and I concurred.
So I say GO FOR IT!! :-)

That's the sweetest response I've ever heard!

kevin and i have been married been twice. go for it soon!

Awww - that so sweet!

and with this quote, Lala again proves how she rocks the house: ""I always have fun marrying you," she said."

woah! :)

That was Rachel's and my third time getting married, and I think we're getting the hang of it. The other day at a party I was introduced as someone who was about to get married for the third time, then there was a long awkward pause before the introducer added "to the same person!" as an afterthought.
Incidentally, it's legal to get married again when you have a valid marriage as long as you're marrying the same person. Plus, you can wear your dress again (I hadn't put mine on in the four years since the last wedding).

Brava honey!

When we went to Martinez to get our marriage license, there was a couple who had just gotten married. One woman was in a tux and the other in a dress, and they looked totally over the moon about the whole thing. It's more about the love than the venue.

We had a commitment ceremony 22 years ago. When we got married last week, it was even better. Love rocks!

And for anyone to whom it applies, your domestic partnership remains intact as long as you marry the same person. Don't dissolve your DP! Some states that don't recognize the marriage will recognize the DP.

Best wishes to you and Lala. Enjoy the reaffirmation of your love.

words cannot describe the beauty of love and you two certainly have it - you are both so lucky to have each other! Let us all know when the wedding is and I will pop some champagne and toast you both here in Maryland!! Hey other readers, wouldn't it be fun to celebrate with them?- we could all raise a glass to celebrate them at a chosen time and later we can all tell Rachel the location we are in etc and Rachel and Lala can mark the locations on a big map so they can see where they are being celebrated around the world!!! ok, did I just come up with a cool idea? hugs!...xoxo

So cute!! and she plays the banjo! Definitely a keeper, better get her to the courthouse quick!

'I always have fun marrying you.' That is a funny comment. I thought, at this point, you had only been married once, Lala's comment makes it sound like it has happened several times. :)

"I always have fun marrying you." That is the best thing I've ever heard. Yay!!!!

i am so happy for the two of you that you now have the LEGAL option to be married in California! yay! LaLa is such a romantic and that was the sweetest thing ever that she said.

isn't it wonderful when you find your soul-mate?

That's so fantastic.

At one point, I was stressing out about our impending wedding, and did we want to do thisorthatorohmygod and Robb said to me "You know what I want?" And I said "What?" ready to flay him if it was something even remotely different than anything at all I'd already decided on.

Know what that guy said?

"To marry you."

Perspective is good. I'm very happy for both of you.

You are both unbearably cute. I love you guys!

YAY! That is so awesome - now for the rest of the country to catch on that love is love, no matter what!

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