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Knockturn AlleyJune 5, 2008

My sister Christy's wizard rock (wrock) band Knockturn Alley will be playing at Linnaea's in San Luis Obispo this Saturday night. Great interview with them HERE, and it also has a picture  of them in which you just see the shadow-knitted Dark Mark scarf I made her. If you're local, you should go! They wrock.


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Recipe for Little Mama
3 or six of some skinned chicken thighs. Whack them a little with a frypan or rollingpin. Put in slow cooker.
Add two can of chicken broth.
Add a package of Knorr's Leek soup mix.
Whack up leeks in little coin sized slices. They are just oniony enough.
When it has cooked all day, scoop out the chicken and pour the broth and leeks into a saucepan; heat to boiling while you make matzo balls.
Drop the balls into the boiling broth, turn the heat down and cover for 20 minutes.

Leeks, chicken, 2 cans of broth, Knorr's Leek soup and a box of matzo balls.

Smells good, gentle on the tummy.

No matzo balls?
Rice is good. Vegetable/potato is good

Jiffy biscuit mix (use milk and lemon juice instead of water so they puff up and are fluffy).

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