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WhoopsAugust 11, 2008

My old email (and a group of associated addresses) turned off a while ago when we switched providers, and because it worked for so long AFTER I turned if off, I never thought to tell everyone to update their address book. I hear that I've missed some emails. (Actually, I didn't really care much until I found out that I missed one from beloved Janine, and lord knows I don't want to miss one from her.) And of course I can't get into that old email inbox, so I can't send the appropriate notification. So if I haven't responded to something you've sent, will you resend? To yarnagogo at gmail dot com? Thanks!

ETA - Lala and just discussed whose blog is more boring today. She thought hers was until I told her the content of mine. I win!


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Congrats on the win! (Or should it be condolences, considering the contest?)

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