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FinallyAugust 7, 2008

After three months. Back to real life.

First there was family tragedy that I didn't write about.
Then there was Mom being sick. Then she died. You know all about that.
Then I was really sad.
Then I went up north for a few weeks to work the fire siege.
Then I came home and went right on working.
Then my first weekend was FULL of four days of Romance Writers of America conference.
Then I worked another week.

Today, I have off. All the way off.

I'm at the cafe. I've done my work for the day. It feels so good, so right, to be back here, surrounded by the same faces. The coffee guy remembered my single latte in a double bowl with one raw sugar order without being told, even though I haven't seen him in more than three months. I got the last pumpkin carrot muffin of the day. It's foggy outside. I've decided that Rufus Wainwright is the best writing music in the whole world.

Now I'm going to pack up and take the dogs for a much-needed walk. Maybe I'll go look at desk chairs: mine is a piece of crap diner chair that I'm finally sick of. Maybe I'll take a nap.

Maybe I'll lie around near the microwave like this:

    Willie's arms never fit.

I feel like I'm finally home.


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yay for you and a good day. :)

Sounds like a great day!!

I love photos of black cats, they don't have faces, just eyes!!! He looks very soft and huggable!

Welcome HOME!! It sounds perfectly wonderful today :)

ahh. The day with no agenda but your own.

Welcome back. I hope you have another day off soon soon soon.

Welcome back to the real life...we've missed you! :)

Love the photo of Willie. Wish I could do that for a whole day.

Sounds like you need an International Pajama Day! I'm having one over here today, though I got dressed just in order to go to Imagiknit. Welcome home!

Good to read this.

Hope you had/are having a good day. You needed a breather.

Welcome home, sweetie. There's nothing quite like it, is there?

Some of my very best writing, working, momming moments were to the strains of Kate and Anna: mom and aunt to Rufus and Martha. This comment doesn't make me seem old does it ;0) Welcome home.

A relaxing day is just the ticket. Good luck on the new chair. I should get a new chair, too. I'm using a dining room chair at the moment, but if I'm going to go back to school, that won't cut it.

I vote for lying around near the microwave. Not too close, don't want to get zapped...

I'm glad that you are that placcethat makes you feel the best.It takes time to heal and sometimes immersing yourself in work helps the time pass. Glad you are getting back to you.

Glad you're back and relaxing!
I love Rufus so much :)

I just discovered Rufus and I can't listen to him and write at all. That sound induces the most lovely case of blank-brain I've had in a long time. (We have fog and rain in Vancouver too. It's good to sit with some coffee, slightly steaming boots, a notepad and view.)

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