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Fun With SaltSeptember 26, 2008

Without getting religious (let's leave that to Palin, why don't we?), I have to say that if I were God (always a good route to go in one's thoughts) I'd love creating salt. I'd add it to everything, even the ocean and especially potatoes, and I'd have fun with it like this:

(Salt on a metal plate on top of a speaker. Dogs don't like the sound of this video.)


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Well, I'll be jiggered. I think God *did* have a bit of fun there, doodling in the salt. I'm sure there's a wonderful scientific reason for this, but I don't want to hear it!
Incidentally, my cat ran out of the room in disgust a few seconds after I started this video.

Sweet mercy, Erikas don't like the sound of that video either! The VIDEO part is awfully neat, though!

The question is whether the tone got too high for you to hear at any point. I lost it right about at 1:58, just before they switched it off.

So cool! But Nick the collie gave it a baleful woof. Woke him out of his afternoon nap.

Fascinating! I'd love the hear the explanation.

Cool!! It freaked out my guinea pigs too.

My cat didn't seem to mind. my husband thought it was cool, though.

I have no idea what it sounds like cuz I muted my computer (I'm at work), but that's amazing! how that salt goes towards these kaleidoscopic mandalas, complete with the 4 cardinal directions and everything. Funny how archetypes that cut across cultures are also parts of the laws o' physics. Although I guess that does make sense that it'd be that way.

Weird!! I wonder if they went back down the scale, if the same patterns would appear in reverse (i.e. is there a specific pattern for each frequency?)? Also, I wonder if I did the same thing at home, if I would get the same patterns at the frequencies they used.

Ugh, sometimes being a science nerd is such a burden.

Also, it's not just dogs . . . my cat went nuts while I watched that!

So cool! My dogs weren't reacting... until 1 minute in, and then they started cocking their heads. I love when they do that.

That is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time! (And I'm an engineer =)

I have to say that I didn't much like the sound of that either! But the video was cool. I had a HS physics teacher that let us do cool experiments like that one. We didn't really learn much about the physics behind them but we loved doing all the cool stuff with water, sound, giant rubber bands, tiny cars, smoke, mirrors...and salt!

That's so freak'n cool. You think that's how crop circles were made?

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