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Working for the Weekend! July 24, 2008

Know where I am?

IN BED! By choice! It's after ten in the morning, and I am NOT AT WORK for the first time since June.

I am dizzy with the possibilities. Three days off. I was planning on having a pajama weekend to end all pajama weekends, but instead I have SO MUCH I want to do.

Or I could just chill. Like Waylon:



1. I want to deal with cat litter issues. Doesn't that sound like FUN? We've found the cats really, really like the Cat Attract litter, just like they say they will, and that's solved a lot of problems, but I still have to hide the box in the kitchen by making a curtain and deal with making the box inaccessible to Clara who still tries to steal her "cat treats." It's disgusting and not allowed. Must deal with that.

2. I need to go get a new Roomba. The one I have is about to die, and it never quite completes a full cycle. I am ALL about keeping the Costco receipt, and every time one dies (it's not that well-made but when it works it WORKS), I box it up, take it back and get a new one. That will only work until Costco stops carrying them, as Costco is wont to do, and then I'll have to deal with the warranty people at Roomba, but until then, I'm a Costco-standing-in-line fool. And I usually abhor going to Costco. (I'm vacuuming right now, actually. While lying in bed. Ain't THAT broken yet.)

3. I'd like to make another dress. Maybe. If the mood strikes.

4. I have nothing to knit while at the Romance Writers of America conference next week. I'm working on a green tank which isn't holding my interest, and I'm also doing the Sodera Socks (Ravelry link - so sexy!), but they require too much looking down. I need some eyes-free knitting, in sweater form, I think. Maybe the February-Lady-Sweater, perhaps? Like the rest of the free world?

5. Crap! Roomba just died! I heard it. Costco today, for sure.

6. Perfume. I want to wear perfume. My sister Christy (who is a perfume blogger -- Smell the Glove is a must-read) gave me two wonderful perfumes (one of which is Guerlain's Sous le Vent, oh my, and the other one I love but forgot the name and I don't want to get out of bed and get it) for my birthday, and it was perfect timing. I don't wear perfume when I'm sad, and I've been too sad in the last few months to risk perfume-wearing. Even happy days could be suddenly clouded with grief, and I didn't want to risk spoiling a perfectly wonderful scent forever. But I'm ready. (I had a good dream about Mom last night. Finally. I don't think I wrote about the horrifying dreams I had for weeks after she died, corporeal dreams, dreams I'll never get over. But finally, last night I dreamed that the sisters and I were on a pier, and Clara was swimming in the ocean next to us, happily splashing away as she does. In the dream I took a picture of her, and on the screen of the digital camera, I could see Mom dog-paddling (ha!) next to Clara. None of us could see her with our eyes, but we could see her when we took pictures of Clara. Grinning at us in delight from the water. Grinning like "I'm right here, don't you know that?" Weird dream, in that she was always a little afraid of the ocean, but a lovely one. The dream I've been waiting for.) Now I can wear perfume again. There is still grief, but it fits in my body now.

7. Other fun things I'm doing this weekend: Cheetahs on the Moon and 5 Cent Coffee tonight at the Eagle's Tavern in San Francisco. Tomorrow night: hot tub and massage with Lala courtesy of beloved friends. Saturday: Tattoo! More to follow on that.

8. I suppose I'll get up now. Don't have to. But I'm gonna. Woot!


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Have you checked out Ikea Hacks? They have a great solution for hiding the cat litter box, using two of the Snack (I think) boxes. I haven't successfully made one, because it turns out my sawing abilities are non-existent, but I'm working on bribing someone with power tools to help me--it's nice because you can customize the boxes, and the size. My cat's hella tall, so I'm using 2 large boxes, instead of a large and small one so he won't be squished in his covered box.

I totally get the perfume situation. I am very sensitive to smells=feelings as well (also specific songs=seasons, but that's another topic). I'm so glad you had such a lovely dream. I think your Little Mama is definitely there, having fun all around you, even though you can't see her. Plus, she's probably just not afraid of the ocean anymore!

Have a wonderful weekend--you have earned it!

Love #8. You can just pretend you're doing all this stuff in your PJs -- sometimes just knowing that I COULD be in my PJs is enough to de-stress while I go about my business. Or do it in your PJs! Do you think they'd even notice at Costco?

I should look at roomba's when I am at Costco. I was just there, waiting on prints at Panera's can see Costco. But I really need something for the stairs, I know roomba rocks, but I don't think it rocks that much!

Don't you just love how decadent it feels to get to *decide* when to get up? Have a lovely weekend, and beautiful dreams, m'dear.

Enjoy your well deserved time off, sweets! Yay for good dreams. :) xo

You sound like you. Your smile is in your post.

Enjoy every second of it (well, okay, only the sense of satisfaction about the cat litter).

You sound good.

That's a good dream. A very good dream.

I know you know about IKEA Hacks because I read about it first on your blog! We have the same litterbox issues here: dog sees it as a treat box and the cats pee way high and urine leaks out the side. I think the solution may be the Clevercat (or a homemade version made out of a Rubbermaid bin).

I have a cure for Clara's "cat treat" problem -- if you sprinkle the cats' food with Adolph's meat tenderizer then it makes what comes out the other end completely unappetizing to dogs! I know it sounds weird and gross, but my vet told me about it years ago and it has worked like a charm!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for perfume. ZOMG. If you send me your snail mail address via email I will happily scoop up a big ass handful of the frimps (free imps, or their sample sizes) and send them to you so you can try a few (dozen). I have so much BPAL I have it coming out my ears. Or overflowing the various storage things I have them in. So many choices, and I wear only a couple dozen with any consistency. Yet I probably have a ...well, let's just say I have a lot and leave it at that.

And ooo. Tattoo! I can't wait to hear more. Maybe it'll get me moving on another one for me.

What a great dream. Enjoy your weekend!

I went to high school with someone who works for the company that makes the Roomba. We've been thinking about getting one now that we have the cat.

I'm so glad you get to enjoy your Time off. You really do deserve it! I'm such a lurker, but the tattoo comment forced me to post. I love tats (4 myself), just be sure to clean it well, and often, and to use an anti-bacterial lotion or ointment. I know what an infected tat feels like. Take lots of pictures!

I'm really glad to read you had that dream, after my dad died last year I was gutted (he died back home in New Zealand and I live in Scotland) but then I had this dream about a game we were playing - he was leaving watches/clocks in little hiding places and every time I upturned a rock or whatever and found a watch/clock etc it turned into a little happy puff of vapour. Wierd I know, but I felt loads better afterwards, so I'm glad you've had a good dream too.

We have a Booda brand "Clean Step" hooded litter box that has sort of a snail shell principle. Cats go up a staircase on the left and do their thing on the right. I'm not sure how much smaller Clara is than our 90 lb beast but it's worked wonderfully for curtailing his nasty snack habits. Good luck!

I changed out of my pjs at 2:00 this afternoon, so sister I smell you!

Your weekend sounds fabulous! Have fun!

SO happy you're beginning to have the peaceful dreams. Right after I read this, I was reading Apartment Therapy and came across an interesting cat litter post. So here you go: http://www.re-nest.com/re-nest/pets/how-to-make-your-cats-litter-box-less-smelly-057425
Happy Scooping!

Another cat box solution! ;) I LOVE this box for my kitty. Her problem is digging and getting litter everywhere, but it would help with the "doggie treats" as well.


I used to have a roomba...want one again...and I think that every time I see you post about yours. I like the costco idea. :D

Oh, I hope you have a lovely few days off. You deserve it.
While you enjoy your weekend, here!



Lovely sniffy stuff? I'm there. I tried a bunch of indies, including BPAL, CBIHP, etc. and I hafta say they're all a bit too headshop for me. I went over to the snooty side (small fine perfumeries)instead, and boy did it pay off.

Current faves:
1.Tihota: the most wonderful vanilla ever! Just wait till it dries down. Vanilla, smoke, and dust from an ancient cathedral. Trust me; SO sexy. It stays very close to the skin.
2.Hanae Mori eau fraiche: vanilla, citrus, and light flowers. Clean & light. I've heard that the other concentrations can be too strong but this one is very nice.
3.Eau des Beaux from L'Occitane. Marketed for men, but I love it. Cypress, cedar, incense. Mm.

Check out Basenotes.net for lots of reviews, theperfumedcourt.com and decantperfume.com (love their sampler packs!) for samples and decants. WHat am I saying?-your sis will know all this stuff!
Can you tell I'm into it?

Gotta love Costco! (Although not on a Saturday EVER!!!) They replaced my tire for a song when it couldn't be patched.

I recommend the February Lady Sweater. It's coming out very cute.

And I can't wait to hear about the tatoo!!!! Where do you get them? Do you have a favorite artist?

Oh, yes. I buy all my electronics at Costco. I've already used to death one DVD player and returned, in box, for cash (well, a Cash Card, but who cares?).

The only time this method bit me on the butt was when I bought our portable (car) DVD player and it was stolen out of our car. Argh.

I have a friend in Paradise and she is very grateful for all your hard work! Enjoy your repose! Thanks for the pointer to the February Lady Sweater--lovely!

Your commenters are so great. I was going to write and ask if you didn't write about that Ikea hack, but no, two people are already on it.

I'm glad for you about your dream too. I had really ghoulish (but also crazy funny) dreams about my grandma for the longest time. I'm glad they are done.

Maybe I'm a bit sappy this way, but when I've had dreams like those, I've always taken it to mean that one whom we miss so much is in a place where they can do all of those things that perhaps scared them here. They are completely free. And happy, even though we miss them horribly.

Rachael, Love That Tattoo!! it is the perfect capture, so hard to envision that anyone who did not know her could get it right, but she and you did. I know your mother would be secretly delighted.

Much love,


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