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Digit's 1st ResurectiversaryJune 29, 2008

Digit is still alive.


Can you believe it's been a year, two days ago? First, he died. Then, three months later, I got schmittens. Then he came back from the dead. After that, there was a raffle that put him back together again.

This cat, he is still my man. My main squeeze. We still sleep paw-in-paw at night, or at least until 3am when he gets crotchety and wants to go on the front porch.

He still lives inside, you know. I determined I would try to keep him in as long as possible, but I didn't think he'd put up with it for very long. But honestly, I think during that long trip away from home and four months of walking home, he saw all the world he wanted to. He makes cursory breaks for freedom: a few nights ago, the night I got home from the memorial, I woke at 3am to the smell of smoke. I thought it was coming in from outside, from the fires up north, but I wasn't sure, so I checked the back yard. Then I stood in the open front door, thinking Digit was still behind me, and I sniffed for a few seconds. Yes, drift smoke, and oh, crap! Digit! I chased him, and then called for him, and he was gone. I went back to bed, bereft, thinking Digit was going to go follow Mom, his other person. Lala made me get up one more time to check for him (I found out later she only pushed it because she knew she would get up to look for him some more if I didn't, and she really didn't want to get up). I took the dry food onto the front sunporch, rattled the jar, and he came RUNNING inside. Big old faker. He wants to be inside. With us. Yep.

We were going to post that video up there with the tune of "I Will Always Love You," sung by Dolly. I was going to make some of it slow motion, maybe some of it fading to sepia. A long, longing look at the end. But the computer didn't cooperate. So imagine the song. Raise your lighter or your cellphone. And sing along.....



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Your dinette set is EXACTLY like the one I grew up with. Except ours was yellow. We had it until my mother wore the yellow off the table. Those chairs were the best!

g-d bless Digit!!!

Hearty hugs for your entire family - the furry and the not-so-furry.

Your Digit story gives me hope-my kitty ran away when we brought home a new puppy.

YEA Digit!!!!!!

YEA Digit!!!!!!

Digit's story remains one of my favorites :-)

After I read this post, I sat down with Othello and Macbeth and told them, as clearly as I could, what had happened with Digit, and how I love them every bit as much as Digit's owner loves him, and how it would be really nice if they could stop being brats for 5 freaking minutes.

Othello yawned in my face, and Macbeth started licking his butt.

::sigh:: cats.

Happy Resurectiversary Digit! That dining set is awesome!

I'm always happy to see that Digit, still very much alive.

If I ran away from home for months and battled coyotes and died and everything, when I came back I would just sit on the couch and knit and watch tv forever. So I know where Digit is coming from.

Digit looks great! It's a testament to your love and his fighting spirit.

And this video totally freaked out my cats who came to sniff the laptop...

Oh, yay Digit! Good to know he's still doing well.

I can't believe Digit is twelve years old, looking at him in the video. What an incredible recovery he's made. His story still makes me cry and cry like crazy. You're lucky lucky, girl, and so is he.

Oh, Digit. That's a lot of jumping for a crotchety old raised-from-the-dead cat. Lookin' good, fella. Lookin' good. xo

He looks great. Cheers, Digit!

I can't believe it's been a year since he came home. Thanks for the update - he's so fantastic!

Someday, he really is going to have to tell you how far away he got, and describe all his adventures while walking home. I'll bet it's an amazing story.

Hooray for Digit! So very alive and lively and lovely. Mwah!!!

Ah. Digit. If we get to your area sometime, I will have to see him in person (oh...and YOU, too, of course). It is so wonderful that he is with you...

Oh, you know how Digit's story always makes me cry!

But I'm sure it's true that he doesn't really want to live outside anymore - my Harley was feral for the first couple year of her life, living in a parking lot, and she has absolutely NO desire to go farther than the balcony....

Digit is such a courageous cat and instinctive fighter! You have narrated his rescue so movingly that he han become for us an heroic feline. You fully deserve his friendship and love.

So glad he's home and you all are living happily after....

Look at how spry he is! I'm very impressed. You would NEVER guess he is the same cat that staggered home last year!

I am so happy for you that he is doing so well. He might only have 8 lives left after his grand adventure, but I'm glad he's spending them with you.

Digit is de Super Hero Kitteh! Keep sucking air, your Awesomeness.

Loved that speech he gave for the csmera! Mrroww!

Sorry for the sucky typos above, but typing around cat butt is a leetle awkward. My Big Fat Baby sends purrrs for teh Digit. She thinks he's handsome!

Heh. Zeda (the dog) came running up to see where the strange kitteh sounds were coming from.

yay digit! I'm so glad he's still with you.

and I bet you love every crotchety minute with him! Mine is still an outdoor guy, but loves to snuggle when he thinks no one will see him. Cheers to Digit!

What a guy... and it's so cool to be able to hear his voice!

Oh, these pets of ours, they keep our hearts racing, eh? My dog ran away yesterday as I was packing up the car for our camping trip. Argh! Thankfully, a friend nabbed her right away, having recognized her wandering around. Sheesh, that dog!

I am glad Digit has been home with you for a year again. His story is remarkable.

Take good care of each other.

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