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SummerAugust 27, 2008

Darn it. My Blackberry ate my post. So, a list.

1. Clara and I had a wonderful walk today with our friend Kris. Kris and I stayed clean. Clara did not. (At one point Kris actually wondered why I was scolding a brown dog. Oh, that's YOUR dog!)

A wonderful morning of friendship, fun, and good sandwiches. Followed by a bath at home on the lawn, where Clara learned the pleasures all over again of rolling in the grass while being towel-dried:

Yes, we do need to mow our lawn.

2. Leaving tomorrow to go camping! Strawberry Music Festival, up in Yosemite. Four days of bluegrass jams, spinning/knitting time, swimming in the lake, and adult beverages. It'll be hard without the little mama. But Dad's coming and La's whole band (they're playing Saturday night at Evergreen!). No sisters, very sad. But I'm looking forward to it SO much.

3. Finished the February Lady Sweater!

Open down

Yarn: Cotton Ease, 3.75 balls. Buttons, cheapos from Michaels. Never buy buttons there if you're not willing to spend a LOT of time fishing around the cheapos. But I love it. I ran buttonholes down the whole thing, wanted the option of different ways to wear it.

Open up

Open all

Easy, satisfying knit. It'll be good for the camping.

4. I have a TON of stuff to do, but you can tell by my cheeks up there that I'm kind of flushed. Oh! I thought I wasn't feeling good, but now, remembering that I spent the morning in the sun, I realize that I'm just a little sunburned and sleepy. That's totally different than feeling sick. I think I'll try a nap and try not to have bad dreams. Today I'll get it right. Then I'll be right back to getting ready to camp. It's like getting ready to another country: You're terribly busy and worried, lists of your lists scrunched tight in both hands, and you run and run and then you SIT in the seat in the plane and you relax. Nothing more to be done (and even if there were, it's too late for you to worry about it). Camping is similar. Very, very busy and then you get to camp, finally find your site (to me, the least pleasant part), unpack, set up the tent, look around, see that there's nothing left that needs doing, and you SIT. Play a tune or two. Can't wait to get to that point. Ain't nothing like a swim on a hot summer day in a snow-fed lake. Followed by your choice of many food vendors. (The Gyros are my favorite. Yes, I'll have two.) This is my kind of camping.

Happy summer, all.


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I thought of you yesterday when doing some research online. It seems that one of my favorite knitting gurus, Jan Messent (author of Knit a Fantasy Story and Have You Any Wool? among many others) moved from writing knitting and embroidery books into writing historical romance novels (under the pseudonym Juliet Landon). I wonder if there is any fibery goodness in her books... Anyway, for some reason it made me think of you. :)

My little brother's going to be at strawberry, too! He goes every year as a volunteer. So if you see this guy, that's Jason. Freak him out by asking if he brought the socks his sister knit for him ;)

Another beautiful FO you have there. Very cute and looks great on you!

Very cute sweater! I may have to bump that up on my queue...

Sounds like so much fun! Have a Gyro for me too, with extra pickled turnip if they have it!

This is goodbye-to-summer time here in the north -- my birthday is today and that means the end of a season in so many ways. School starts for everyone at the end of this weekend and the first frost warnings were issued on my local station two days ago. Different perspective here!

This trip will be hard without your little mama but I think in some way she WILL be there.


I love the color and it's so pretty:)hugs Darcy

have an awesome time lady. your new sweater is almost as beautiful as you, but not quite!!

Yay for camping, and camping with food vendors sounds divine!!! Enjoy the gorgeous Sierras...

Oh, you are going to get to see Patty Griffin. I LUF Patty Griffin. She is SO awesome and I am so jealous. Have a great time!

Hey dispatcher, do you realize you have 911 bloglines subscribers (at least on my feed)? Almost seems engineered!

Oh, that Clara is quite the ham! Have fun at Strawberry - I am quite jealous. Oh, and I love your February Lady. I'm working on one of these too, although I wish I'd thought of the Cotton Ease. The yellow is gorgeous on you. I like this color but I'd look jaundiced.

I like your adding the buttons all the way down the sweater. I may copy that when I make mine.

Oh, thank you! So thrilled to see your sweater with the buttonholes all the way down as I wanted to do that (i'm still on the yoke and just past the 2nd buttonhole) but couldn't quite visualize. Have a gr8 long weekend camping and swimming and eating gyros and hanging with your Pop and your gal.

I thought that I didn't want the February Lady Sweater until I saw you wearing it. Great job!

Enjoy a gyro for me. I haven't had one in AGES. I'm sorry tired of my own cooking; I can't wait to find a job so I can start eating out again :-).

I love you sweater! I hadn't heard of the February Lady sweater until you mentioned it. I'm working on mine now. But I'm worried that I'm going to run out of yarn. Did you find that the yoke took a lot of yarn? (like more than a 6th of the yardage?)

I like you with a bit of rose to your cheeks!

Have a blast this weekend!

I'm so jealous you're going to the strawberry festival. Have fun and I hope you get to see my favorite band, the punch brothers. They are fabulous.

Looks great. I love the short sleeved version

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