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SaturdayAugust 16, 2008

Lala is making bacon and eggs in the kitchen. She's wearing her pink flannel pajama bottoms with the horseshoes on them and a Boudin sourdough tee-shirt. I'm in my nightgown with yoga pants underneath. Hott.

I've been writing in my room. Trying to, anyway, around the myriad animals who keep lolloping through the room.

Clara just ate a stick of butter. Paper still on.

I have a new desk that beloved friends ganged up to buy for me. (Actually, they just gave me the money and ordered me to go get something good, something solid. A real desk.)


Isn't is GORGEOUS? It's solid oak, and will last forever. The kind of desk you want to get under in an earthquake. That left drawer is actually a slide-out keyboard tray, and I have a new wireless Mac keyboard and mouse (SO GREAT) also paid for by my friends, so I'm mostly ergo! At home! Unreal. I have a real office now. I look out at the pink house across the street, and I hear the next-door neighbor kids helping their dad Sam build a skate-board ramp. A very good start to the day.

Except for the missing butter.


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Oh, there's a good chance the butter will come back in some form. Of course, it's likely it'd kind of be like in "Pet Sematary" where it comes back, um, changed, but you probably haven't seen the last of it.

Wow! Perfect!!!! Now get writing (Marie told daughter Emily your NaNoWriMo and agent story, and I now have more cred as seriously cool to know someone like you....)

Missing butter. That has happened more than once in my house - amazing how tall they can get when they see butter on the counter. Our English Setter has earned the name 'Butter Boy' - and has never suffered any digestive repercussions as a result of consuming an entire stick. Tough doggie.

awesome desk...link to the manufacture available?

Well, I expect you'll be getting the butter PAPER back eventually, at any rate.

Welcome to the world of People With Dogs (Who Eat Butter).

My Jasper has done the exact same thing. Happily, no harm came of it.

Well, if Clara was a cat I would say hairball prevention, however, I don't believe that is the case. We have to keep our butter (or margerine) in the cupboard, or we end up with kitty tongue prints.

The desk is very lovely. I am sure much lovely writing will come from there.

You might want to check Clara's cholesterol! Ha ha!

I wish there were a way to favorite comments so I could favorite Mel's.

My husband and I were taking care of a dog for friends, and were warned that he was able to reach food on the counter, and would sometimes go for the garbage when he was left alone for too long. So one morning, I looked for the butter dish, safe at the _back_ of the counter, behind a big ceramic mixing bowl. The butter plate was empty, and I assumed DH had used the last of it. ..but I thought there was almost a whole stick left.. and when DH accused me of using a whole ton of butter, we realized. That was one sneaky dog, and very clean! Nothing on the (cluttery) counter was out of place. Gotta hand it to 'im. At least he didn't throw it back up! :D

Benny helped himself to two sticks of butter this weekend. Not that he ate them, but he covered them with enough cat saliva for them to have to go straight into the garbage can. Of course, you would think I would've learned my lesson about leaving things on the counter after the first stick of butter.

My favorite butter story: My mom once found a small plate on the floor in the center of the kitchen, totally clean. She picked it up and put it in the cupboard.

It wasn't till later that she realized that was the plate she'd put butter on last (we never had a specific butter dish). Yikes.

And still later when she caught the golden retriever sweeping everything on the counter toward herself. That danged dog!

I would also love a link to your desk manufacturer. It's so lovely!

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