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Cows! July 6, 2008



Still up north on the fires. Last night, my birthday, I went on a long drive. I didn't really what else to do. I'd had to change hotels, and the new one wasn't half as inspiriing as the old one -- the old one had a view, and this new one had.... well.... it didn't. Nor did it have the internets (no ANTM! Oh, no!), so I dropped my stuff and went out driving.

Oh, my. I went to Ferndale. It was gorgeous, much prettier than it looks above -- huge field with nothing in sight but an odd farmhouse or occasional Victorian. And cows. And sheep! Hooray! That low fog that was actively rolling in as I drove. It smelled so good, fresh mown grass, and hay, and sheep, and ocean.

I didn't stop, really, except to say hello to my friends the cows. I just drove. And it was amazing. I kept driving. I found a windy road that led out of town, and I followed my nose. About an hour later, just when I was thinking "oh, crap, I'll have to turn around and go back the way I came if I can remember what I did," I ran across the highway. Of course, I was all turned around and ended up going the wrong way on the highway and had to turn around, but around that kind of beauty, who cares?

That was a good birthday present. And everyone guarantees that when I get home, I get more birthdays treats! Sushi. I want sushi. Anyone have a sushi recommendation in Eureka? Mmm?


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I was thinking about you yesterday when they were talking about the fires on NPR. Ah-nold says thanks!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Sorry you had to spend it up north with cows instead of your sweet wife and friends and sushi, but perhaps you will be able to have a whole birthday month to make up for it!

Ferndale! How charming!

Many, many years ago, during my misspent year in Blue Lake (drive north to Arcata and turn left) there was a sushi place right on the main street of Eureka. I have NO idea if it's still there.

Other good places were the Larrupin Cafe (but it's way up in Trinidad) and a yummy little place in the basement of some place on the Arcata square.

Look for "sushi; eureka, ca" on the Chowhound boards. There actually were some suggestions, much to my surprise.

My brother gets home from Susanville today. Sounds like there wasn't much fun to be had!

Happy birthday! I'm sure you'd rather have spent it at home, but if you aren't going to be at home is there really a better place than Humbolt? My grandparents lived in Ferndale through most of my childhood and just seeing that picture brings that amazing smell of cows and hay and grass and ocean. It is a truly magical place. I'm so jealous and would give almost anything to be transported there right this minute.

Sushi in Eureka? Ummm... I love Eureka, but more for its earthy hippie food and great coffee shops than its sushi. I think you better stick with some of the local coldwater seafood prepared california style.
Those Lost COast cows have the best real estate. I've always thought that farm area looked just like Malibu, if Malibu was somehow completely devoid of all human habitation and covered with cold fog. Ah, delightful.
Also: happy birthday!

Last year I was in Texas and Cali working for StandUp For Kids. I was traveling with a dear friend of mine - also from Denmark. When ever we would get bored, homesick or just needed to unwind we would get in the car, get off the Interstate and then we just kept driving straight forward. "I wonder where we're going to end up if we just keep driving straight?" Of course sometimes the road would end and we would have to make a turn to either side - then we flipped a coin for either left or right and then kept going straight again until we only had half a tank of gas left - then we would turn around and go back - of course going straight lol It's very recommendable :o) You'll never know where you'll end up. A couple of great MP3 CD's with great road music and there's no better way to wind off :) Go drive straight!! And get some sushi ;o)

Happy belated birthday!!!!

How dare you even consider a luxury such as birthday sushi when you are supposed to be serving the Public good!!! If Government Employees are not living on thin gruel and sleeping on burlap sacks stuffed with hay and ideally infested with bedbugs, that's exactly the same as taking my money out of the bank accounts of Taxpaying Citizens!!! Which is exactly the same thing as drowning Baby Kittens!!! WHY DO YOU HATE THE KITTENS???

Happy birthday Rachael. I meant to post yesterday but apparently a shiny object distracted me before I hit post and I closed my browser and forgot I was in the midst of leaving you a comment. Anyways, I hope you get to come home soon. :)

Happy birthday!

Sushi in Eureka:

Hana Cafe near the north end of town. Nothing fancy, basic sushi and lots of rolls, but you can get them with brown rice -- yum.

Kyoto in Old Town used to be great, but it changed owners last year and I haven't been there since so can't vouch for the new chef.

If you care to venture to Arcata, Tomo is a solid Japanese restaurant. My husband and I actually had our first date there,...

Have a great stay in my old stomping grounds. And feel free to e-mail directly if you'd like any other suggestions!

Oh,... and great coffee can be found downtown at Has Beans, corner of 2nd and "I" streets. They're open ridiculously early, and they have a great baker onsite that makes some super tasty olallieberry scones and blueberry muffins. Enjoy!

Hi again, Rachael--
Serendipity! I was going to tell you to peek in at Ferndale, and you found it on your own! The moo cows look just like they did in the 70's...wow! I also liked the rainforest exploration time, which alas was not at all long enough!
THIS "concerned citizen" is so proud to know you, to count you as family, to say a hearty (and heartfelt) thank you for your part in fighting fires.

LOTSA luv,

Getting lost of a lonely highway seems like heaven to me!

Happy birthday! Nice cows. :-)

Happy birthday - I hope there was knitting.

Happy Birthday, Rachael!!

You're in a part of the country that's special for me -- though I haven't spent much time there. My mother-in-law lived in Ferndale for a while... I never knew her, but I love that place! It was to Arcata that I delivered Katie for her first semester of college, with many trips to Eureka to get her set up. Oh my.

You HAVE to go to Arcada and get ice cream at Bon Bonaire. You HAVE TO!

We lived in McKinleyville when we first got married. It was a great year. We spent weekends exploring the north coast and Ferndale was one of our favorites.

Also on the Arcada square is a breakfast place that is really good. Sunshine cafe? I can see the sign....green with a gold sun on it. Really good!

Ok, maybe instead of going to Monterey for a few days....We might have to go up there!

Kyoto gets my vote! Erik and his wife took over the restaurant last year after he had been a chef there for many years. Very yummy! It's on "F" st. They're open Tues-Sat and the place is pretty small, but you can almost always get a seat for 1 or 2 at the bar.
Samurai on 4th st is also a good bet for some Japanese fusion sushi and food-we love the Monkey Balls!
The Ritz in Old Town Eureka (corner of "F" and 3rd sts.) also has some decent sushi, as well as 3 Teppanyaki tables that are lots of fun with a group of friends. My son loves to watch them cook the food right in front of him!
That's all the good sushi I can vouch for...hope you enjoy your stay up here in my neck of the woods!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, honey!

Hope you're home soon, with your good work done.

(Me, too, but I'm not at the fire -- I'm in rain, in England. that's different.)

love love love

Happy birthday! Hope the cows helped you celebrate :)

I don't know if you're still up here in the north, but Tomo in Arcata is pretty good for sushi. If you're free Wednesday night though come to Mazotti's in Arcata for some knitting action. Hope you had some fun on the 4th - it was pretty foggy for the fireworks. If you go back to Ferndale, there's a nice yarnstore there too - Foggy Bottoms - on your right as you get into the commercial part of town.

Happy belated birthday! I know you know that there are so many more people in this world that are very glad you are here. Even though we've never met, I like to think I'm one of them! I hope you found some awesome sushi with the expectations of more to come when you're home. I'm glad you've been there to help with the fires as a dispatcher! I think we've had some pretty interesting sunsets here in CO from the smoke! They've been pretty but it's unfortunate to know what the source of them are. Moo!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hugs and kisses and love from Philly!

Hey, happy belated birthday. Mine was yesterday and I didn't want to do anything fancy so me and my daughter went out and climbed trees.

Somewhere on a video tape I have a recording of my grandparents singing Happy Birthday to me. I don't want to hear it but I'm glad it's there.

I'm glad that you aren't having to censor your blogging anymore. I'm glad that you got cows on your birthday too, I think it's a good omen. Plus you have birthday sushi coming. Yay.

Happy birthday!

I love drives like that. I have a memorable one on a late evening near the solstice through alfalfa fields in eastern Washington state - far enough north that even though it was almost 11 the sky still wasn't completely dark.

Nice cows.

Happy Birthday! I hope this year brings only good things for you.

Happy birthday, Rachael. The cows are wishing it to you, too. I hope it brings you some peace, some space, some time out of time, but that you are soon home among your loved ones.

I love the Victorian houses in Ferndale and Eureka. There is a gorgeous drive through Ferndale and out toward to coast through some beautiful country. You feel like you are going back in time. I recommend it if you have time.
And Happy Birthday!

Sorry to be late with Happy Birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday!
Big Hugs!
Lots of sushi!

Your cow photo made me smile.

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