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DummyAugust 19, 2008

Things not to do when getting a migraine:

1. Go for a run for the first time in three months. (It was a great run, strangely. But I've done this in the past -- the first run is great. It's the second one that hurts.)

2. Eat sliced turkey luncheon meat and four of those little red wrapped cheeses (you know the ones) for dinner because it's eight at night now and you've been up since four in the morning, and you can't wait for food even long enough to heat up pasta water.

3. Bake brownies for next-door neighbor Sam (with the grill the size of a Buick bumper and a heart even bigger) who's having a party for his 29th birthday. Embrace the if-you-can't-beat-em-join-em philosophy, and take the shot of Patron you're offered.

Lord have mercy. I'm dying today. I have to work, though; we're short-staffed and I have no sick time left over from being with Mom. Wearing sunglasses at work is terrifying when you walk in the bathroom and don't recognize the person looking at you in the mirror. Ow.


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I wish you a quiet and uneventful day with an easy commute home. Hopefully where a proper dinner will be waiting for you ;)
Oh yeah...no more luncheon meat!

The only thing that would have made it worse was drinking a big old glass of red wine. :( Get in bed as soon as you get home. *hugs*

silly - the brownies only work if they're magic brownies.

Although 3 shots of patron has been known to help if you *immediately* go to bed.

Hugs, yours in migraine-ity

Uncooked rice, in a ziplock bag, frozen makes a really good cool pack. Soothing cool, rather than freezing cold...might feel nice at the base of your head.

I wish you that and a dark, quiet room when you get home.

chocolate, processed lunch meat, aged cheese, alcohol and running??? with a migraine??? my head is having sympathy pains for you, doll. don't.do.that.again. please?

Feel better. Working with a headache is awful. Let alone a migraine!

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