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Curl Up And DyeJuly 12, 2008

Always been my favorite beauty salon name. I've seen about three of them in my life, and it kills me (HA!) every time.

I took a break today. It was well-deserved, my only break in the last 12 days of 12-hour shifts. All my work was caught up for a moment. My coworkers were working, but not on things I could help with. So I took a break. And I gotta say, I wish ALL breaks were like this one:

I hopped in my car and sped up the road. I'd heard there was a used bookstore on Main in Fortuna (Rainy Day Books), and I found it, in a small alley behind a candy shop. It was SO worth seeking out. It was the kind of bookstore I would open if I ever opened one. Pretty well-organized (VERY well-organized for a used bookstore), and an excellent selection. On one table I counted four of my favorite books sitting together, randomly. A very good sign. The owner was so sweet, maybe my age, pretty eyes. There was a windchime outside. I bought books. Life was so good.

I'd also heard there was a yarn shop in town. I looked up the address: no, that couldn't be it -- I drove that way every day to the dispatch center. I'd have seen it, right?


From the road, all I'd seen from the side was the Salon part. I never would have thought to strain my eyes to read the first part of the sign. Dude. Dude! Do you love it? That yellow sign is a big ad for Red Heart, and they had a Lion Brand neon sign to go with the salon neon that you can't see in that picture. I walked in, expecting the worst. And at first, I thought it would live up to my expectations. Miles of Red Heart. Miles of acrylic in the worst degree. Check. Yes. There it all was.

But then, another room. Another room full of the GOOD stuff. I didn't have time, and I didn't want to spend money, so I only got a skein of Trekking XXL, but I was so pleased and happy to be there. And at the back of the enormous shop, sure enough, there was another room full of women getting their hair done. How great would that be? While the color sets, you browse the shelves? Knit under the dryer? I think it's incredibly weird and very, very smart.

Then I was back to work, less than an hour gone. Messages were stacked to the ceiling, but it was worth it. Books and yarn. What more do I need? (Well, I need home. I need Lala. Sisters. Walks with dogs. But I go home on Tuesday after what will have been a 16-day deployment, including travel time, and MAN will I be happy to be there. And then I turn around and work 8 more 12-hour days in row. At the end of this, I will have worked 24 days in a row without a day off. And then a three-day weekend. Which will be the pajama-weekend to end ALL pajama weekends. Thus sayeth me.)

Edited to add: Right after I posted this, I walked into the bathroom to run a bath. I stood next to the hotel tub, turned on the tap, watched the water, then lifted the shower button the tap. And then I stood there, getting soaked by the showerhead, while the shower sprayed all over the room (of course the curtain was pulled back) while I tried to figure out what I'd done wrong and how I could fix it. I think I'm a little tired.


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That is just the best thing EVER. Stuff like that makes me so happy. I want to know who thought that up, how long it's been there, how business is, everything! What a wonderful world.

And thank you so much for what you are doing. It's hard work, but so very needed [as you know]. I hope your not-soon-enough pajama weekend is all kinds of awesome.

Bookstore & yarn shop diversions, plus travel time in under an hour: that was one great break!

Like Another Jenn said, thank you for all you do!

Hey- I was just there this morning at 11 to buy some Cascade 220...I must have missed you by a little bit! I'm glad you'll get to go home to your wife and family soon, but thanks for working hard while your up here in the Redwoods!

Ugghhh...you're! I hate it when I do that!

You're so tired you left your parentheses open! Anyone could come in there! A burglar! Anyone!

1. There's a place like that near here in west London: Jane's Wool Shop and Hairdresser. I haven't actually been there but I hear it is also Acrylic a Go Go.

2. Two of my own favourite hair salon names, both here in London, wonderful for their brutal honesty: "Spendloads Please" and "It Will Grow Back". No, I am not kidding. They exist.

PS. Lala, you FUNNY!

Maybe if you get a little more time you can meet Velma

She might have leads to very good yarn and is in Arcata.

that was a power break if ever i heard one!
2 of my patients' husbands just got sent down there to help with the firefighting this past week. wow. you all are amazing. glad you will get to
go home soon. hugs to you and all your fam..furry and non furries all.

Imagine the haircolour possibilities! "Yes, I'd like it mainly in this colourway, with some Malabrigo highlights..."

A pajama weekend is what you deserve, my darling.

That is so funny. I have always thought that was the best name.

You are killing me with "Curl Up and Dye". Killing me.


Deep in Aggieland, College Station, Texas,there was maybe still is, a fabric shop with a beauty "parlor" behind the fabrics. It was like walking into the 50's, turquoise vinyl and glodenrod and black vinyl tile floors. Beautiful fabrics too.

You definitely deserve a rest! On the wherethehellismatt.com site he had a photo of a salon in Norway (I think it was Norway): "You look fabulous! But what's with the hair?". Yes, the entire phrase (it was a long storefront).

Got the name a little bit wrong. It's "You're gorgeous, but what's with the hair". Still funny.

Got the name a little bit wrong. It's "You're gorgeous, but what's with the hair". Still funny.

Hang in there...that pajama weekend is coming soon. Be safe. That yarn shop...awesome!

*** W E L C O M E H O M E,

R A C H A E L !!! ***

I've never wanted to own a yarn shop, but this changes everything.

Oh man, I LOVE Generations! I went to college in Arcata, and now that I think of it, it was my first LYS. The friends I'd drag along always got a kick out of the yarn + collectible Barbies + hair-beautifying chemical smell combination.

What a find, that store! Nice!

A good skein of Trekking solves many ills.

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