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Home! July 17, 2008

Good things about being home:

1. Lala! She came home early last night from work, and we had time to take the dogs for a walk TOGETHER before I went to bed. Clara ran in and out of the creek, and Harriet jogged along, giving no evidence of her sixteen years. Miss Idaho was very small and quite fast.

2. Bed. Our own bed, with the fan in the window that blows right on me, all night, so that I get chilled and then I have to snuggle under the covers. I love that.

3. Gin-and-tonic. Well, that's not a Being Home thing, but it was a Last Night thing -- Lala brought home some tonic and made me one. Nothing better on a warm evening after dogs have been fed and walked.

4. Cats. Digit. Oh, we missed each other. There was much drool last night.

Bad things about being home:

There isn't one. Okay, if there HAD to be one, it's a phantom cat-smell (important hyphen placement there; it isn't a phantom-cat). It's in the kitchen, and we just can't find it. It's not strong, but I have an extremely strong sniffer, and it's making me crazy. Stupid little schimttens have been doing better since we've been using the Feliway and that super cat-litter, but I think we're missing a spot that needs to be cleaned. I freakin' hate that smell (just pee, no one knows how to spray, thank GOD). Lala ominously mentioned we might have to move the dryer to find it. Ack.

Another good thing: Tomatoes getting bigger. Oh, and a porch swing. Lots of yarn. Hardwood floors and bare feet. Yep.


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The phantom-cat is hurt that you didn't put him on the "good" list.

Ugh, I hate the phantom cat-smell. Altho the cat in question just hopped up on my lap all purring and rubbing my chin. I can't be mad, that and we finally found the spot and have taken care of it.

If you have a black light, at night turn out the lights in the room where there is the smell and turn on the black light.

The black light will find the source if it's from an animal bodily fluid ;-).

You can get a small hand held one at the pet store.

When I was pregnant, my bedroom smelled like dog piss, and I was the only one who smelled it. Now I don't smell it anymore, so I'm glad I didn't replace my entire bedroom carpet or anything, but damn was it annoying.

I sleep with the fan on, too. In winter, I sleep in a cold bedroom, so I can wear clothes and bundle up with lots of puffy blankets. I love blankets.

I'm glad you're home. Rest and enjoy.

Welcome home! Boy, there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed after being away.

We have a black light for stain-hunting purposes. Let me know if you want to borrow it. You may still have to move the dryer, though.

Oh, I HATE phantom cat-smell. I'm so glad (well, kind of) that someone else knows how sucky that is! Especially since, in our house, the cats are all on their last lives as far as Sandra is concerned. They've had such a rotten year with the pee on the furniture that's had to be replaced... I'm terrified to find anymore. Glad you're home, sweets. Isn't that the best feeling, not only coming home, but being SO HAPPY to be home?

Glad you're home. You are an amazing person, making a difference for countless lives. You MORE THAN deserve to sleep in your own bed!

If you mentioned before that you had a garden, I totally missed it. I started my very first veggie patch this spring. I have tons of tomatoes weighing my plants down and they just started turning red! I'm so excited!

Well done on avoiding the pitfall that I fell in recently, and putting Lala first! :-)

And welcome home.

I must ask.......
Was digit the only one drooling, or did you also drool?

I have had a couple of cats that drooled when extremely happy and relaxed. It was kind of icky, but seriously cute too!

Glad you're home!


I was convinced for months that there was a pee smell near my dresser in my bedroom. I could not figure out where it was coming from, especially since I no longer have pets. After months and months, I finally realized it was my bottle of multi-vitamins. They really do smell like pee. You don't have any sitting in your kitchen, do you?

way too funny! the google ad on your blog when i was reading this post was:
Cat Urine Odor Removal
Guaranteed cat urine odor removal. Read reviews here.


Welcome home, sweetiepie. I love the fan thing. I do that too and it drives my husband insane.

Happy pajama weekend!

I.love.you.so.much. Daughter Number 1 is getting married tomorrow. And did I mention it? I love you too!


Petco.com has this stuff called Dumb Cat odor removal spray. It's gotten great reviews. It's available online only. Might be worth looking into.

I bought some last week but hope I never have to use it. Now that I know my boy kitten is really a girl kitten (with very confusing tufts of fur on her back end), I'm hoping for no piddle problems.

Good to hear you are back. I would think Miss I would be small enough you could have just packed her along for the trip though :)

You'll find the urin with blacklight (as used in the "olddays" disco) Sometimes you find small (keyring) lamps in walmarts etc.

With that you'll find it fast!!


Welcome home! I hate that phantom smell too, and have been known to crawl around on my hands & knees, sniffing. I hope you find it soon!

Hope you enjoyed your G&T!

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